"Letter to WGNA Board", 3/13/11, by Kris Cunningham, chair, WGNA Nom.Cmte.

WGNA's "Call for Candidates", early April 2011

Report as member of the WGNA 2010-11 Nominating Committee, 4/24/11

Report from self-appointed Nominating Committee, 4/25/11

LLA's Response to Notes from self-appointed Committee, 4/29/11

Candidate Ianni's withdrawal from 2011-2012 slate, 4/30/11

Response from Dearborn to LLA's 4/29 response, 5/2/11

LLA's message to the eList and the D6NLG, withdrawing nomination, 5/9/11

Jeff Senigaglia response, WGNA VP 5/13/11

"Just the Facts, ma'am": reply by elect.Nom.Cmte member Suzy to Jeff, 5/13/11

LLA's message to the eList, urging a vote of No Confidence, 5/14/11



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