Welcome to the new WGBackfence eList!


This continues to be "the electronic equivalent of talking with your friends and neighbors over the back fence" for anyone who lives in Willow Glen or is interested in our community.


Hopefully, about the only change is in the mailing addresses:

to post a message, you send it to eList@WGBackfence.net ;

if you have concerns about the appropriateness of a post, write to Moderator@WGBackfence.net ;

and if you want to change mode (Immediate/Digest) or leave, write to Admin@WGBackfence.net .


The rules and guidelines are basically the same (please see www.WGBackfence.net/welcome_message.htm) --  "only the names have been changed..."


I will be continuing as Moderator, assisted by a small but dedicated support team of friends.

We will continue to strive to keep the eList a friendly and respectful environment for the exchange of neighborly information.


I will continue forwarding official notices that I feel may be of interest to at least some of the eList community.  For example, as in the past, I would forward a notice from a councilmember of a library or park opening in Willow Glen, but might not forward their notices of events at the far corners of their districts; I would post notices of special events by elected officials, but would edit out all the "vote for me" clauses; and I anticipate forwarding short and informative notices from the various neighborhood associations that serve the greater Willow Glen community.


The eList is not a commercial venture.  I'm just a long-time resident / community activist / Willow Glen booster, and running the eList is one of my voluntary contributions to the community, just as others contribute to the community by attending library commission hearings or PTA meetings.


"Not a commercial venture" means we won't collect money, sell email addresses, or post advertisements.  This doesn't mean you can't announce a yard sale, sell your personal car, suggest a reputable electrician, or point out a closing sale at a beloved local shop.  Recommendations that are "okay to quote" will be collected, edited, and preserved on an updated "Community Recommendations" webpage.  The eList rules are just as they have been in the past: I continue to be guided by my recent survey of the eList community, as discussed at http://www.wgbackfence.net/survey_2010.htm .


The eList is now hosted on my personal website, www.WGBackfence.net .  It is still a "work in progress", but I hope to use it as a repository of useful local information and commentary.  I also hope to resurrect the custom of posting "the photo of the week".  (Please feel free to contribute topical photos: they can be emailed to Photos@WGBackfence.net ).


I apologize for the disruption of the recent past and for any confusion this move may have caused.


Welcome to the new eList! 



~Larry Ames, eList Moderator


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