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Automobile Brokers / Dealers / Sales

Wheels and Deals

3035 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, (408) 246-1000, https://www.wheelsanddealssc.com/

We have dealt with Wheels n Deals, very easy, very pleasant to deal with. It's also been 10 years or so for us, though.

Barbara M.; 12/6/20


I second that recommendation; great experience with Wheels and Deals!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 12/6/20

Car Bargains


We used CarBargains, thru Checkbook.org. For new car: We used a service, Car Bargains from Checkbook.org, which cost $250.  They saved us $1500-2000 when we purchased a new Mazda 2 years ago.

Janice on Coolidge; 5/20/21


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Boat / Trailer Storage


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Carwash & Detailing

Mobile Car Wash
Braulio Ramirez

408 230 8037

Come to your house. He washes many cars on my street and does a very good job. I had my 2 cars done before winter and will call him again in a couple of months.

Anu @ Dry Creek; 3/11/21, 9/1/21


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Car Maintenance/Automobile Repair

Union 76 Station

1104 Meridian Ave. (at Willow), (408) 267-1222, www.willowglen76.com

The folks at the Union 76 at Meridian and Willow are great!

Nell A.; 6/13/20


I second the recommendation for Matt; he is the best!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 9/21/20


The Union Station on the corner of Willow and Meridian has been our go-to repair shop for many years.  Matt the owner, works the station and he's very helpful.  His top wrench is Val and he really knows his stuff.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 12/23/21, 2/1/22


My regular mechanic recently referred me to Val’s 76 at the corner of Meridian and Willow as we just purchased an older car that needed some restoration. Val and his mechanics did a great job in restoring our 1983 Jeep and also identifying an issue that was a subtle, but critical, item that was causing the jeep to fail smog. I recommend this service station based on my experience. This info is as recent as last night so it’s not based on something from the far past.

Dan on Greencreek; 2/1/22

Motorpool Automotive

920 Camden Ave. Unit #1, Campbell, (408) 871-6801, service@motorpoolauto.com  

Had another very positive experience with this auto shop a week ago. Been going there…a bunch of years and have complete trust and confidence in their work, attitude and reasonable assessment. Had my older truck assessed, replaced things and more over these years and will be back in the future. I highly recommend giving them consideration even if not as close by as other fine options.

Greg A.; 5/27/20


380 Lincoln Ave., (408) 286-2988, michaelandcompany.com

I have gone to Michaels on Lincoln for over 20 years, now for my Prius. I don’t have price comparisons but feel like I’ve gotten good advice.

Barbara M.; 6/13/20


Los Gatos

[recommended by]

Lynn M.; 6/13/20

Larry’s Car Service

332 Lincoln Ave., (408) 292-7976

I take my Toyotas to Larry's in Willow Glen, on Lincoln near San Carlos. Been going to them for year. I think they are open. 

Nina on El Rio; 6/13/20

A&J Nissan Specialist

2859 Monterey Rd #3, 408-225-9606

Highly recommend A&J Nissan Specialist. The owner is Eric Matsuda. Eric has been taking care of our assortment of cars over the years, including Hondas, Toyotas and Kias. Great for regular maintenance.  Excellent at diagnosing and resolving issues. Charges are always reasonable.

Laura (formerly near Bird and Willow); 6/13/20

Norcal Eurotech

205 Kennedy Ave, Campbell, (408) 374-6666, autovitals.com

Norcal on Kennedy Ave. Campbell is thorough and very well respected. He has been attentive and a great mechanic. Good luck.

Natalie S.; 6/13/20

Brad's Auto Care

946 Lincoln, north of Coe, (408) 217-9040

Brad's Auto Care has serviced my cars: Acura (twice, which is same as Honda) and Lexus for the past 15+ years.  This is the mechanic who used to be at the Chevron station at the corner of Lincoln and Willow and has relocated up the street.  He's very good and prices are reasonable.

Suzanne on Cristina; 8/9/21

AH (Acura Honda) Connection

1010 Stockton Ave., (408) 977-0933, http://www.ahconnection.com/

(Toyota) We love AH connection - 1010 Stockton Ave by 880, other side of the railroad tracks from Bellarmine. They only do Acura and Honda. My second favorite thing after their work, is that they have Honda loaner cars with 350,000 miles on them....

John on Mayellen Ave.; 12/4/21


If you have a Honda or an Acura, I always recommend AH Connection on Stockton (near the airport). Not WG proper, but I won’t trust anyone else with my car.  Honest, reasonable. If they say I need it, I have it done. They also gave free loaners.

Suzy on Adele; 12/4/21, 2/1/22

Nordic Motors

65 Winslow St, Redwood City, (650) 995-7675, www.nordicmotors.com

(Volvo) I really like Nordic Motors in Redwood City (walkable to Caltrain) but you may not want to go that far.

Karlie on Glenwood; 12/23/21

Jensen's Foreign Car Service

5811 Winfield Blvd., (408) 225-5252, https://jensensforeigncar.com/

Jensen’s Auto takes good care of my Volvo.

Tina on Hillsdale Ave; 12/23/21

B&C Auto

1850 Almaden Rd, (408) 565-8902, https://www.bcautocenter.com/

We use B&C auto- in Willow Glen, off of Willow Glen Way and Almaden road. Highly recommend them, VERY honest and Steve is great to work with. We have several neighbors on our street that take a variety of cars to him.  We have Toyota’s but he services them all.

Sanjit; 2/1/22

Body Shops
Dong S. Choi, Choice Auto Body

1975 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, 408-562-0011, choice.auto@sbcglobal.net

A neighbor backed into my parked car and gave me the name of a repair company…. I went there and had it repaired and also had some work done on a couple of minor dings.  I was very happy with the results.  The owner is also very honest and gave me a very good estimate for my dings. 

Sue on Dean; 2/13/19

Roadside Assistance
Your Mechanic


[not recommended.]

Mary on Willow St; 2/10/21


800-922-8228, AAA.com

AAA is definitely the way to go. They always ask if you are in a safe place, arrive within a few hours and provide the battery service on site  etc

Carol on Prevost St; 2/10/21


I have had AAA for 50 years and they have always come through, especially when batteries died. Worth every penny.

Bruce off Lincoln; 2/10/21

Adem’s Test Only Shop

1654 Almaden Rd.

Adem of Adems Test is great, most knowledgeable of any of the local shops (EE from Berkeley! ) and a totally honest guy.  Highest recommendation.

Will B.; 5/27/20


I second Adem’s for sure!!

Linda on Little Orchard; 5/25/20


Third the recommendation of Adem on Old Almaden Road. Personal service from a fine human being.

Larry on Knollwood; 5/27/20

Quality Car Care


Click on coupons for a discount. These guys do great work and don't push but let you know what your vehicle needs at reasonable prices.  They will service your vehicle like it is theirs.

Maria; 5/27/20

Smog Man

646 Auzerais, (408) 999-0699

I recently had to get my more mature car (a 1995) smogged. Went to The Smog Man on Auzerais off Bird Ave by the old OSH. I highly recommend them! Great service, very friendly & professional. Sanitized the whole interior of my car when done as well as all the door handles. They accept Groupons too.

LiAnne on Prevost; 5/27/20


Second the recommendation for Smog Man (now Dhillon Motorsports) on Auzerais, they usually have a Groupon for smog check.

Jeff on Brooks; 5/27/20

MT Smog

210 San Jose Ave., (408) 297-2051, www.smogchecksanjose.com

I use MT Smog over off San Jose Ave and Little Orchard. $40 in and out. Really professional and open.

John K.; 5/27/20

Foxworthy Gas and Auto Repair

1645 Foxworthy Ave., (408) 264-2518

Drove in at about 10 out in less than a half hour. We did not make an appointment. Can also leave car there and come back later.  There was also a coupon in this week’s ValPak that gave us $10.00 off. Cost for cars younger than 2000 was $33.95 plus $8.25 for smog certificate! Painless and quick.

Nancy on Kotenberg; 5/29/20


If you need a STAR station smog check, I recommend Foxworthy Gas and Auto Repair on Meridian and Foxworthy.

Carol on Prevost St.; 6/16/20

Skip's Tire

970 Blossom Hill Rd., (408) 226-0745

I always go to Skip's Tire on Blossom Hill.  I used their Los Altos location for years when I lived there, as well.  Friendly, never any issues.

Brooke 0n Dry Creek Village; 4/2/19

Skip’s Tires

5855 Cottle Rd., (408) 226-5110

Kathie on Pine; 5/1/19

America’s Tire

980 E. Hamilton Ave., (408) 377-5010

We also use and love Americas Tire on Hamilton. Great service, decent prices- but they've been great on services: balancing, rotating, swapping our winter and summer tires etc. almost always w/o charge and expediently.

Jem; 4/3/19


[America’s Tires on Hamilton] often include a $70 Visa Card.

Lynn D.; 5/1/19


I've always been happy with America's Tires on Hamilton and Bascom.  You can always stop and they will check your tires for you if you think they need air or there is a problem with them. I would recommend them.  I have had great service there.

Maggie on Glen Una; 4/2/19


Costco was cheaper but it took time to get the tires. For more, America’s tires had them in stock and were able to schedule me the next day and had me out in less than an hour. They also recommend a set of tires which I like much better than the original…. I’ve only had good experiences with their staff. They are knowledgeable and respectful. Mind you, they can get busy.

Sanjit on Hervey; 5/1/19


I was at America’s Tire on Tuesday to have a nail removed and the hole repaired on tires that are close to the time where they recommend replacing soon. No pressure to replace them. Tire repaired and I was on my way to work in 20 minutes. Great service!

Gina M.; 5/2/19

Pacific Tire

100 S. Main St., Milpitas, (408) 946-6828

Owner went to WG. 

Teri K.; 5/1/19

Windshields and Automobile Glass Replacement
Onsite Auto Glass Services

210 San Jose Avenue, 408-430-2545

My car was broken into on a Wednesday night. These guys came out and replaced the window by that Friday. They gave my husband a 4-hour window of time, then called to narrow it down to within the next hour. Very personable and professional and reasonable. The cost for the window and labor was $244.

Linda on Dorothy Avenue; 2/24/20

Simon, Green Lite Auto Glass


Hi neighbors, we just had Green Lite replace the windshield on our truck. Simon responded with texts promptly to our questions, arranged our repair day and time, arrived to our home as arranged and made this repair super easy for us. Keep his number handy for when you need a solid recommendation.

Susan on Annapolis; 9/15/20


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Car Rental

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Car Services

DMV Service
DMV DLPC (Driver’s License Processing Center)

2222 Senter Road

Both my husband and I have used it, and it has ample parking, and lots of people to help you once you're in the door.  Apply first on-line, and then bring more than enough documents to satisfy the Real ID requirements. After 3:00 seems to be the quietest time to get through the process.

Lorraine on Newport; 5/8/19

Driving Schools / Drivers Ed / Driver Training
Sam Dennis, Economic Driving School


We used Sam Dennis twice, he was great and has many years of experience.  He’s a subcontractor for Economic Driving School. Good Luck!

Carolyn on Winona Dr.; 3/29/19


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Car Transport


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Children’s Activities

Activities for Kids

Recommendation for activities for young children:

·         Happy Hollow Park & Zoo 
It is fabulous fun for all ages and only a short drive from Willow Glen.

·         Children's Discovery Museum
Fabulous fun and in downtown San Jose

·         The Tech Museum
Love this place. Many parents of young children avoid it since they assume only older kids would enjoy it. Lots of interactive stuff. My guy was 2 when we started going.

·         Rockin Jumps
More local fun with a space full of trampolines. They have toddler time so little ones are safe.
I recommend filling out waiver and signing up for session online so you can basically walk straight in.

·         Pump It Up
Visit pump it up junior (next door) for bouncy fun for toddlers. Visit website for open play times.

·         Oakland Zoo
Fabulous zoo with small fun park

·         SF Zoo 
Has a really awesome kids playground.

·         AVAC (Almaden Valley Athletic Club)
Fitness/swim club has open swim times in indoor heated pool

·         Palo Alto junior Museum & Zoo
http://www.cityofpaloalto.org/gov/depts/csd/jmz/Great little spot. Not huge like a zoo so great for a short outing. Nice park next door as well. 

·         Kids Gym
This place has open play times and is in Willow Glen

·         CA Academy of Science (San Francisco)
Love this place. 

·         Monterey Bay Aquarium
Well worth the drive! Truly spectacular place for all ages.

·         Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley)
Fun for all the family and some spectacular views over city. 

·         Duck Pond (San Jose)
Indoor kids play center 

·         Cucina Bambini (Willow Glen)
Parent/child cooking classes. Might be a little young.

·         The Exploratorium (San Francisco)
This is fun for all ages. 

·         Vasona Park
Great park and has a small train that takes you around the park, which also does a holiday run.  Check website for running times. Also has Festival of Lights but I recommend getting there early so you don't have to wait for ages to get in. 

·         Great America
We visited last Christmas and the light display was fabulous. Again, get there early so that you'll be leaving by the time all the crowds arrive.

·         Bumble
145 1st St., Los Altos, 650-383-5340, http://www.bumblelosaltos.com
Oh, and if you get hungry while having so much fun, I highly recommend Bumble in Los Altos. Fabulous food and they have childcare (for an additional fee) or you can dine outside where they have a sandpit for the little ones!

·         Hidden Villa Farm, Los Altos Hills 

·         Deer Hollow Farm, Los Altos Hills/Cupertino 

·         Emma Prusch Farm, San Jose 

·         Ardenwood Farm, Fremont 
http://www.ebparks.org/parks/ardenwood http://www.ebparks.org/parks/ardenwood#about

·         Roaring Camp (Train rides), Felton

·         Santa Cruz Pier
Or we love just visiting the Pier at Santa Cruz and going down the stairs (once you walk along the pier a little ways) and you will get to see the seals up-close. Fabulous fun for all ages. You should hear them before you even know they are about. 

Faith on Nevada; December 16, 2014


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Autism Resources

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Children's Parties; Entertainment; DJs

Los Gatos DJ and Lighting


Very happy with Los Gatos DJ and Lighting. It’s a couple, so easy to work with and fun!

Karen on Blewett; 10/14/21

Denon & Doyle


We worked with Denon & Doyle for our wedding in 2019 and they were wonderful, Susan helped us figure out exactly what we wanted beforehand and the DJ did a great job throughout the day. Highly recommend working with them.

Michael D.; 10/17/21


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Daycare / Childcare / Preschool


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Piano & Music Teachers / Lessons

Simon Santiago

simonsantiago@yahoo.com; text/call 408-507-3616

Guitar, bass, piano / keyboard, or ukulele lessons available in Willow Glen.  Over 20 years of private teaching experience.  Any age and level of experience welcome.  Weekday morning, afternoon, and evening slots still available.  


Simon Santiago; simonsantiago@yahoo.com; 2/8/21

Willow Glen Music School

408.455.8043, www.WillowGlenMusicSchool.com

Willow Glen Music School has piano, voice and guitar openings for students of all ages....… lessons are $168/month for weekly 30-min lessons.  We are location at 1060 Willow Street (close to Baskin Robbins).


Jessica on Speciale;  info@willowglenmusicschool.com; 3/5/22

Babak Falsafi

www.babakfalsafi.com, www.sjsg.org, babakfalsafi@gmail.com

I provide classical guitar lessons for kids. I have been teaching at the California Conservatory of Music in Santa Clara which is a top level music school in the South Bay. I can bring the same quality of lessons to your home in Willow Glen for your kids. If interested in a free trial lesson please message me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Babak Falsafi, babakfalsafi@gmail.com, 3/5/22


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Swim Lessons

Almaden Valley Athletic Club

5400 Camden Ave., (408) 445-4900, http://www.avac.us/club/scripts/section/section.asp?NS=HOMEA

AVAC is wonderful!  [for toddlers]

Sarah on Brookdale; 7/11/19

Waterworks Aquatics

1120 S Bascom Ave., (408) 279-1700, https://www.waterworksswim.com/locations/san-jose

We go to Waterworks Aquatics for parent-and-me classes. It's a big school and can be crowded at peak times, but they have all the facilities (changing rooms, baby gear, etc.) and a very robust schedule to pick from. I like the instructors and it has been very easy to adjust times and dates to accommodate our schedule. My daughter has been going from ~9 mos. to 2 years and loves it.

Megan on Laurie; 7/12/19


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Emma Blickenstaff


I absolutely recommend Emma Blickenstaff for your tutoring needs. She has a Masters in Education from SCU & is currently a teacher.  Her math and test prep tutorials are extremely good.   I highly recommend her services.  

Carol on  Hamilton Way; 9/6/21

Rose Marie Damiano,

rm1damiano@gmail.com, 408 205-5954

I am currently tutoring middle school and high school students in basic math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry (Integrated Math 3), Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus and AP Statistics.

                I have Master’s degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Systems Engineering.  I worked 12 years in the Aerospace Industry prior to switching to teaching.  I have taught Math and Engineering at all levels.  I have taught at De Anza and Evergreen Community Colleges.  I am currently working with Math Enrichment and have been with them over 4 years.  I began tutoring approximately 25 years ago.

                My rates begin at $40 per hour.  References furnished upon request.


Rose Marie Damiano, rm1damiano@gmail.com; 2/3/20

Emma Blickenstaff

(408) 655-1903, emma.blick@gmail.com

Need a tutor this semester? Look no further! My name is Emma Blickenstaff, I have 10 years of tutoring experience and have been a credentialed teacher for 4 years. I tutor many subjects. My specialties are Math through the Pre-Calculus level, SAT/ACT Prep, and essay writing. I charge $50 an hour for tutoring.


Emma Blickenstaff, emma.blick@gmail.com, 2/1/20


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Cell Phones and Phone Service

Phone Doctor

1261 Lincoln Ave, 408-320-9115

Phone Doctor is the best!  Downtown Willow Glen. He has done great work for my son and his friends!

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 11/20/19


I definitely second the recommendation for Jamie on Lincoln Avenue!   Bay Area Phone Doctor is our go to place for phone / screen issues -

Carol on Hamilton Way; 11/21/19

Cell Phone Repair
Bay Area Phone Doctor

1261 Lincoln Ave #111, (408) 320-9115

My iPhone 7 died this morning, and rather than go to the Sprint store so they could tell me it is unfixable and I need and new, expensive phone, I checked out The Phone Doctor. 5 minutes, new battery, reasonable cost – all good now!

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 3/14/19


We love The Phone Doctor off of Lincoln Ave! We've had them fix many things.  It's also a great place to buy refurbished equipment.

Taffy on Marshall Ave.



Phone Service

I love Sonic.net.  They are fantastic..... a million times over!

Susan on Gerald Way; 11/4/19


We’ve had Verizon for years. The coverage has been great. I can think of only 2 times I couldn’t get service, and I was out trail hiking at the time. When I have a question, they’ve been very helpful. Not sure how they compare in price. Haven’t shopped around lately.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/14/20


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Computer Home Networking and Internet Services

Don Heinsen, CompNet Services,


Paraphrasing numerous prior recommendations, Don is often recommended on this list. He is extremely qualified and has a MSCE, CCNA, and BSEE. He comes to your home, and his fee is based on the amount of his time that it takes to resolve a problem. He tries to keep costs down and is flexible in that regard.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/22



I highly recommend going with Comcast Business over regular Comcast, by the way. It’s a little bit more for the same speeds but the support is worth it.

Andrew S.; 8/5/19

Wifi / Router Extenders
Eero Router

We use the eero router (which [the WSJ recommends, and we got the eero 3-pack) with our Xfinity modem, and we eliminated all the dead spots at our place.

Jim formerly on Settle, 3/20/20

Privacy Screens / Zoom Backgrounds
Curtis Walker, Hillview Design/Print/Media

19715 Hale Ave, Morgan Hill, 408 454-8520

…you might consider one that folds up into a duffle bag so you can set it up and tear it down easily.  I expect it to also make it easier to use Zoom backgrounds with better results as well.  [Curtis] was helpful and informative. 

Carol on Curtis; 8/16/20

Computer Assistance
Patrick Tam

1-408-431-2133, patrick0009@gmail.com

I would like to recommend Patrick Tam for both PC and MAC users. He has assisted me with both my PC and MAC. When I have a problem, I call Patrick. In addition to being very competent he is a kind person to work with.

Joyce on Comstock Lane; 10/1/20


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patrick at Willows Sr. Center, and he’s so knowledgeable and delightful I have to put in my recommendation, too. You couldn’t do better.

Gerri on Altamont; 10/2/20


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Electronics, Batteries, and Light Bulb Suppliers


We [replaced our Brother printer with the newer Brother - HL-L2370DW Wireless Black-and-White Laser Printer]. We bought [it] at BestBuy for approx. $191. including tax and a spare toner cartridge. The best thing about this model vs. our old model is that this one can print from my iPad or iPhone as well as from my laptop.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 2/7/22


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Internet Services and Domain-name Registry:


They specialize in efficient and low-cost Domain-name registry.  Their website is somewhat confusing.  They also offer website hosting services at low cost.

Larry on Willow, 3/1/22


They specialize in full-service website hosting, but also provide domain-name registration services as well.  Even the basic website hosting includes an array of services, including blogging, email aliasing, and list-servers.  Tech support on-line 24/7.  The www.WGBackfence.net is hosted by Superb.

Larry on Willow, 3/1/22


I love Sonic.net.  They are fantastic..... a million times over!

Susan on Gerald Way; 11/4/19

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
San Jose SEO Company


If your business or website is still invisible on Google, there is much we can do to change that. For ten years, companies have trusted us to drive customers to them through our SEO services. Imagine the possibilities & give us a call today  

** self-recommended **

Dave Collado, marketing: davidcollado2010@gmail.com; 5/20/19


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Pinball Repair

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TV Antenna & Installation

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Financial / Legal Services / Professional Services

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Business Services; Tax Preparation

Bill Snyder, Shannon and Snyder CPAs

650 N Winchester Blvd # 6, 408-241-8700

We second Bill Snyder- he’s super knowledgeable and all around wonderful!

Lisa on Laurie Ave.; 7/14/20

P.B. Joshipura (Josh), J & K Tax and Accounting

1314 Lincoln Avenue, Suite B, 408-293-3806

I cannot recommend him highly enough as he is always up to date and keeps us informed if anything changes each year. The worksheet he sends out each year makes it easy to organize our tax information. Please feel confident about trying him for the next tax season.

Nancy and Mike on Kotenberg Avenue; 7/15/20


(408) 782-9640, support@adminbooks.com, https://www.adminbooks.com/

I recommend Renee Daggett and her company Adminbooks. They have a great small team that is thorough and helpful.

Tina on Monte Vista; 3/31/21

Linda Rost's Better Bookkeepers

https://www.betterbookkeepers.com; 90 Great Oaks Blvd San Jose, CA 95119

Linda specializes in bookkeeping and QuickBooks training for small businesses.

Our San Jose office is conveniently located only 10 minutes from Willow Glen.

** self-recommended **

Dave Collado, marketing: davidcollado2010@gmail.com; 3/5/22


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Banks / Credit Unions

Star One Credit Union

(408) 543-5202; www.StarOne.org

I've been a member for maybe 30 years now, without any problems.  Good rates on VISA, their ATM cards can be used nearly anywhere without fee, free checking, and they offer great exchange rates when traveling abroad…they have a branch at 3136 Stevens Creek Blvd., diagonally across from Valley Fair.

Larry on Willow, 1/1/21


1191 Lincoln Ave. (at Meredith), (408) 295-5737, https://locations.comerica.com/location/willow-glen

Have used them since they opened, closing accounts at BofA and USBank to do so. Wonderful staff, friendly, never any errors (unlike USBank that closed the wrong CD). I use them for all banking needs, including notary public stuff.

Bruce off Lincoln; 12/29/20


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Estate Planning & Wills

Rebecca Sue Jones, Law offices of Gallagher, Reedy and Jones

19A N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, 408-354-1388

A few years ago we found ourselves the executors for our neighbors. It was a difficult situation and their lawyer did a fine job of straightening out the paperwork and expediting (as much as possible with an estate) the procedure. She is very knowledgeable and helped us with the whole process. She grew up in Willow Glen.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/27/19

Suze Orman


I used her website to draft all 4 "must have documents" and it cost less than $100.  You must use the proper state form where you reside.  Then I took it to a notary and now have my official will, trust and power of attorney.  Lots of easy to understand articles on why you need each one.

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 2/5/19

Jeanette Taggart

111 North Market St., Suite 300, (408) 729-6470, http://www.taggartlawoffice.com/ 

Jeanette Taggart is excellent.

Val on Norval; 10/26/19

Berge and Berge

1101 S Winchester Blvd Suite I-208, (669) 244-3546, bayareaelderlaw.com

Carol on Prevost St; 2/24/21

Christine M Kouvaris, Inc

2542 S Bascom Ave STE 295, Campbell, (408) 384-8540, kouvarislaw.com

My son just had his Trust/Will done by [them].

Barbara S.;  2/24/21

Heidi Youssef

1999 S Bascom Ave # 950, Campbell, 408-402-3678

She came recommended by a close friend and did my trust.

Tina on Hillsdale; 2/24/21

Richard Dayton

1754 Technology Dr #230, 408/437-7570, Info@TheDaytonLawFirm.com

We found Richard Dayton from the eList "Community Recommends" webpage, and found him and his firm to be very thorough, precise, and able to handle a variety of complications and requests. Highly recommend!

Larry on Willow; 2/24/21

Liza Hanks


She lives in San José and has been doing this for a very long time.

Leslie on Ramona; 11/22/21


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Financial Advisor; Financial Planners; Investments

Cirimelli, Pyle & Associates LLP


We have been very happy with Steven Pyle in Campbell for the past 10 years.  He not only prepares our taxes but did a detailed analysis on when and how to receive an inheritance, in addition to IRA recommendations, and Schedule C advice.

Karen & Jeff on Blewett; 8/27/19

Jay C. Fong, Concentrum Wealth Management

353 Piercy Road, San Jose, (408) 840-4030, jay.fong@concentrumwealth.com,

We’ve been very happy with Jay Fong at Concentrum Wealth Management for over 20 years.

Mary (formerly on Georgetta); 10/15/21

Michael Levy, LPL Financial

Danville, (800) 877-7210

Michael Levy with LPL has managed my investments for over 20 years. He’s extremely ethical and responsive. I’m very happy with the results.

Carol on De Anza Way; 10/15/21


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Income Taxes & Tax Consultant


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Insurance Agents

Health Insurance Broker
Brian Baccus


(Medigap)  Once you become one of his clients, each year he reviews your supplemental and Part D choices and tells you if you can do better for the next year, or when your birthday rolls around. He will also explain all of the different plans. 

Lorraine on Newport; 8/3/19

Home Insurance
State Farm Insurance

I have been happy with State Farm for decades. I didn't care for the person who took over Larry Krieger's office, but I hear that Larry's wonderful staff now work with Steve Sosnowski (408-629-4700) on Blossom Hill Rd. I am with Donna Chiaramonte in Campbell (408-370-5900). Either one would be wonderful.

Tina on Monte Vista; 1/4/20


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Lawyers & Attorneys

Elder Care
Kramer Radin


Kramer Radin is a small firm in Los Altos that specializes in elder-related issues. A friend who used them for her mother, uncle, and brother has been very pleased. Another friend is also using them.

Curt G.; 6/3/19


We used Kramer Radin for my parents’ trust. They were great to work with!  Highly recommend.

Donna D.; 6/3/19

Naomi Parker


Linda on Gardendale Dr.; 5/8/20

Gallagher, Reedy & Jones

19 N Santa Cruz Ave # A, Los Gatos, (408) 354-1388; grj@grjlaw.com

I will chime in with my recommendation for Gallagher, Reedy, and Jones!  We used Rebecca Jones, she was so awesome to work with!

Linda on Lambert; 5/8/20


[Rebecca Sue Jones at GR&J] handled two estates that we were executors for. She handled the wills and trusts for both parties and advised us all through the process. She is knowledgeable, fair, thorough and most importantly honest. She lives here in Willow Glen.

Bill and Jan on Glen Eyrie; 4/11/22


I second Rebecca Sue Jones! She handles our estate documents, periodic review of them and as well, she put together estate documents very last minute when my brother was dying. She’s easy to work with, very knowledgeable and a very nice person too. 4 years ago she charged about $400/hour. 

Regan on Jansen; 4/11/22

Family Law
Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri

1871 The Alameda Suite 400, (408) 553-0801, https://www.lpeplaw.com/about/our-lawyers/mitchell-t-ehrlich/

Mitchell Ehrlich is the best.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 10/24/19

Living Wills and Trusts
Rich Dayton, Dayton Law Firm

408.437.7570, richdayton@att.net

I got the recommendation for Rich Dayton from the eList, and am quite pleased with his work.  He quickly but thoroughly explains all the details, and discusses how to minimize taxes and time delays, and the many options on how funds can be distributed over time.

Larry on Willow; 2/7/20

Richard J. Hess

(408) 872 0252

He [Rich Dayton] is very knowledgeable, easy to speak with, explains everything well, and is very reasonably priced. 

Jenelle off Lincoln; 7/6/19

Ann Marshall Robbeloth

31 E. Julian St., 408.371.5296, www.robbelothlaw.com

We use and recommend.

Andrew S.; 7/6/19

Carolyn Espey, Espey Law Offices

1321 20th Ave., SF, 415-759-9364; cespeylaw@pacbell.net 

After researching, we’ve decided to go with [Carolyn Espey]. She is lovely and quite competent. She will work around your hours if needed. You can call her and tell her Rene Hart, who is Lea’s daughter referred you. She will also answer any questions you have on the phone too.

Rene in Marcia; 7/6/19, 8/5/19

Real Estate
Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck

1960 The Alameda, Ste. 200, (408) 780-0358, https://www.rhrc.net/attorney/gravink-eric-a/

[This firm] specializes in real estate. We were helped by Eric Gravink (who lives in Willow Glen) but I'm sure any of the lawyers there will do an excellent job for you.

Jim (formerly on Settle); 3/22/22


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Mortgage / Refinancing / Appraisals / Loan Broker

Real Estate Appraisers
Caryn Shoemaker, Tri Bay Appraiser


Caryn comes highly recommended

Lynn on Clintonia; 2/28/22

Art Appraisals


Years ago, we took some things to Bonhams in San Francisco for appraisals.  Every so often, they used to have an open house where you could bring things in for an appraisal.  You can get more information at Bonhams.com.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 3/25/21


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UPS Store

1702 Meridian Ave, Unit L, (408) 265-5005

I totally echo the UPS Store recommendation. Call them in advance to be sure the notary is in when you plan to stop by. In The Dry Creek Shopping Center with Arco Gas Station & Starbucks, Across From The Main Willow Glen Post Office

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 12/27/21

Antoinette Saliba

631-463-9512;  saliba.antoinette@gmail.com

I am a Willow Glen resident, I work [as a Notary Public] on Lincoln Ave.

** self-recommended **

Antoinette Saliba; saliba.antoinette@gmail.com; 4/19/22


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Property manager

A to B Property Management

https://atobpropertymanagement.com/  1975 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 32, SJ 95125; (408) 495-2153

Hello, my name is Bob Nastasi. Founder of A to B Property Management. Since 1994, our staff has provided quality service in the leasing of properties, screening tenants, marketing, and rent collection without fail.

** self-recommended **

Dave Collado, marketing: davidcollado2010@gmail.com; 5/20/19


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Red Dog Shred

720 Curtner Ave. (at Bascom), Campbell, (408) 377-2925, http://reddogshred.com/

Nina on El Rio; 7/14/19


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Home Remodeling / Repair / Maintenance

Accessibility / Mobility Equipment / Handicap Services & Maintenance

Bischoff's Medical and Mobility

225 N. Bascom (at Naglee), (408) 286-6651, https://www.bischoffsmedical.com/

…carries specially-made ball- and glider-type feet for walkers. They also stock a wide range of canes, walkers, rollators, rolling walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs, etc. -- and provide expert advice. They do rentals as well. They have been a big help with a friend who has balance issues.

Curt G.; 7/26/19


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Appliance Sale & Repair

University Electric

1500 Martin` Ave, Santa Clara; (866) 484-4810; www.universityelectric.com

University Electric (family owned) on Martin Ave. in Santa Clara has been our go to place for years. Always offer good pricing and they price match too. Their installation contractors are great too.

Carolyn on Winona; 12/1/20


I also recommend University Electric. When we redid our kitchen a couple of years ago, we were originally turned off by University because the salespeople seemed like mostly grumpy old "know it alls" … we went back to University, where those same grumpy old men solved our problems because they knew how the stuff actually worked.

Jem; 12/2/20

Richard Johnson, Appliance Repair and Maintenance

408-439-9645 (cell), 408-835-4849 (work)

I always use ARM (Appliance Repair Maintenance). We have rental units and I have used them for all our appliance repairs over the years. They are very honest and will recommend replacement when necessary.

Patrick C.; 1/18/19


[ARM not recommended by]

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/30/22

Ace Appliance

(408) 227-2600

I last called [Ace] at a very busy time …. While nobody could come out same day, the scheduler talked me through what the noise might be, … and Tom showed up the next day for the easy fix. I feel like I now have an appliance support system.

Barb on Blewett; 1/16/19


[Ace has] Nice people who do a good job.  Prompt scheduling by Valerie, efficient and capable service by Monte, all for a more than fair price.  I called about a washing machine this time and will rely on them again whenever some other appliance needs help.  Ace Appliance just did a wonderful job with my 2009 Kenmore gas oven.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 6/18/20, 11/30/21

Johnny, Appliance Parts Company

1062 The Alameda, (408) 294-9500

Very helpful.  Talk to John Kasnestis, he is very fair and responsive.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 1/16/19

Appliance Repair Gurus


I’ve had several good experiences with Ned at Appliance Repair Gurus.

Kim on Kayellen Ct.; 6/15/19, 11/29/21


I can second the rec. for Ned at Appl. Repair Gurus.  We just had him repair our dryer last week. Everything she said ...

Ann on Spencer Ave.; 6/15/19

Art Appliance Repair

1135 Luchessi Dr., (408) 401-4178, https://www.artappliances.com/

It was the best experience I’ve had with a service person. Art called 20 minutes before arrival. Arrived on time. He was thorough and carefully trouble shot the issue [with our dishwasher]…he fixed it quickly and efficiently. He [looked at our oven] and quickly resolved the problem. He said his specialty is refrigerators. He is charming, funny, knowledgeable, local and eager to provide you with the best service possible. His pricing is very reasonable for the expertise he brings to the business.

Casey; 8/31/19

Kevin, Mr. Sunny Appliance Repair


He wore a heavy duty mask, gloves, protective foot covers and was very professional. Could not have been a better experience. Could not have been a better experience. He does need a finger signature on his phone and you can pay with check or credit card. A link to the receipt will be texted to you.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 4/2/20

King Appliance

663 N. King Road, (408) 520-6339

We bought a used fridge, washer, and dryer from them. The fridge had...problems. They were always responsive and came to fix them. It finally died, outside of warranty by several months. They replaced it anyway. Who does that anymore? Definitely recommend.

Peter on Lick; 5/28/20

Jose Maldenado


My favorite guy! Super friendly and honest and freaking knowledgeable.

Kate on Norval; 10/18/20

Monark Premium Appliance

[not recommended by]

Jem; 12/2/20

Western Appliance

[not recommended by]

Jem; 12/2/20

Paramjit Singh, Appliance Repair Gurus

(408) 705-8452, https://inhomeapplianceservice.com/

I want to give a shout out to Mr. Singh, of Appliance Gurus, who has (unfortunately) had to repair three appliances at our house in the past couple of months. He's everything you could ask for: fair, prompt, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. He's at the top of my list to call when we have an appliance problem.

Amy on Willow Glen Way; 2/5/21


I had Mr. Singh … repair my Jenn-Air oven - 20 years old.  …he was prompt. He told me what the problem was and had to order a part. A week later he came and installed part. Mr. Singh was wonderful - very knowledgeable. He repairs a variety of appliances. I highly recommend Appliance Repair Gurus. 

Carol on Kiner; 1/9/22


I’ve used [Appliance Repair Gurus] as well and have been extremely happy with them. I’ve had him work on our oven and washer.

Kimberley D.; 1/9/22

Bishop Appliance Repair

(408) 771-2827

I've had good experiences with Bishop Appliance.

Doreen on Kring; 8/9/21

Master Appliance


I found an excellent company that had very high reviews. They charge $75 for the diagnostic, but if you decide you want your appliance repaired or replaced and they do the work, they take the $75 off of the bill. 

Barb MacNeil; 8/9/21

Mitchell, M&R Repair Company


Honest, reliable, fairly priced.

Maria S.; 2/7/22

Dryer Duct Cleaning
Dennis Justus, Dryer Duct Cleaning  


If you would like a second resource, try this guy. He's been around a long time and cleans all kinds of vents.

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 10/10/21

Vacuum Repair
Meissner Sewing and Vacuums

4688 Meridian Ave, (408) 264-4880, https://www.meissnersewing.com/household/san-jose

[I] have been Happy with the quality of work.

Sherri I.; 9/12/20

Diamond Shoe and Vacuum Repair

2614 Union Ave., (408) 377-4940, https://www.diamondshoerepairs.com/

[I] have been Happy with the quality of work.

Sherri I.; 9/12/20

AAA Vacuum and Sewing

19070 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, 408-255-4762

I’ve recently found the greatest vacuum repair service that I would highly recommend to you and to others. The owner is extremely nice and I highly recommend him.  He will give you a quote before doing the repair work.

Martha on Hamilton Way; 5/18/22

Washers & Dryers

We have had a Maytag set for about a year and a half. We purchase it at Airport Appliance on Bascom. So far they work like a charm.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 3/14/21


I have a washer and dryer made by LG. Both are front load. I’ve had them for almost 20 years with no problems. I’m very happy with them.

Brooke on Dry Creek Village’ 3/15/21


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Architect/Designer/Structural & Civil Engineer

Tony Truong, Truong Design

408-899-0220, Truongdesigns@gmail.com

Tony had many suggestions and we found one that worked with our budget. It is not a cheap fix but I will tell you, in 2 years, we have had minimum movement and no need to fix any doors and windows. He is really easy to work with, great communication skills and did an excellent job working with our contractor.

Sanjit on Hervey, 2/10/20

Kitchen Designers
Jeffrey Hellmuth


I recommend Jeffrey Hellmuth - He redesigned my 1939 kitchen (took it down to the studs, kept same footprint) in 2006 and I'm still in love with the design.  He also kept me on budget.  I'm working with him now on a master bath remodel - we are in the early design discussion phase.

Lisa on Crescent; 12/8/20

Timeline Design and Build

14401 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, (408) 741-3000, www.tldesign.net/

A number of years ago we had Timeline Design do an amazing kitchen remodel in our 1937 Willow Glen home. I still get compliments on the design!

Rita on Mercer; 12/10/20


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Bathroom Remodeling / Refinish


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Carpentry / Cabinet Maker

(see also "Handyman", Kitchens)


(408) 835-4902

We have used Alfonso many times for house projects. He’s fixed the fence, built a gate, patched the house, and [built] a retaining wall. We have a Tudor house and he and his brother replaced some of the decorative boards. His work is excellent, he speaks English well, reasonably priced, and reliable.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 8/29/20


We recently used Alfonso and he rebuilt some gates, built and installed a fence around my pool equipment and built an arbor/trellis. All was done well and I would recommend him as well.

Ashley G.; 8/29/20


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Fireplace Parts
Wright Lighting

1572 Meridian Ave., 408-979-0800 

If you have an artificial fireplace/logs and need repairs or upgrades, Wright Lighting is the place to go.  Anthony Ghanati came out and assessed our problem and suggested a good solution. Thanks to the elister who recommended Wright Lighting. 

Carol on Kiner; 1/15/20


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Chimney Cleaners / Chimney Sweep / Flue Inspectors

AAA Heating & Air


I would recommend AAA Heating & Air. A local furnace/a-c company who has been around for years…

Brigette O.; 10/15/21

Chimney Clean Company

(408) 265-1010, https://chimneycleanco.com/

They are excellent. I used them for years.

Carol on Gaton Dr.; 1/15/22


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Contractors & Remodeling

Golden Coast Construction


Tony listened to us and took care to even the tiniest details. Very talented, honest, trustworthy, dependable, and extremely aimed to please and give us exactly what we wanted. If you need renovation, bathroom, kitchen, carpentry, etc. I highly recommend.

Kimberley D.; 9/27/19

Carlos Farias, CMF Construction

408-210-6527, Carlos@CMFConstruction.net

No one better than Carlos Farias-he did my entire house and several of my clients. He is professional, has great ideas, stays on schedule and has a team that is experienced and pleasant to work with. Feel free to call me if you have any questions-best of luck!

Mary Ann W.. 2/24/20, 2/1/22

Tim Murray, Donna Shenesen, Summit Remodeling Co.


Summit did our downstairs bathroom remodel summer of 2018, and our upstairs bath remodel last summer. [The owner and designer were both] wonderful to work with during both projects. [They were] there every day, on time, cleaned up the worksite at the end of each workday, and were friendly and respectful to us at all times.

Rita on Mercer Ave; 9/5/20, 12/10/20


We used Tim Murray/Summit years ago for our master bath.  It still looks great!

Nell A.



Joe DiVittorio


I am having 2 bathrooms remodeled as I am typing this. I recommend Joe DiVittorio.

Brigette O.; 9/8/20

Safe At Home – Rebuilding Together San Jose

408-578-9519, info@rebuildingtogethersv.org, https://rebuildingtogethersv.org/programs/safe-at-home/

Their Safe At Home program provides contractors to senior homeowners who need repairs in order to remain safely in their homes. This can include electrical, plumbing, heating, a/c, painting, roofs, structural repairs, safety devices, steps, smoke detectors, etc. There is no cost at all to the homeowner. The application process is really simple and then they set up a meeting and walk-through with the contractor. The work gets done very quickly, even with COVID limitations.

Sue on Minnesota Ave.; 9/21/20

Woodcliff Builders


I highly recommend Woodcliff Builders. From A to Z, they are honest with excellent Customer service. From Operations, Design to Project Manager, everyone is really really great! I will for sure contact them again for future projects.

Cynthia on McBain; 10/24/20

Steve Caposio, Xteria Construction

https://www.xteriaconstruction.net, 1-408-295-7777

You might try Xteria Construction (San Jose) as they have been doing this type of work [roof venting] for nearly 40 years. They did my roof (and neighbors) back in 2012 and it looks almost like new.

Larry on Knollwood; 1/12/21

Ray Torres, Ray Torres and Associates, Inc

(408) 561-3217

He is a contractor and does everything except stucco. He says no job is too small. He communicates well, is flexible and knows how to fix just about anything. He has been working in construction since he was 14. He has fixed many problems. (electrical and plumbing also) I highly recommend.

Gail on California; 3/16/21, 9/24/21, 11/10/21

Nolan Building, Residential and Commercial License #897342

1227 Fairview Ave., 408-460-8651, nolanbandd@gmail.com

We have had Nolan Building do several projects for us and they have completely remodeled several houses in Willow Glen. Craig, the owner, is easy to work with, reliable, reasonably priced and keeps things clean. He is licensed and bonded and I’m sure he is familiar with permits. We have had several of his workers here and all has gone very well.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 1/17/22

Nick and Michelle Yegge, Heartwood Residential

520 E McGlincy Ln #9, Campbell, (408) 353-2019, https://www.heartwoodresidential.com/

Highly, highly recommend Nick and Michelle of Heartwood Residential. They did a beautiful job on our master bath gut/remodel. They and also their subcontractors were neat, tidy and respectful. And tolerated our dog in the process!

Kris on Settle; 2/5/22

Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU -- “Granny Flats”)
Stanley, Acton ADU

808 E. McGlincy Lane, Campbell, 408-652-8496, https://actonadu.com/about 

Stanley is outstanding. …he knows how to do ADU's. His estimates are right in line with material and labor costs. He knows what he is doing. He meets with the owner once a week and items are worked out. This is now it is supposed to be with a builder. They answer your questions and are helpful.

Gail on California; 8/30/19

Caitlin O. Bigelow

619.823.6983: www.MaxableSpace.com

We help homeowners navigate the process of designing and building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Our head of design has completed over 100 ADU permits and we're very knowledgeable. You can view our website to learn more; I know the WG neighborhood intimately! 

* self-recommend *

Caitlin O. Bigelow; caitlinobigelow@gmail.com; 1/3/21

Earthquake Bracing
Anderson-Niswander Construction, Inc., General Engineering & Building Contractors

650-559-0451, www.andersonniswander.com

install shear clips at the perimeter at the cripple wall top plate to rim joist juncture; install sill plate anchors and bolts; vertical foundation fractures sealed with epoxy injection (high pressure) & steel straps. Done in 2010. Permit from the city. Very happy with their work. Got a break on our insurance after.

Janice on Coolidge; 10/22/19

Bay Area Underpinnings

707-310-0602, https://www.bayareaunderpinning.com/contact-us/ 

…they have an entire staff that does everything - plans, permits, the work, inspections, everything. Professional, respectful, knowledgeable and totally looking out for the client. Their crew loves their work. The foreman, Rene, was so helpful and they did an outstanding job.  Excellent work.

Gail on California; 8/30/19, 1/5/21

Senior Retrofit
Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley


This is exactly the type of work they do. It's a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization who's goal is to make homes safe for seniors so they can continue living securely in their own homes as long as possible. I've volunteered with them for many years, and have referred at least 3 friends to them. There is no cost to the homeowner, and the process can be started online or by phone. It's really worth checking them out.

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 2/16/22

Home Safety Services, Inc.

1 (888) 388-3811, https://www.homesafety.net/

Licensed contractor. Note: The bars stocked in their truck are stainless. If you want white in any location, for example on white front door trim, specify that when you call. My friend is very pleased. And I feel a lot better about him staying in his house.

Curt G.; 2/16/22


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Curtains / Blinds / Drapery / Window Coverings


(888) 808-6772

Last year I had my wood slat blinds cleaned and repaired by CleanersToYourDoor.com. Don’t know if they do the honeycomb type blinds but they repaired or replaced the strings on several of my blinds.

Gail on Prevost; 8/29/20


When we needed warranty repair on a Duette shade a couple of years ago Hunter-Douglas put us in touch with CleanersToYourDoor as their warranty contractor. They did a great job.

Brian (formerly on California); 8/30/20

Bloomin' Blinds

(408) 669-3441

I had the cord repaired on one of my shades last Friday. The Technician came to my house (on-time and with boots and gloves) and did the repairs in his van. He did a great job. There is a $49 charge for a house call, or you can take the blinds or shades in.

Pat on Marlyn Way; 8/10/20

Smith & Noble


You can find them online. You can have a designer come to your home to measure and show you options. Highly recommend. I've been very happy with their work for many years.

Karen  on Blewett; 3/18/21


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Doors (House & Garage)

The Screen Shop

601 Hamlin St., 408-295-7384

[The folks at The Screen Shop] are VERY nice!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 7/23/19


The Screen Shop is the best. Incredibly honest, knowledgeable, reasonable pricing and great products and service.

Casey on Minnesota; 7/10/20


[The Screen Shop] have been in business for over 75 years and they do great work.

Suzanne on Cristina; 8/19/21


Usually, I take my Milgard screens to them for re-screening but they do some services to your home - I would imagine it depends on the job. We also had them put in an excellent security screen door a few years ago -- it's one of our more favorite improvements to the house.

John on Mayellen Ave; 8/19/21


The Screen Shop is very expensive = @ $120 for 3 small screens - I took them to the shop.  Should have used old frames. Someone coming to your house is even more costly.

Pam in Wren; 8/19/21

Lou’s Doors

1730 Junction Ave., (408) 436-1736

I used Lou’s Doors for French doors and one outside door.  Great people in the store as well as the installer.

Bonnie on Mercer; 8/3/18, 10/24/19, 8/5/20


Everyone I know goes to Lou's Doors. Contractors, everyone. Got Front Door here. Other inside doors are from Home Depot.

Gail on California; 10/24/18, 9/13/19


[I also recommend] Lou’s doors.

Sanjit; 10/24/19

Bull’s Glass & Screen Center

1362 S De Anza Blvd., 408-725-4070

I took my sliding screen door to Bull’s Glass & Screen Center…New screen cost @$68 and it was ready in a couple of days. If they came to my house to pick up door, the cost would have been $100+$68+$150=$318!

Pam in Wren; 8/19/21

The Mobile Screen Guys

(408) 750-4600

Elizabeth responds within 24 hrs and does scheduling. I just recently ( late June) had 8 screens done by The Mobile Screen Shop. Very satisfied with their work. Quality, no hassle, quick job.

Anu @ Dry Creek; 7/23/19

Juaquin, Garcia’s Ornamental Iron Works


He installed my driveway gate and electric closer about 14 yrs. ago. I had a problem with the closure last year and sought repair advice from several Gate companies. Jauquin was, by far, the most cost efficient, responsive, and honest.

Cliff R.; 1/28/20

Mike Ortiz (owner), South Bay Fence


I had South Bay Fence make a very nice custom gate for me a few months ago.  Very nice to work with. 

Susan on Gerald; 7/8/20

B.W. Padilla Inc., dba Brian's Welding

197 Ryland St., (408) 275-9834, www.brianswelding.com

Brian is amazing! He really puts art into his work. He created a driveway gate for us in 2012 and it looks like brand new. If you would like to see it, please email me back. You should check it out...

Bob on Camino Pablo; 7/9/20

Garage Door Repair
Steve Chapman, Mike Howard Garage Doors

479 Salmar Ave., Campbell, 408-378-5409, http://www.mikehowardgaragedoors.com/

Steve from Mike Howard Garage Doors was just here to do a repair/service call on my ancient garage door.  It is now all fixed, and operating super smoothly.  Wowza! I highly recommend them – quick response and a reasonable price as well. They don’t push for replacement doors like some other ‘repair’ places.

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 3/7/19, 8/21/20


The owner [Steve] handled the conversion from my old sliding doors to overhead very well. His crew…did a great job and were easy to work with. And his wife in the office had excellent advice on selecting the door. Very pleased with the complex installation job done. The door still works perfectly after seven years.

Curt G.; 2/14/20, 8/21/20, 12/28/20, 1/31/21, 7/21/21

Ron, The Garage Door Guy

1260 Foxworthy Ave., (408) 591-7828

He is just the best guy! Honest! Very reasonable pricing! He's the owner, been in the business for years, and he will not oversell you!  he did some tweaking on ours, sprayed some blue Lithium spray on the tracks, then told me I did not need a new one…

Cindy K.; 8/21/20

Cal’s Overhead Door

750 Camden Ave, Campbell, 408 379 2151

I’ve used Cal’s Overhead Door for over 12 years. I recommend them highly. Fair pricing. Good work. Stand by their work and very customer oriented. In addition to replacing the motor, they suggested a security lock that could only be locked and unlocked by hand. They also made sure that the remote was paired with my car controls before they left. If you have an urgent concern they will come, right out. 

Casey on Minnesota Ave; 1/30/21

Herman, Flag Overhead Garage Door Repair Service

408-993-8888, 650-834-1842, www.flagoverhead.com

Herman, owner, Flag Overhead Garage Door Repair Service, was able to come out same day, to replace 2 springs on garage door. He is professional, reliable, fair, reasonably priced, and friendly.

Rene on Marcia; 7/22/21


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Chad, Hahn's Lighting Service Inc.

they no longer do residential work.

Peter Schwab, Schwab Electric


He's done numerous jobs large and small for me.

Nina on El Rio; 8/24/20

Hewlett Electric


[Meigs Hewlett] fit me into their schedule in between the big jobs. Bryan came out the next day and not only installed the fixtures but also repaired an outlet that was not wired correctly. Reasonable fees, senior discount (J), prompt and professional. I highly recommend them!

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 3/10/19


[Hewlett Electrical] honestly said that if the…contractor I'd talk to [about a new heat pump water heater] could also do the electrical work then that would be better because there'd only be one permit instead of two. He still…spent 20 mins. going over pictures I texted him... Super friendly, been in the profession for many years and didn't rush our conversation. I asked him what I could pay him for his time and he said nothing! Will definitely use him for any future electrical work!

Vern on Laurie; 3/15/22

Willow Glen Electric

844-389-7378; 408-676-3799

They removed an old ceiling fan and installed a new one.  Gave good advice, prompt service, and a fair price.

Carol on Prevost St.; 4/9/19


For me [WGE] installed new carriage lights on the front of my garage and removed the old, and replaced a GFC outlet in my bathroom. Happy to endorse them.

Tina on Hillsdale Av; 4/18/22

California Power & Light Corp


We just had California Power & Light Corp add an extension for the electric source we’ll need for our expected fireplace insert. The response time to get our estimate was quick and all of our questions were patiently answered. They arrived to our home as arranged and made this modification a breeze for us.

Susan on Annapolis; 9/21/20

Mike Winger at Winger Electric

(408) 210-6456, winger_electric@yahoo.com

Mike has did a great job for us. He was fast, efficient and affordable.

Bob on Bird; 2/15/21, 4/18/21

Peter Schwab, Schwab Electric

(408) 559-3056

I’ve been using Peter Schwab of Schwab Electric for years for both large and small jobs

Nina on El Rio; 2/15/21


Peter and his son quickly did a fine job for me as well!

Larry on Willow; 3/15/21

Chase Fry Electric


I trust Chase Fry Electric. I use him for myself and my clients.

Karen on Blewett; 3/15/22

Frank, Allspark Electric


Frank from allspark electric is the best. I can't say enough food things about our experience with him.

Lindsay A.; 3/16/22

Wooding Electric

https://www.woodingelectric.com/  3390 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara; (408) 675-7950 

Wooding Electric, your neighborhood electrician, is committed to ensuring all your electrical installations, repairs and upgrades are completed to perfection. Our professional team has years of extensive experience. Our work is timely and convenient.

** self-recommended **

Dave Collado, marketing: davidcollado2010@gmail.com; 5/20/19

Lamp Repair
Wright Lighting

1572 Meridian Ave., (408) 979-0800

I’ve used Wright Lighting on Meridian over the years. I have had several lamps that have been handed down to me from my family refurbished there. They’ve always done great work for me.

Casey on Minnesota; 11/5/21


We have also used Wright Lighting.

Barb M.; 11/5/21


Flickering Lights, Appliances behaving strangely, …



Call PG&E right away. It’s possible that it’s a broken or disconnected neutral wire [from the pole] to the house. They will come out and repair it for free.



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Flooring Installer / Refinisher / Tile / Carpet

Pete's Floors

408/998-5303; petesfloorswd@gmail.com (email); https://petesfloors.wordpress.com/

My friend specializes in detailed repair work of old wood floors, often able to repair damaged areas with the exact-same matching old flooring boards.

Larry (on Willow); 2/8/21

Joe Divittorio


[Tile Installation]  My tile tech has completed [a] transformation on my fireplace. I love it!

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 7/19/19

Donald Priest, DL Floor Company

Santa Clara, 408-984-7231

hardwood floors only---particularly the old ones. He is experienced, reasonable and knows floors. This is his company. 25 years experience.

Gail C.; 6/5/20

Art, Willow Glen Floor Company

(408) 529-7342

Great job. Move the furniture, do it all. We enjoyed working with Art and his crew. Tell him Rene and Dan referred you.

Rene on Marcia; 2/18/18, 6/6/20

Elegant Thread

1206 Mountain View-Alviso Rd. Suite D, Sunnyvale, Elegant-CarpetCare.com, 408-773-8624

About 3 years ago my son used Elegant Thread to refinish their hardwood floors.  They did a great job and the floors look beautiful now. 

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 7/9/19

Daniil Grigin, Elephant Floors

650 880- 9622

They just did a wonderful job install vinyl wood floor we bought at Costco. Fast. Efficient. Great workers.

Lynn M.; 6/27/20

California Wood Floors

430 Hurlingame Ave. Unit B, Redwood City

Yes, California Wood Floors refinished the original floors in our 1926 home.

Linda on Dorothy; 6/5/20

Precision Flooring


Precision Flooring did our fir floors about three years ago. They did a beautiful job and were able to piece in matching wood where there was too much old damage. BTW, my house was built around 1900 and I believe these are the original floors.

Philomena on Bird Ave; 6/5/20

Calvin, CH Hardwood Floors

(408) 826-1714, http://www.chhardwoodfloors.com/

After getting quotes from 3 or 4 people on the recommendations list, we recently used Calvin from CH Hardwood floors. He did a great job on our old hardwood floors that had been covered with carpet.  He was very responsive to texts and worked with us on scheduling and minor repairs. Pricing was competitive, also.

Jenelle off Lincoln; 10/26/20

Slaughterbeck Floors,

730 Camden Ave, Campbell, (at Winchester) (408) 379-5813

[Though the manufacturer was at fault, they] immediately took action. They had me pick out a new flooring product, and removed the defective floor (along with baseboards, toilet, etc.) and installed the new flooring, replaced the baseboards/toilet, and did touchup painting, all without charge to us. … the owner … said it was most important to them that their customers were satisfied …

Janice on Coolidge; 4/18/21


Slaughterbeck did a great job for us!

Kathleen on Fairview; 6/16/21

Floors: Pete's Floors

408/998-5303; petesfloorswd@gmail.com;  https://petesfloors.wordpress.com/

License #396188; Lead Certification #NAT-73467-1

Specializing in:

Installation of all species of wood, including parquet, solid, engineered, pre-finished & laminate flooring, refinishing of existing wood floors, interior & exterior, sub-floor prep & leveling, repairs, borders, inlays, custom staining, stairs, consultation. 

I do all the work with my one employee who has trained with me for over 28 years.  I charge an estimate fee when I come out, which is deducted from the contract if you end up having me do the work.  Our workmanship is focused on detail.  Am an associate member of artisticlicense.org (a guild of artisans specializing in restoration) 

** self-recommended **

Pete Anderson, Owner; petesfloorswd@gmail.com, 2/8/21

Garage Floor Coating
Chris Hahn, Coverall Epoxy Floor

(408) 892-1682

I got my garage floor epoxy [done] by Chris last summer. Beautiful professional quality job by this husband n wife team. Another elister had recommended Chris. She showed me her garage floor and I was literally “floored” by the quality job in her garage. You are very welcome to see my garage floor.

Anu @ Dry Creek; 7/30/19


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Furniture Refinishing & Repair

Mark Will, Wildwood Workshop

(408) 666-6901, 408-998-4866

[recommended by]

Jan C.; 3/11/19

George, A-1 Furniture Refinishing

210 San Jose Ave, #17, 408.295.2194

Just had a [100-year old Chippendale] dining room chair repaired… George did a fine job, took the whole chair apart and reglued all joints, and repaired the back panel, and even repaired some places where my cat had chewed on the wood.

Carol on Glenwood; 3/11/22

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Campbell Glass

417 Lano St., SJ, (408) 370-2252

We used Campbell Glass a few years ago for a glass top to protect our dining room table. If I remember correctly, they came out to measure and then delivered when it was ready.

JB on Hervey; 10/19/20

Cambrian Glass & Mirror

835 Union Ave, Campbell, (408) 377-2060

Highly recommend Cambrian Glass at Bascom & Union. Have been around for years, are reputable with fair prices.

Joyce on Comstock’ 10/19/20

Gomez All Glass

1856 Almaden Rd #4, (408) 622-4032

I highly recommend. Their service and prices are excellent. I had given… the owner the wrong measurements [so] I asked him to make a new piece, and to cut the ill-fitting piece to a smaller size for another tabletop. He did it quickly and didn't charge me to cut the piece down to the new size.

Rebecca on Newport; 8/17/21

Stained Glass
Franciscan Glass Co Inc

100 San Antonio Cir, Mountain View, (650) 948-6666

It's one of the oldest (and few remaining) places where the public can buy stained or patterned glass retail, and I'm pretty sure they have a service dept. as well.

Larry on Willow; 2/8/21

Shower Glass

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"Handyman" / Chores / “Mother’s Helpers”

Jose Sanchez


I just wanted to share that if you’re looking for a great handyman, I just used the services of Jose Sanchez this weekend. He was fast, efficient and reasonably priced and all around pleasant.

Linda on Little Orchard; 6/10/18, 11/5/19

Robert Blabbas


My Apartment manager. Excellent, much experience, honest, good with communication.

Larry R.; 7/30/18, 1/18/19

Marty Pabian

412-576-4536, martinpabian@gmail.com

I recommend Marty Pabian. He did a number of fixes around my house and did a great job. Professional. A bit drippy with paint but everything else was perfect.

Tina on Monte Vista; 3/30/19


(408) 316-5000

I recommend a handyman Ned. Very fast so you get a lot for your $.

Diana on Dry Creek Village; 7/18/19

Jose Rodríguez

408 705-8824, joserod0777@yahoo.com

For a handyman I would recommend Jose Rodríguez. We have used him for over 10 years for big and small jobs from installing doors and windows rebuilding our garage to lighting and repairs. He is very conscientious and fair.

Peter on Laurie Ave.; 7/19/19


(408) 460-9109

I [want] to let everyone know about a handyman who remodeled my bathroom. He moved a shower wall and toilet so that I could have a built-in bench, put in a larger window, integrated sink, tile and bidet. His work ethic, honesty, ideas are amazing. He is not a licensed contractor but he is just as good.

Cris near Nomark Ct.; 9/21/20

Tom Greene

(408) 230-0286

My realtor recently arranged for Tom Greene to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in several rooms at my late father's house in Naglee Park and he did an excellent job -- the realtor says that she's relied on him as an all around handyman for years.  He lives in Willow Glen.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 9/25/20

Robert Hallcraft


He can do just about anything and as a matter of fact, he just replaced our toilet last week. He charges $75.00 for the installation.

Cindy K.; 10/2/20

Manuel Corral


There is nothing that this handyman extraordinaire has not been able to do, and do well, for me and my clients.

Karen on Blewett; 10/9/20

Dave Mowles


We’ve recently used Dave Mowles for several jobs. He is reliable and does excellent work. He is a contractor, but also does small jobs.

Susan on Parkside; 4/21/21, 6/1/21

Filipe Cardona

(408) 307-6393, car.handyman@yahoo.com

I needed 9 electrical outlets installed. He was fabulous — got back to me immediately, arrived on time, was meticulous, cleaned up after himself, did everything as promised plus more. He does electrical, plumbing, builds decks, other construction and more. No job too small. Very reasonable rates — he bids by the job, not the hour.

Rebecca on Newport’ 1/8/22

Haas Perry Smart Home Help in Willow Glen

haasperry@gmail.com or text 408-617-7979   

Local WG handyman and son are available for help around the house including making your home smart, safe and secure. We can do odd jobs and install new tech like Nest Thermostats, Wi-Fi Cameras, Alexa and Google Home speakers, Roku, Sonos, Smart TV’s, computers, and furniture too! Simply send us an email with an idea of what you need to get done and we’ll provide a quote @ $30/hr.


Ryan on Glenn: haasperry@gmail.com; 10/5/20

Eric Ostrowski, Athletic Director at Willow Glen High

eostrowski@sjusd.org, 408-535-6330 (school number - ask for Eric)

He has plenty of strong boys that would like to earn $15 an hour. [like gardening, household upkeep]

Jean on Cottle and Pine; 4/17/19

Maria Elena Olvera

669-377-2660, meugalde1@gmail.com

I would like to recommend Maria Olvera to help you with household and caregiving needs (children and eldercare). She was prompt, did a wonderful job and was a delight to get to know.  She has numerous references in the Willow Glen Area.

Susan on Parkside; 4/23/19


Should a handyman be insured?

In case a licensed contractor is required for your job, be sure to check that the license is active, workers' comp insurance is paid (if they use add'l people) and there aren't any complaints against the license (see http://www.cslb.ca.gov/)….[It's] my understanding homeowners' insurance policies don't pay if someone is hurt and you haven't hired the person according to protocol ….To be on the safe side, we always hire licensed businesses and check them out at the web address above. May cost a little more but we're paying for peace of mind.

Janice on Coolidge; May 25, 2012


A contractor does not need to have liability insurance but one of the disclosure forms that must be provided to a customer and signed off on states whether or not he has it. It's in everybody's best interest for a contractor to carry liability insurance.  If a contractor is using employees on the job, they must be covered by a policy of workmans' compensation insurance. Contract temporary labor [should] have that insurance from the agency that provides them. If the contractor does not have employees, no workman's comp is needed.  Jobs over $700.00 now require a license. Check the license number with the state at https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/onlineservices/checklicenseII/checklicense.aspx. Follow up on their references, usually best to just get their three last jobs rather than their gold plated ref's. You might also ask about a job that went south and how they fixed it. To me, that's a big one. How did they handle a problem?

Chris J; May 26, 2012


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Hay Bales


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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning [HVAC] & Duct Cleaning

DunRite Heating and A/C.

 408-353-4900. dunritehvac.net 

We just had Mike from DunRite Heating and A/C come out to fix our A/C unit. I called this morning and he came right out. He was very quick and got the job done quickly and reasonably. I highly recommend them.

Kathy & Gary on Lansford; 5/29/20


We needed to have some duct repair work done…. Several of the companies charge an inspection fee $140-175. If they do the work I believe they apply the fee to your bill. I had DunRite come out and Jesse did the repair work. He was fantastic. It cost $180 to repair the duct.

DunRite and Jesse are highly recommended. 

Carol on Kiner; 6/9/20


We were able to get in touch with Dunrite Heating and Air and have them come out on short notice.   They were able to quickly figure out the issue and fix the problem. Pricing was reasonable and their technicians were super helpful and friendly.

Neal J.’ 8/18/20

Bob, ABS Heating and Air Conditioning

334 Shamrock Dr., Campbell, (408) 238-7178, absheatingandairconditioning.com

We have used ABS Heating & Air Conditioning for decades and would never use any other company.  They are a family-owned business and have very good prices.

Barb M.; 8/21/21

AAA Furnace and Air Conditioning

1712 Stone Ave., 408/293-4717; (669) 235-3793

I have used AAA, they are very good and knowledgeable.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 3/15/19


They [AAA] were efficient, courteous, priced reasonably, and reliable.

Carol on Prevost St.; 3/15/19, 10/27/20, 1/7/21


We used AAA Furnace to service our 1939 gravity furnace. They had no trouble at all, and once even cleaned a connection to get it working and didn't charge us a thing.

Tina on Monte Vista; 8/22/20, 12/1/20


I also recommend AAA as well. Okay to quote.

Bonnie on Mercer Avenue; 8/23/20


I second AAA. They just replaced a capacitor in my furnace (not a floor furnace) after it stopped working. I called three names on the recommendations list—one couldn’t come until 4 weeks out (too long), one was a no-show. AAA came within a few days and fixed it within minutes. Very good experience and reasonable price.

Patty on Broadway; 12/2/20


I always recommend AAA Heating & Air in Willow Glen.


Brigette O.; 1/7/21

4 Seasons Heating and Air

(925) 447-3112

If you, like us, have an old (80 yr+) in-floor furnace and need someone to repair it, we just used 4 Seasons... Took a while to get an appt. but guy arrived on time, got it working. Only downside, there's $100 added to repair bill for diagnostics but it's worth it for a working furnace!

Janice on Coolidge; 1/14/19 

Sal, Costless Heating and Cooling Services 

1165 Lincoln Ave., 408-876-9643, 408-823-7221, www.costlesshvac.com, costlesshvac@yahoo.com

Call Sal at Cost Less Heating Cooling Services.  Sal has 112 Five Star Reviews on yelp and is the most honest HVAC guy I’ve ever met with excellent and fair prices. He even tried to help me diagnose and troubleshoot my problem over the phone to save me the cost of a house call.  They also do the maintenance on the units and clean the ducts annually to keep the efficiency. Richard does the duct cleaning and is also in Willow Glen.

Gail on California Ave.; 5/20/20, 1/7/21, 4/5/21


The owner [of Cost Less] is honest and provides an excellent service at a fair price. He has all 5 star reviews on yelp and I highly recommend him.

Holly on Jonathan; 4/1/22

Josh Kurmel, Controlled Air Systems

408-375-7018 or (408) 512-8658, controlledairsystems@gmail.com

Since he is based in Gilroy, his prices were so much better than any other quotes I obtained from local companies. I replaced my coil and furnace and added central air for less than $10,000. All the duct work was in good shape so my price didn't involve changing or improving duct work.  He also put a minisplit in our guest house that works great and cost $3500.

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 5/20/20


We used Josh Kurmel this last summer.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 4/5/21

Valley Heating and Cooling

(408) 294-6290

In 2014 we had Valley Heating replace our original ducts with super-efficient ducts and also got a new furnace and added AC.  We interviewed 3 companies and they were best for us.  We got generous PGE rebates for the ducts and furnace.  No complaints at all.

Susan on Gerald Way; 5/29/20

Tran Nguyen, Evergreen Air

(408) 799-9638

Great service and quick responses.

Martin P.; 8/16/20, 1/7/21

Cost Less Heating

408-876-9643, http://costlesshvac.com

Cost Less Heating and cooling on Lincoln Ave. They are in Willow Glen.

Gail on California Ave; 8/16/20

Jose Ramirez


We, along w/ at least 2 neighbors, have had Jose Ramirez do brick work for us. Very dependable, great to work with and fairly priced.

Vern on Laurie Ave.; 8/6/20

Service Champions


We've used Service Champions for a few years.  Been very happy with their service.  And they redid the ductwork in our house a few years ago and did a great job.

Regan on Jansen; 10/15/20

Phil Dore, Reliable Air Mechanical


I highly recommend Phil Dore of Reliable Air Mechanical. He replaced my HVAC just a few months ago.  He's very honest, his price was the best and his work was outstanding. They showed up on time, cleaned up and took all the old stuff away.

Cindy K.; 10/15/20

Orta's Plumbing, Heating & Air


We are using Orta's Plumbing, Heating & Air for several years now and are very happy.

Stefan B.; 10/15/20

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc of Campbell


[They] did an excellent job last year installing a complete system for a friend of mine. They focus on energy efficiency. They carefully measure the house and run a computer analysis. No high-pressure upselling…they also insulated the attic. I was impressed by the professionalism of the installers – who…used drop cloths, wore boot covers, and cleaned up every day. A couple of weeks later, he needed to have the thermostat simplified -- they sent a very smart and understanding tech…at no charge.

Curt G.; 11/5/20, 1/7/21


Agreed. [Residential] installed an A/C system for our house, and they were absolutely amazing. Friendly, professional, and reasonable.

Kate on Norval; 11/5/20


Jmangano@hvac-aircare.com; 408.463.6957, https://www.aircareheatandcool.com/service-area/campbell-ca/

We have had AirCare exclusively with great results. They are a small company with well trained technicians and do not believe in the hard sell.

Jacqui on Curtiss; 11/10/20


[For floor furnaces, AirCare] were magnificent. Completely competent, on-time and fair. I highly recommend them.

Spencer on Glenwood; 12/14/20

Bartlett Heating and Air


We used to have an old Coleman furnace. I highly recommend [them] for the job.

Anand on Curtner; 12/2/20

Eric Moran, Cooler Living Systems


We got rid of an old … under-floor furnace and moved the regular furnace … and added new vents and put new supply lines, etc. …we also installed a new A/C and I chose to get one with a heat pump. It works very well. I have a two-tier system controlled by my Nest thermostat…

Anand on Curtner; 4/5/21

Air Quality Inspection


We've used Adviro on two properties. They really do know a lot about mold and air quality, along with just about everything else you might need to know. They are local (Leigh Ave) and communicate well and thoroughly. They have always been prompt and responsive for us. Just a note: these tests are not inexpensive!

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 1/4/22

Duct Replacement
Tyler, Residential AC Inc.

(408) 828-6273

Also working with Tyler with Residential AC Inc. for duct replacement.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 4/5/21


(408) 353-4900

Just had ours all replaced last year. We used. They were great to work with, clean, knowledgeable and professional.

Tofoi Y-M.; 4/28/21

Mini-split heater/cooler

We installed one in our place in Paso Robles. They are great…. We got a Panasonic RE18SKUA.

Andrew S.; 7/24/20

Eric Moran, Cooler Living Systems


Eric Moran at Cooler Living Systems who installed a heat pump for me and configured the Nest for it. He is excellent.

Anand on Curtner; 12/7/20


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Housecleaners; House Cleaning

Rachel E. Ashe, Cleaning by Ashe

rachelashe@rocketmail.com, 408-771-6480

She came for a deep clean of our home before a large party, and Rachel did a great job.  She and her partner did a thorough job of cleaning while being careful with our home’s items.  She also charged a reasonable rate and is highly recommended.

Dave on Carolyn; 8/4/19



My wonderful housekeeper Sandy is looking to add a few more clients! She’s been cleaning my house for about two years, with a second person (usually her sister or mom). They do a solid job, I especially appreciate that they will occasionally clean something unexpected like the inside of my fridge, etc.  Call or text is fine (her English is pretty good)

Carin D.; 6/8/19

Elena, Tidy House


My long-time housekeeper has openings for new commercial clients. Her business is "Tidy House" and you can trust Elena to make your business look its best. Tidy House also will clean windows, blinds, shutters, louvres. References available.

Margaret on Constitution Drive; 7/10/19



Blanca has been cleaning my house for over 15 years. She is dependable, located locally, and I can recommend her without reservation.

John on Cristina Ave., 3/18/20

Ninfa Serna


I've had Ninfa Serna and her team cleaning my home for over 17 years and she's worked with family friends for even longer than that. 100% reliable, detailed oriented, and trustworthy.

Claudia on Westwood; 9/17/20

Rosa and José, Rosas Cleaning

(408) 464-2995

They have a couple of teams that will come to clean - usually 4 pp bit sometimes more or less - so it goes quickly. They are very reliable and thorough. Most of the people are Spanish speakers. Jose’s English is very good and I call/text him if I need to talk. I trust the owners completely, but the team changes a lot… 

Karlie on Glenwood Ave; 4/4/21, 2/18/22

Arturo and Jillian Crespo, Detail Pros Plus

DetailProPlus.com, 408-638-9776.

we are extremely happy with the results. They have wonderful attention to detail and cleaning practices, an excellent work ethic and true dedication to customer service, … [We] are so pleased with the "restoration" of our carpets ...  Not only did they impeccably clean them, they were able to perfectly stretch the buckled areas. They also deep cleaned the stone, granite, tile and grout in our bathrooms as well as a deep clean and polish on our hardwood floors.

Carolyn on Winona Dr.; 4/9/21

Lupe, Blue Clean Janitorial Services

(408) 250-6028.

It is a licensed family operation and wonderful people. They always do a great job and are very trustworthy. They also love my dog. They did just raise their price by $20 but understandable.

Amy on Fairview; 3/17/22

Window Cleaning
Peter, Sparkling Clean Windows

(408) 497-3758

Give these guys a call. They have "Rave Reviews" in the neighborhood!

Sue on Minnesota Ave.; 4/19/21


I have used Peter Reeves at Sparkling Clean Window Washing since at least 2017 and he's charged me the same every year (including this year).  His crew does a great job! 

Brooke on Dry Creek Village; 5/27/22

Javier Huerta, Spectacular Windows

408.323.1916, www.spectacularwindows.com

Highly recommend Javier Huerta, Spectacular Window Cleaning for window, gutter and solar panel cleaning. He does an excellent job and is very professional and trustworthy. So with all of the spring cleaning items on your to-do list, give Javier a call.

Ellen on Cherry; 4/17/21


I highly recommend Javier of Spectacular Windows as well. He has cleaned my windows and screens multiple times and always does a thorough job for a fair price.

Holly on Jonathan; 4/22/21

Hella Clean Windows y Mas


Hella Clean Windows y Mas did a great job of cleaning my windows and screens. Husband and wife team removed all the screens and cleaned window tracks. Also cleaned son’s windows and multiple sliding doors - he was also impressed.

Pam on Wren; 3/24/22


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Home Theater / Electronics Installation


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Interior Design

Rey Lambatin, Advocali Designs


Rey at Advocali Designs is very reasonable and did our gallery wall.  Let him know Sujata sent you!

Sujata M.; 1/2/20

Sue Harrison, Vision Design


I've worked with and am currently working with Sue Harrison of Vision Design. You'd have to contact her to find out if she's right for your job. I like her.

Judi on Kimble; 12/31/21


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Insulation and Attic Maintenance

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning

408-377-4073, https://www.residentialheating-ac.com/

[They] did an excellent job last year installing a complete system for a friend of mine. As part of the job, they also insulated the attic. They focus on energy efficiency. …they gave my friend choices and let him decide. I was impressed by the professionalism of the installers -- who, for example, used drop cloths, wore boot covers, and cleaned up every day. A couple of weeks later, he needed to have the thermostat simplified -- they sent a very smart and understanding tech who did it at no charge.

Curt G.; 1/17/21


Highly recommend Residential Heating and AC in Campbell. Ask for the CEO Cathy Haire.

Karen on Blewett; 1/17/21


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Iron Work; Welders


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Junk Hauling

David, Ethan's Junk Removal

408-402-1240, www.ethansjunkremoval.com

If you need a junk hauling service, I highly recommend you consider Ethan's Junk Removal. They are on-time, polite, careful and competitively priced. They took away several of our no longer needed items this morning! 

Carolyn on Winona Dr.; 1/12/20

George Sabalsa

408.838.5890 (cell/text)

My GO TO guy. He has done numerous hauling jobs for us, and there's no one who compares to his service. He's always prompt, does an amazing job of cleaning everything up, his prices are more than fair, and he's a really nice guy!

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 3/1/21


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Kitchen Remodeling & Supplies

(see also Carpenter / Cabinets)

Granite Counters Cleaning and Polishing
Jillian and Arturo, Detail Pros

(408) 638-9776

I’ve got a fantastic husband and wife team that is excellent at restoring and sealing granite and marble.  Their prices are very fair and will do an excellent job. They are also great with other detail work, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Karen on Blewett; 2/24/21

Mr. Peabody's The Carpet Care

(408) 254-1949, www.mrpeabodys.com

Mr. Peabody's Carpet and Stone is also excellent.

Carol on Curtis; 2/25/21


I echo that recommendation for Mr Peabody's. They have been our Go-To guys for over a decade. You won't get a "cheap job", but you will get the best! And, if you use them for carpet cleaning, they don't leave that wet residue that is so annoying.

Sue on Minnesota; 2/26/21

Induction Cooktops

Love em! They heat up much faster than gas and shut off immediately. We’ve had ours for about 10 years and it took a little while to get use to how quickly the stove  responded. You have to prep everything first and then start cooking, otherwise you’ll burn the first item while chopping the next. I bought ours for easy cleanup and it is just a quick wipe and looks like new after 10 years. Ours is a KitchenAid.

Nell A.; 12/13/19


I love my induction cooktop. It is a GE brand and is the top of a push-in stove. I did have a small issue just after the first year, but GE came and repaired it for free. I did not buy the extended warranty. I think it is better than a gas cooktop, as the top is easy to clean, the burners are very efficient, and water boils in half the time of any cooktop I've ever had. It still looks new, works great, and if I ever need to replace it, I will get another one. 

Brooke in Dry Creek Village; 12/13/19


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Baker Lock and Key Service

2951 Union Ave., (408) 377-9210

I've used Baker Lock and Key on Foxworthy and Union for years.  Very Reliable.

Nina on El Rio; 6/19/20, 12/14/20


George [at Baker’s Lock & Key] even fixed a door problem that turned out to have nothing to do with the lock. 10/10.

Barbara M.; 10/22/20

San Jose Safe and Lock

939 W. San Carlos St., 408-294-9339

I got great, timely, and inexpensive service to re-key several locks, including an electronic hybrid Schlage. Some were done while I ran another errand, and one basic single cylinder bolt rekey was done while I waited. The rekeyed locks work flawlessly. Highly recommend.

John Formerly Mayellen, now North First; 6/10/19


I’ve used San Jose Safe & Lock at 939 W San Carlos St with good success. The guy knows his stuff and he’s reasonably priced. It shares the lot with used cars, so look carefully when you drive over.

John K.; 6/19/20


If in need, or being prepared, I'd support SJ Lock & Safe without a doubt and Baker too would be a fine choice. Didn't hurt to map the location with  the street view to ease finding the place. Not hard, but it's not a big box store of course.

Greg on Kobara Lane; 6/19/20

Sean Kim, Lock & Key World


I’ve had Sean Kim of Lock & Key World out two times. He changed out the locks on our newly purchased townhome in 2014 and just recently for another task. He was very prompt both times.

Kimberley D.; 12/30/19


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Jerry Wood

(408) 373-5420

We used Jerry Wood Moving about 10 years ago to move out and then back into our house during a remodel. They were awesome and very reasonably priced. If we were to move again they would be the first I would call.

Jeff on Brooks; 4/19/21


Highly recommend Todd with Jerry Wood Moving.  Perfect for local moves.  

Karen on Blewett; 5/6/22

Upline Moving

[not recommended]

Kathy on Nomark; 4/18/19

Goliath Moving & Storage

1702 Meridian Ave, (408) 915-3040 

Goliath Moving & Storage is great and reasonable! 

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 7/7/20

Scott McElfresh

408-83901922, smcelfresh@chipmanrelo.com

Scott McElfresh is great.

Barbara S.; 11/4/20, 4/19/21

Movers (Small Moves)
Jason P., TaskRabbit


I've had great luck with small moves (1-3 pieces of large furniture) from TaskRabbit (taskrabbit.com) Both times I used Jason P (https://www.taskrabbit.com/profile/jayson) who appears to still be available and currently charging $90/hour.  He was great!

Jim (formerly on Settle Ave); 6/5/18, 1/22/19

Economy Packing Supplies, formerly JDM


Very useful and helpful store. See 20 photos of huge range of things they carry:


Curt G.; 3/15/19


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Painters / Painting / Wallpaper

Ron Hunter, Fine Line Painting

1938 Creek Dr.; 408-723-2242, cell 408-966-9642; hunters4@aol.com

Yet another glowing recommendation for Ron Hunter!

Sujata M.; 9/11/19

Wynn Barnes

408 658 4078, wynnpaints2@yahoo.com; Painting Contractors lic# 1001421

[recommended by:]

Larry R.; 1/26/19


I met with Wynn last week to do a yard walk around [to stain my fences], and he scheduled me for this week and finished it in days as planned. Could not be happier this is done knowing this quality fence has received the not as common extra care of staining. Wynn is a friendly guy, 30+ years painting experience, licensed - bonded contractor.

Greg on Kobara Lane; 11/17/21


I've also worked with Wynn several times. He's painted my house, deck, and even offered to paint my old faded mailbox! I really appreciate wynn's 'can do' attitude!

Debra on Gerhardt Ave.; 11/17/21

Monroe Painting

(408) 749-0525

Painted the inside and outside of our home. Also painted our kitchen cabinets. Fantastic, professional crew. They are very professional and detail oriented.

Neal J.; 11/20/18, 9/14/19

Gary Rose Painting

408-785-1651; 408-426-4961, 408-482-3754

Local guy. Been in business for years. Great workmanship. Fair pricing. Fast and efficient.

Linda on Little Orchard; 10/8/20

Ryan Hanson Painting, Lic #826068

(408) 499-0801, rhanson2525@yahoo.com

We have used Ryan Hanson for our inside painting on three houses now. He is prompt and does a very good job. I also like that he keeps the work area very clean and is careful of the carpets and furniture. He is especially patient while you decide on…colors.... I am planning on calling him again soon.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 1/27/19, 9/11/19, 3/12/21, 11/1/21

Bill's Brush Works

bill@bbw3.biz; (408) 246-5200

We have had several good experiences with Bill’s Brushworks, responsive, efficient, quality work, and good value. Came in at 1/2 the price of the other quote we obtained.

Bill on Cherrydale; 10/15/20

Jose and Lou Saavedra, Pride Painting

408-655-0112, (408) 314-0178; loupridepainting@yahoo.com

I just had a great experience with Pride Painting. They did an excellent job. They patched stucco, painted the house, the wrought iron trim, and sealed the redwood fence for a very reasonable price. They were responsive and tidy and wonderful to work with.

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/19/18, 1/26/19, 3/12/21


Pride Painting has done a lot of painting for us and for our neighbors. They are good people, always leave a clean worksite, and do a quality job. She will make an appointment to come to your house to see what you need, and then send you a bid a couple of days later. Highly recommended. Jose is also a licensed contractor.

Amy on Willow Glen Way; 10/15/20


I’ve used Pride Painting do some interior painting as well. Very meticulous – did a great job! They also replaced/repaired a broken gate.

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 10/15/20


2nd the recommendation of Pride Painting. They’ve done several painting and updating projects for us.

Carol L.; 6/22/21

Paul Choi, Choice Painting

choice1paint@gmail.com, 408-292-9797, 408-636-6868

[They] created their schedule around our family life. They met their original budget and schedule. They were kind to my dog who was anxious with all the activity. They cleaned up at the end of each day… They went the extra mile and touched up my cabinets …

Jill on Britton; 5/21/19


Our whole house exterior was painted recently by Choice Painting Co. We're pleased with the job process and outcome. Good communication with owner and his experienced painters who did the four-day job. Good prep -- power wash, filled cracks & dings including on a damaged garage door, protected non-painted surfaces well. Moved lots of stuff away from house walls and put it all back again afterwards.

Margaret G.; 11/21/21

Painting Pros

https://paintingpros.com/, 408-418-9912

Agree about Painting Pros!! Awesome work for us a few months ago!! Matching wall colors, trims, various rooms and finishes! Wow!!

Valerie on Norval; 9/14/19

Gustavo Ruiz


I've used Gustavo Ruiz for several client interior paint jobs recently. He is excellent, reasonably priced, and extremely reliable.   Highly recommend!

Karen on Blewett; 9/19/19, 5/13/20, 10/8/20, 3/12/21

Paul Walton

408-608-5174, pwalton@comcast.net

He has done all kinds of painting, deck repair, refinishing and staining for our house on Ramona

Always does a great job, cleans up and is on time.

Leslie L.; 2/24/21

James Kim, Style Painting


I can highly recommend James Kim of Style Painting. James is a perfectionist & does beautiful work.

Barbara on Husted; 5/26/22

Wynn Barnes

408 658 4078

A Willow Glen Painting Contractor serving all of SJ and beyond.  Contact for all painting needs.


Wynn on Altamont: wynnpaints2@yahoo.com; 3/5/22

Mural Painting
Scott Willis


Scott Willis did our wall mural, copying old photos onto an exterior wall.  Check out his [website].

Margaret on Palm Haven; 5/19/20

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Dave Montoya, Proficient Drywall


I have worked with him on many projects which required popcorn removal and/or drywall work. Great guy, very professional as well.

Brigette O.; 9/19/19

Street Number Address Painters
Address Services

www.address-services.com, 669-244-5000

A Gentleman stopped by here recently. He did a great job. All of my neighbors asked to have their house numbers after they saw mine. You can text your order or place an order on line. You don't have to be

home. He will invoice you. Hope it works out for you.

Casey on Minnesota; 5/20/19, 7/19/20

Wallpaper Installation
Mr Young Lee

(408) 781-1162

Excellent. Excellent painter too

Lynn on Clintonia; 8/2/20


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Plasterer / Drywall / Masonry / Sheet Rock / Stucco / Brickwork

Manuel Jimenez

(415) 595-5152

Manuel Jimenez is my ‘go to’ guy for plaster and drywall. In fact I have a job for him this week!

Karen on Blewett; 5/26/19

Batininch Masonry


Local, been in business 36 years.

Linda on Old Orchard; 5/6/20

Paul (or Junior), Narco Plastering, Inc.

(408) 293-2060

I used this company to put stucco on my 1927 home. They did a great job. I highly recommend.

Gail on California; 3/16/21

Chris Justi Drywall *self-recommend*

chrisjusti@gmail.com, 408.209.3787

My name is Chris Justi and I'm a drywall contractor. I work by myself so I take smallish jobs …. give me a text back at the phone number [above] and we can set up an appointment for me to come by and take a look at it and tell you what I think.

Chris on Clintonia; chrisjusti@gmail.com; 3/5/22

Stone Mason
Jose Ramirez

408.394.7474 (text is best), Ranirezjp1961@gmail.com

I can’t speak highly enough about a brick mason I’ve just had repair my outdoor fireplace. He does brick work, concrete, slate, stone, veneer, pavers, stamped concrete, block, retaining walls.

Carol on Glenwood Ave; 2/10/22


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Plumbers, Plumbing / Sewer Blockage

Robert Moomau

1177 Branham Lane #152, SJ; 408-396-3837 http://moomauplumbing.com/

Moomau [replaced my main water line] for me too (assuming that's what the pipe from the street to the house is called), also about 3 years ago.  Prompt response, good work, fair price, nice people.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 10/21/18, 9/14/19


The team from Moomau determined that the leak was coming from my HVAC system, not the copper pipes. It was not that easy to figure out where the problem was originating from as there were several possible sources. I really appreciated their professionalism and honesty - I HIGHLY recommend them.

Julia on Westgate; 6/3/19


I recommend Moomau also.  They have helped me many times, and I plan to have them replace my original 1939 galvanized plumbing.

Bonnie on Mercer Avenue; 6/3/19


[Moomau] was beyond fabulous in every single way possible…I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use his services again or recommend him to anyone.  He was beyond outstanding and I wanted to share this story with you in case you are ever in need of a reliable plumber who knows what they are doing.

Barb M.; 8/3/19, 5/26/21

Jeff Dean


Jeff was outstanding -returned calls, came on time, prices very reasonable. Jeff also recommended the Pelican System for your house.  We have had Rayne for soft water for a very long time and wanted to change to a better system.  Jeff suggested the Pelican system and has installed many.

Carol on Kiner; 8/19/19


Highly recommend Jeff Dean. He has been helping us for years.  Always does quality work, reasonable rates, good person; has consistently quickly and correctly identified issues,

Laura (formerly near Bird and Willow, now in Cory neighborhood near Valley Fair); 1/6/20, 9/28/20


[Jeff Dean] is clearly very knowledgeable about the right way to do things, and who takes pride in a job well done. He was always right on time, always responded to calls/texts promptly, and is highly professional. I think he's always going to be the first plumber I call when I'm looking to get something done.

Jim S.; 9/26/20



I recently had an excellent experience with a plumber.  He was capable, efficient, and reasonably priced.

Carol on DeAnza Way; 1/31/20

EJ Plumbing

650-771-8358, 408-688-1844, 650-520-8718, https://www.ejplumbing.com/

They were respectful of the physical distance required now and what is necessary. They replaced a line from the refrigerator to the basement. They also replaced a kitchen faucet at no extra charge. They are good and reliable and respectful. He wore a medical mask. The cost is expensive but they used the correct materials so this will last a long time.

Gail on California; 4/2/20

Water Quality Plumbing


 It’s a local family owned business. They were here just last week to do an emergency water heater replacement. We’ve also had them install a water softener and, on separate occasions, two leaks in our ground floor ceiling from second floor plumbing (note: they do not do drywall repair.)

Kimberly D.; 4/5/20


Good Luck! [Water Quality Plumbing recommended by]

Kirsten on Glenwood; 6/13/20

Jaime, Fantastic Rooter

(408) 837-4343

He solved the problem for $300 instead of the $3000 [that] 15 dollar wanted. Very pleased.

Mary on Lansford; 4/5/20

Arroyo Plumbing


A local wg co.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 6/13/20

Water Flow Sensor


I found a tool that I am finding very helpful in managing my water use, and hence water bills. …you strap onto the outside of your water meter (no pipe cutting or tools needed) and then it uses a radio frequency to relay a signal to base station unit about the size of a salt shaker inside your house or garage to send water use to an app on your phone. The base station needs to be in range of your wifi and needs to be plugged into the wall. No batteries or wires. Unit is about $200 and it looks like you can get it at their website, on Amazon and Home Depot (online; not sure if it is in their stores).

Margaret on Palm Haven, 2/23/20


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Pressure Washers

Always Under Pressure 

(408) 998-3051  

Dave is the owner of Always Under Pressure...they are great.  Take a look.

Nanci V.; 2/3/21


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also see "Contractors"

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Roofing & Gutters

Lindy Roofing Co. Inc.

476 W. Taylor Street. San Jose, CA 95110; Tel: (408) 286-9990 http://www.lindyroofing.com

I too am quite happy with my new Lindy roof!  In only two days, they removed the old roof, repaired the rot and damage, installed additional vents and valleys, roofed, and cleaned up.  It looks great, and now it doesn't leak!

We used Corning/Duration-Premium fiberglass shingles (Color: Driftwood) to replace the wood shakes on the rental, and it nicely matches the neighboring houses.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/22

Mark Castillo, El Camino Roof Systems

office 408-292-7644,  Cell 408-639-0224

We recently had our 28-year-old roof inspected to see if we needed a new roof or could we do "patch work".  Mark … said we did not need a new roof and could do repairs for approx. $2500.  The man who did the repairs was excellent - very thorough.  He had been with El Camino for over 18 years.

Carol on Kiner; 11/11/19


I was impressed by Mark Castillo from El Camino Roof Systems in San Jose. He came out to give me an estimate and saved me over $500 by telling me something I thought I needed wasn’t necessary. I love honest people! Call him if you have any roofing needs.

Rebecca on Newport; 5/4/20

Keith Roofing Company, Inc.

920 Lincoln Av., (408) 295-8616, keithroofing@aol.com

They are our "go to" experts in everything including gutter repairs and replacement if needed. Plus, they're right here in Willow Glen. They have been in business for a really long time, and Roger's work is impeccable, reliable and reasonably priced. If you want peace of mind and a great job, call them.

Sue on Minnesota Ave.; 9/24/20

Gutter Cleaning
John DiMarco, All Rain Gutter Cleaning

408-209-8034; allraingutter@yahoo.com

John DiMarco is the best!!! Used him for many years!

Brigette O.; 10/10/19, 1/14/20


Here’s the guy... [John DiMarco] does my gutters yearly

Gail on Prevost; 11/10/20

J.R.’s Window Cleaning Service

408-288-5532, www.jrs-windowcleaning.com

We have used JR Window Cleaning for several years now.  He does Gutter Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning and Window Cleaning. Our house is a two story Tudor with a 12 by 12 pitched roof and solar panels.  Not a problem for him.  He is prompt, does it all in one day, and doesn’t leave a mess….

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 12/28/18, 1/16/20

Peter Reeves, Sparkling Clean Window and Gutters


Yes! I've used his company for years for window cleaning, gutter cleaning (on the trickiest roofs), and Holiday lights for myself and my clients. Highly recommend.

Karen on Blewett; 9/9/19

Gutter Repair
Four Seasons Roofing


I have used Four Seasons Roofing 408-295-7767 and been very happy.

Bob on Bird; 12/27/21

Alex Gutter and Roof

669-454-8838, http://www.alexgutterservice.com

We just used Alex Gutter and Roof. Saw their truck as they were installing for our neighbor's house a few doors down. Very responsive and quick, even completed our install during a light rain event in October.

Elaine on Hervey; 12/27/21


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Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Elegant Thread Carpet Care

265 Sobrante Way Suite S, Sunnyvale, 408-773-8624, 650-961-1339, http://www.elegant-carpetcare.com/

I highly recommend Elegant Thread Carpet Care.  We have used them for years.  A couple of Christmases ago they were able to get a red wine spill out of my white carpet!  

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 7/20/18, 8/6/18, 5/7/19

Larry Ruzzo, San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners

(408) 334-9411

I have used San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners for years. Larry comes in and looks at the situation and quotes you a price. If you elect to do the work he works very efficiently to provide excellent service.

Don H.; 2/15/19

Bill Corridan, Prestige Carpet Cleaning

(408) 448-2016

Bill is WG based, does an outstanding job and is a very nice man. He’s not cheap, but excellent.

Susan on Parkside; 5/6/19

John Vinson, Home Maintenance Systems


Carpet Cleaner Home Maintenance Systems is the best! I have used him for years, all my neighbors in Willow Glen have used him as well as my clients.  All have been very happy with the results. He can also stretch carpets!

Barbara on Hawkhurst Pl; 2/3/21, 8/30/21

Mark McDaniels, Action Brothers

(408) 779-9076

I’ve used Mark McDaniels with Action Brothers for 30+ years [for cleaning carpets]. It is a wet process but no strong chemicals or smells left behind. Just needs time to dry.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 2/3/21

Bret Furtado, Sapphire Steamer

https://www.sapphiresteamer.com/, 408-705-3315, service@sapphiresteamer.com

I recommend Bret Furtado who's right here local on Franquette.

Anand on Curtner; 2/4/21, 5/27/21


Bret is very professional, is Covid safe, his rates are incredibly reasonable and he does a beautiful job. He cleaned the area rugs outside on my driveway, and cleaned outdoor furniture cushions and they look like new. He also cleans tile and grout, upholstery and furniture as well as leather.

Ellen I.; 2/8/21

Detail Pros Plus

(408) 638-9776, http://www.DetailProPlus.com/

I highly recommend the Details Pros, a husband-and-wife team. They are honest, expert in all kinds of stains, hardworking, prompt and fair with their pricing. Highly recommend. I have used them many times for my clients and for my own home.

Karen on Blewett; 5/26/21


We did not use them for carpets: we use them for hard surfaces and they were amazing!! A number of my friends have used them for carpets and give them the highest reviews

Vivian on Glenn; 8/29/21


I've used Detail Pros…They did a fabulous job, and were reasonably priced, and super respectful of my property. I highly recommend them!

Robin on Hazelwood; 8/29/21


As per many recommendations on this list, I have Jillian and Arturo [at Detail Pro Plus]

cleaning my bathroom tile floors and a 20 year old carpet runner.  The white grout is now actually white!  And the carpet looks nearly new.  I highly recommend if you are looking for detailed, deep cleaning.

Margaret on Palm Haven; 11/11/21

Scooters Carpet Cleaners

(408) 398-6730

They … are very conscious about not using harmful products. They are so well prepared and after they completed the job, they brought in many blowers to help dry the rugs faster. Used to take 3 days to dry. Plus they were very moderate in their price. Definitely will use them again.

Carol on Mazzaglia;  5/27/22


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Security Systems

Sentry Alarm Systems

Monterey, (800) 424-7773

We are using Sentry Alarm Systems. They have been very helpful when our aging system has had hiccups. I don’t know if they service GE systems, but it is worth a try.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/1/21


Door-to-Door Security system sales– Scam!

...sales reps are working the area to install "free" security systems and upgrades to existing systems. They want to install systems same day. They prey on the elderly and disabled, and their reps lie about their contracts, making it difficult to cancel their services.

Wendy on Pine; June 1, 2010


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Solar Panels and Solar Energy

Cinnamon Energy Systems

1550 Dell Ave., Campbell, (408) 883-7000

Cinnamon Solar, very knowledgeable, ethical, and helpful.

Nancy on Willow Glen Way; 4/4/19

Freedom Solar

845 S. McGlincey Ln., Campbell, (408) 613-2300

I chose Freedom Solar because I wanted SunPower panels. Freedom Solar did an excellent job - dependable, efficient, and they worked with my existing system.

Nancy on Willow Glen Way; 5/1/19

Clean Solar

(888) 551-7652, https://www.cleansolar.com/

For what it is worth we just got solar panels without a battery from Clean Solar (they are local and amazing.) and it was around 15,000 after rebates. So maybe prices have gone down? 

Dina S.; 3/5/22


[We] highly recommend them! They're a nonprofit and… up to a third cheaper than profit companies. …they had 1-2 staff people who guided 3-4 volunteers…Their staff did all the electrical work which was inspected by the city and passed first time. They even sent me a check afterwards which was a surprise… because the price of the panels had dropped between the time of the quote and installation. [They] target low-energy homeowners w/ electrical bills of no more than $100/mo.--they exclude the gas part of your PGE bill… our 11 panels installed in 2016 came to $9300 before rebates. That zeroed out our electrical bill until we got our EV.  Now that we've added more panels we should be again be back to zero.

Vernon on Laurie; 3/7/22


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Gary Carnes


I have worked with Gary Carnes. He is very knowledgeable.

Brigette O.; 10/1/20


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Termite & Pest Control / Exterminators

Jay Samples, Delta Pest Control  

www.k9bugfinder.net, ph: 408-389-4225

Jay came out and gave us remedies for controlling Willow Glen rats. (do not know about the squirrels-we have dogs who chase them) We had to remove "food source" trees. We followed his suggestions and it worked. Highly recommend.

Gail on California; 4/10/18, 7/20/19

Steve Hebert, DFG licensed Trapper, Trap #64683

408-894-0247, 408-781-4367 cell

… Steve Hebert…knew exactly what to do with the sewer rat who had taken up residence in the empty house [we were watching]. At our house, we had a roof rat problem. He came and inspected the house and set up traps and closed all the entry points. Haven’t had a problem with the critters for years now.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 7/23/19


252 Hillsdale Ave., 408 978-0211

We’ve used Hydrex for over 40 years.

Nancy on Cottle; 11/7/19, 4/27/20

Swat Pest Control

Milpitas, 408-894-0247

We have used Steve Hebert from Swat Pest Control for many years.  He is very knowledgeable and can handle all kinds of pests.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/7/19

Robert, Assured Home Solutions


Our pest control guy referred us to the "rat whisperer"… Robert came in and took care of the problem and sealed up any point of entry, with a one year guarantee and returns without charge if the problem recurs.  He's amazing!

Claudia on Westwood; 4/28/20

Carlos, Rapid Rodent Removal


I had something similar.  It used to sound like a few critters playing a game of tag in my walls! Carlos was fast, used non-toxic materials, sealed/wired shut every opening into the house and had great customer service.  Highly recommend. 

Debra on Gerhardt Ave.; 4/28/20, 12/2/21

Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service


I used Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service to get rid of moles and have been very satisfied.  They were very professional and eradicated my mole problem.

Cliff R.; 7/17/20

First Choice Termite


They are a father-son company that I have used for 20-25 years in my real estate business. They are very thorough and very honest. I have seen them on numerous occasions explain to homeowners that this damage or that does not need to be repaired and why. They are happy to do the repairs, but will let you know if they don't think it's urgent or necessary. They do not rip people off or make up things that "need" to be done.

Susan on Gerald Way; 12/28/20

Killroy Pest Control

1175 Dell Ave, Campbell, 408-378-0441, (888) 669-3460, killroy.com

I have a great referral here. They are “on project” right now. They are very professional and thorough. I thought that their pricing was very reasonable considering the amount of work involved. It’s quite a process! They did great work [at my duplex] in 2014 and again now [at my house].

Suzanne on Cristina; 1/30/21


I second Kilroy. I’ve worked with them on some large projects and they did a great job.

Bob on Bird; 1/30/21


Killroy of Campbell did good work for us. First Choice folks seemed good too, found the same stuff on inspection, similar price. Killroy was a little clearer on the prep. Ours was complicated because one building was zero lot line, requiring work on neighbor’s property.

Barbara M.; 8/31/21

SOS Rodent Control

3561 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, (415) 539-0157

SOS pest control did a very good job on trapping and then analyzing and blocking up any entry ways into the house and garage.

Tina on Hillsdale; 7/8/21

RPM (Rude Pest Management)


Excellent rat exterminator helped me eliminate the places rats were entering my house and eliminate the ones that had gotten in.  They were recommended by a realtor friend and what a great recommendation.

Susan on Gerald; 7/8/21, 2/15/22, 5/8/22


We just had an uninvited visitor in our house, a rat!, and called RPM Pest Control based on  recommendations from the Elist. They are very nice and were out within a couple of days.  Inspected, covered some entry points and set traps. They’ll be back this week to check the traps.

Susan on Parkside; 5/7/22

Bay Area Rodent Solutions

645 E McGlincy Ln Suite A, Campbell, (877) 301-7826, https://bayarearodentsolutions.com/ 

We used Bay Area Rodent Solutions 7 years ago. No complaints, other than the service seemed a little expensive at the time. They were competent and they found and corrected all the ingress points. We have had no rodent issues since then.

Brian & Jane formerly on California; 12/2/21

Colin, Western Exterminators

(408) 478-6091, https://www.westernexterminator.com/san-jose/

We like Western Exterminators; Colin is our service technician, very friendly and always gives us a heads up before he comes out to spray.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 4/21/22

Server’s Pest Control

140 Kennedy Ave, Campbell,  (408) 374-0571

I’ve used Server’s Pest Control in Campbell. They also spray fruit and nut trees to prevent fungus.

Patty on Broadway; 4/21/22 


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Tile Repair & Installation


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Upholstery & Fabrics

Pat Randolph

(831) 336-5723

I have used Pat Randolph for all draperies and upholstering of chairs. She helps you select fabrics, and then has someone come pick up your pieces to be upholstered. We have been extremely pleased with all the work she has done.

Robin on Nevada; 3/16/19

New Millenium

1091 Foxworthy Ave., 408-625-0851

The owner Estella is very good with all.

Jan C.; 3/17/19

Alameda Upholstery Shop

275 Sunol St., (408) 295-7885

I was very pleased with the work at Alameda Upholstery Shop when they reupholstered my dining room chairs a few weeks ago.

Gerri on Altamont; 3/18/19

Detail Pro Plus Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

(408) 638-9776, https://www.detailproplus.com/

I just had Detail Pros, Jillian & Arturo, clean several upholstered chairs.  They were fantastic - very thorough and hard working.  I would certainly recommend them.  They also do Stone Care, Hard Surface Cleaning, Carpet Repair, and Tile and Grout Cleaning. 

Carol on Kiner; 7/7/21

Fabrics (oilcloth, printed vinyl)
Three Sisters

1393 Lincoln Ave., (408) 287-3720

Three Sisters on Lincoln Ave has an amazing selection of oil cloths and printed vinyls….

Robin on Nevada; 6/26/19

Furniture Repair
Andrew Church

(831) 818-8051

Andrew Church in Santa Cruz on Swift just off Mission/Hwy 1. I have used him myself and he’s great! He does all kinds of furniture repair. He’s been in business for over 25 years and comes highly recommended by many in this industry.
Sherri near Meridian and Foxworthy; 4/28/22


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Water Heater Repair

[see also: Plumbers]

Paul Makris

(408) 833-5411

I have someone for you [for installing a tankless water heater].

Julie M.; 8/16/20

Robert Moomau

1177 Branham Lane #152, SJ; 408-396-3837 http://moomauplumbing.com/

Moomau did a good and reasonably priced job replacing ours [water heater] when our old cheapie gave out. I understand there's been some disappointment in them lately, but Billy and Robert continue to do a good job for us.

Barbara M.



ABCO Plumbing

(408) 266-8912

I proactively replaced my 20 year old 75 gallon water heater with a 50 gallon and solicited several quotes from local plumbers. Given that it was a fairly challenging basement installation with some incorrect plumbing dating back to when it was first installed, I expected it to be expensive but was astounded at the range of prices quoted, from a high of $3500 to a low of $1650.  I used ABCO Plumbing in Campbell and they did a great job. They corrected the faulty plumbing, removed the old water heater and installed the new in about 5 hours. I recommend them.

Allan on California Ave.; 1/22/21


(408) 306-2451

Ray is an expert in tankless hot water heaters. He was recommended via Moomau. Ray is honest and very knowledgeable.

Karen on Blewett; 2/14/21

Jason, Water Quality Plumbing

(408) 267-9330, https://waterqualityplumbing.com/

We just got a 50 gallon Bradford White from Water Quality. It has some kind of recirculate feature that is supposed to keep calcium buildup to a minimum. We’ve had it a month and have always had hot water right away. Price including remove, replace, re-strap, update to code was approximately $2000-2100. We’ve been thrilled to have reliable hot water.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 11/28/21

Plumbtree Plumbing

(408)809-0863, https://plumbtreeplumbing.com

This week I had Plumbtree Plumbing replace my 20-year-old water heater which stopped working and started leaking, and fix some gas pipes. Very professional, conscientious and thorough. Not the cheapest, but excellent work. I highly recommend.

Rebecca on Newport’ 1/13/22

Water Heaters Only

(408) 279-8899, https://waterheaters-sanjose.com/

We used Water Heaters Only to replace a water heater a couple of years ago and were very pleased with service and quality of work. Clean, neat, efficient and reasonable price. I can wholeheartedly recommend … Water Heaters Only… for water heater replacements.

Brian formerly on California; 2/20/22

AAA Furnace

(408) 293-4717, https://aaa-furnace.com/

[When one of my water heaters started leaking, the plumber] noted it was probably still under warranty and recommended I contact the manufacturer... I had to go with the manufacturer's authorized dealer, which turned out to be AAA Furnace! They did a fantastic job. He did a great job, and … was neat and efficient. I can wholeheartedly recommend … AAA Furnace for water heater replacements.

Brian formerly on California; 2/20/22


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Water Softeners, Water Conditioners, and Filters

ML Johnson, Success Water Systems


[ML’s] terrific and I love our water system! We've had both soft water and a highly efficient reverse osmosis system for years now. Great tasting water and no water spot issues anymore. Very high quality equipment. It's been trouble free!! I wouldn't go with anyone else.

Terri on Franquette; 3/6/19

Rayne Water Conditioning

2941 Daylight Way, 408-754-9200

They were efficient, courteous, priced reasonably, and reliable.

Carol on Prevost St.; 3/15/19


I had Rayne for ages and was totally happy. They are responsible for the upkeep. Rayne is in Willow Glen. I would use them again and forget "owning" a soft water unit.

Gail on California; 5/4/21

Success Water Systems

380 Carrol Ct, Brentwood, (800) 287-8798


Gail on California; 5/4/21

Bottled Water
Water Spring

2644 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, (408) 296-8918, http://waterspring.com/

My go to store is “Water Spring” across from the Santa Clara Library. I have only purchased distilled from them on rare occasions, but I do know they have that option. I regularly go there for my drinking water refills. They are great people, safe and load up bottles in your car.

Kathi on Cherry; 1/29/22


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 (also see Curtains & Blinds; also see Glass)

Sheets Enterprises

(408) 292-1132

I have used Dave Sheets to make windows and frames.  

Lisa on Plaza; 5/25/22

 Window Repair (Sash Windows)

(408) 590-4782

Yes, Valereano knows what he’s doing and very reasonably priced. 

Karen on Blewett; 6/23/19

Sheets Enterprises General and Electrical Contractor, Custom Cabinets and Millwork

24 Sutter Street, San Jose, 408-292-1132

I ended up hiring Sheets Enterprises, at the recommendation of several e-listers. Everything has transpired at a decent pace and, so far, to my satisfaction.

Lise on Malone Road; 7/12/19

Window Screen Repair
The Mobile Screen Guys

(408) 750-4600, http://www.themobilescreenguys.com/Contact.html

I used The Mobile Screen Guys in 2014 and the repaired screens are still looking great.  They gave me an option to get "pet-proof" screening, which I did for my door screens, and they have held up well with my mellow cat, a foster kitten who liked to climb screens, and the occasional dog visitor.

Lisa on Crescent Drive; 9/18/20


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Window Washers / Blind Cleaner / Window Cleaners

Sparking Clean Service; Peter Reeves

408.497.3758; peter.reeves@comcast.net

I would highly recommend Sparkling Clean Window Washing, Peter Reeves. They did a great job!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 10/12/20

Javier, Spectacular Windows


I just had Javier/Spectacular Windows clean my windows. He was efficient and thorough. My windows shine! I am hooked and highly recommend him!

Joyce on Padres; 5/17/21

Gabe Santa Cruz


Yes! Gabe Santa Cruz is still washing windows and I also recommend. It’s just him so you may have to leave a message and he will call you back.

Margaret on Palm Haven; 8/7/21

Gerardo Tzul, Clear View Windows

(408) 449-7174

He did a super job as he was friendly, very courteous, reliable, thorough, hard-working, and reasonably priced. In short, I strongly recommend him. He also does Christmas lights (not yet, please) and power washing.

Greg on Camino Pablo; 8/24/21


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Landscape / Yard Care

Bees and Bee Removal

Steve Demkowski, Willow Glen Honey

Cell 408-640-3125, Office 408 723-5411, www.willowglenhoney.com

He lives in WG. I had a problem a few years ago & Steve came out with his bee boxes & safely removed them. He is terrific!

LiAnne on Prevost; 3/12/19


Steve lives in Willow Glen and his bees make the honey from our flowers! His honey is not exposed to "pest" strips which some bee keepers use to get the mites that may be on bees. He works with 4-H. You can also call him and get his honey.

Gail on California; 4/11/19


Contact Steve Demkowski. He's in Willow Glen. Willow Glen Honey. He runs the beekeeping programs at Happy Hollow and works with the 4H girls.. He is AMAZING!!!!

Robin on Nevada; 8/8/19

Mike Stang, Stang’s Apiaries


I've talked to this apiarist and he is very good.

Mely C.; 5/14/19

Deb Conway, GirlzWurk

408-373-0454, http://girlzwurk.com, debuwant@earthlink.net.

Wonderful lady, we would highly recommend her. She relocated bees without harming them. I have seen her putting a lot of efforts. Also she didn't charge us for it.

Aditi L.; 7/26/19, 8/9/19

Bee Keeping

For Santa Clara County. Friendly people. Wonderful education.

Gail on California; 4/28/22


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Concrete & Cement; Sidewalks

Metro Concrete


Try Metro Concrete. I have used them for several projects and they always do a great job.

Bob on Bird; 7/28/20

Ernesto Rodriguez


I recently worked with Ernesto Rodriguez. He was terrific to work with. Great communication & execution. Very fair pricing as well.

Brigette on Glenkirk Court; 11/12/18, 5/8/21

Chris Bearden, CB Concrete

http://www.cbconcrete.com, (408) 354-3484

Had a very good experience with CB Concrete on my sidewalk. The owner, Chris Bearden, explained things well. Watching the work was educational -- properly doing concrete is more complex and precise than it looks! They are licensed, bonded, and pay workers' comp:

Curt G.; 3/30/19 

Pacific Concrete

(408) 286-4478; 1494 Cherry Ave

I had a small job- driveway cut out to the street.  He was the only concrete company that called me back.  Great job and good price.

Lisa on Coe; 2/5/21

Antonio Hernandez, New Era Concrete

408 665 2511, 25neweraconcrete@gmail.com

I want to give a shout-out to the company who recently replaced our sidewalks that were tagged by the city. This is a small company…listed on the approved City contractors list. Antonio responded to my request for an estimate quickly and completed the work two weeks after the first contact. His price was very competitive. I'm very happy with the finished work.

Lorraine on Newport Ave.; 2/24/21

Andy, Stehr concrete

408 386-6281

[recommended by]

Debbi on Hazelwood; 3/16/21

Sergio Aguayo


Sergio Aguayo replaced ours and a friend’s. He did a great job. His wife Vivianna is bilingual; he’s dominant Spanish. Nice people too.

Carol L.; 5/7/21


Notes on sidewalk repair

Last year, I finally faced up to the fact that my sidewalk was hazardous -- so I called the City and asked for an inspection. The inspector was friendly and took the time to explain things.


You can easily use a ruler to check your sidewalk against the City's safety criteria.  Mine did not meet the entirely-reasonable rules:


(I was inspired to check because I noticed an elderly neighbor with a walker having trouble on her daily walk -- despite being with a caregiver. She wasn't complaining, but the sidewalk was not very neighborly.)


The key info is here on the City website:

- Main page: http://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=275

- Q-and-A:  http://www.sanjoseca.gov/faq.aspx?qid=66


The City's objective is public safety, not appearance -- so they require only a minimum repair: replacing a few squares of concrete -- plus grinding the edges on some other existing squares.


How it works:


There are four alternatives:

1. You let the City hire a contractor and manage the project. These is an additional charge for the project management.

2. You hire a contractor from the City's recommended list.

3. You hire any licensed concrete contractor.

4. Do it yourself (i.e. hire someone who is not a contractor.)   You need to follow these specifications for a safe and long-lasting job that will pass inspection:  http://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?nid=3463


With any alternative, either you or the contractor pays for a permit to cover two inspection visits -- after the roots are cut and the forms are in -- and then a final inspection. They leave the final inspection report in your mailbox.



I picked choice #2 -- hired a contractor from the City's recommended list:


- Wanted a contractor fully experienced with the City rules and process.


- Wanted to work directly with the contractor to understand the alternatives. That paid off with CB Concrete, as described earlier.


- Decided to replace more than the minimum number of squares instead of grinding. Grinding would have removed the current safety hazards -- but would not have solved the overall roller-coaster problem caused by the previous street tree. (In my opinion, the exposed aggregate after grinding is ugly and not really as safe -- and won't solve any stray root problems that might linger under the squares that were ground.)


- Wanted to replace the 60-year-old front walk. Given all the hassle of construction and the "fixed cost" to do only the sidewalk -- Bobcat, demolition-and-haul-away crew, forms crew, transit-mix truck, pour, and several stages of finishing -- the incremental cost for the front walk wasn't that high.




- Don't panic on the 60-day requirement -- as long as you engage a contractor promptly and get on their schedule, you can ignore the subsequent computer-generated threatening letters from the City.


- Because contractors combine multiple jobs in each area, there will be a delay before your job starts. They pour multiple jobs in one area over a couple of hours -- in order to use a full transit mix truckload of concrete -- and their concrete finishers come back several times over a couple of days -- rotating several times between nearby jobs as the concrete sets.


- I notified my neighbors -- and blocked the street in front of my house the day before the demolition -- to ensure that no one parked there. <smile>


Watching the work was educational.  Properly-done concrete work is a lot more complex and precise than it looks!

Curt G; 10/12/14


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Rob Hutchinson, The Deck Pros

no longer in business.  (408.854.2829; http://thedeckprosca.com)


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Garden Maintenance / Gardener / Irrigation & Sprinklers / Lawns / Horticulturist

(see also Landscaping)

Aureliano Rueda

(408) 781-7624

I have a wonderful gardener who gardens by the season and knows his stuff. He has room for a few new clients and if you are interested you may surely use my name. Gardens by the seasons. He does not mow and blow

Jonica on Lansford; 11/16/18, 4/24/19


I second the recommendation for Aureliano.  He is our weekly gardener and does a fantastic job.  Very reliable and reasonably priced. He also hires out on Saturday for big jobs. He … just moved all his equipment to electricity power. Good for the environment and quiet in the neighborhood.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/29/18, 1/9/19, 6/15/19, 8/23/19, 7/17/20


Our gardener [Aureliano Rueda] has switched over to all electric equipment.  We have had him for years.  Prompt, reliable and reasonable rates.  He does multiple yards on our street.  His English is very good, and he has knowledge about many plants. 

William N.; 1/14/20


I got a couple of e-list recommendations for [Mr. Rueda] and he's very good.  He uses battery-powered electric equipment so it is much quieter than gas powered and doesn't put out that awful exhaust.

Susan on Gerald; 4/24/20, 9/10/20

Luis Castro


For years, Luis has been doing "mow & blow" at my house, & also for neighbors -- I've been pleased with his work & the price.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 3/12/19

Omar and Mario

(408) 828-6694

We love our team. Two professional gentlemen. Speak English. They go out of their way.  For example the Boston ivy went crazy and grew on the ground, instead of the fence. They pulled that all out. Without being asked. I like to make them coffee when I think of it.

Lynn on Clintonia; 9/5/20

Gabriel Moran


Gabriel Moran helps us out and he does a great job with all the items that we ask him to take care of in his visits above mow and blow. He speaks English and you can even send him texts with images of the plants and what you'd like him to do the next time he comes over and he gets it done without fail.

Anand on Curtner; 9/30/20

Javier Hernandez

408 483-5926.

Did my flowering plums and fruit trees. Reasonable, efficient and left no waste.

Peter and Kathy; 3/6/22

aerating and lawn aeration
Mrs. Greenlawn

140 Kennedy Ave., Campbell, (408) 374-3344

We use Mrs. Greenlawn for aeration, fertilizing, detaching, reseeding when needed.  They have everything on a schedule and keep track of what you need.  Neat and clean and reliable.  Not sure if they will do a one-time visit, but they are definitely worth a call.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/25/18, 5/7/19

Steve Burchinal

(408) 978-5296

Steve has been our go-to guy for many years, just did our lawn on Monday.

Claudia on Westwood; 5/8/19

David, Perfect Green Landscaping


I use Perfect Green Landscaping for aeration. I’m pretty sure that’s all they do. They’ve been doing my yard for years. They aerate and fertilize and it makes a huge difference.

Patty on Broadway Ave; 9/22/21

Lee Del Canto


Lee Dal Canto has helped us with sprinkler repair for several years and has always done a great job! 

Carolyn on Winona; 6/24/19


The best sprinkler repair guy in town is Lee Del Canto

Karen on Blewett; 6/24/19


Us too! Great guy & very knowledgeable.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 6/24/19


[Lee del Canto also recommended by]

Nina on El Rio; 6/2/20


[Lee Dal Canto also recommended by]

408.266.3333, Cell-408.221.4350

Bernard G.; 3/3/22

Landscaping – Succulents
Dig Gardens

420 Water Street, Santa Cruz

Absolutely charming place to get all kinds of succulents. A favorite.

Gail on California; 5/8/19

Succulent Gardens

2133 Elkhorn Road, Castroville, (831) 632-0482, info@sgplants.com

Succulent Gardens is incredible. They have more than you can imagine. Well worth the drive.

Leslie on Crescent; 5/8/19

Central Wholesale Nursery

1670 McKinley Ave., (408) 280-1131

Don’t forget Central Nursery off of Southwest Expressway.  I was there two days ago, and they were looking good.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 3/29/21

Capitol Wholesale Nursery

2938 Everdale Drive, 408-239-0589

In spite of their name they are also retail. They will also special order - I think they have large selection and great quality.

Tina on Hillsdale; 3/29/21

Yamagami’s Garden Center

1361 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, (408) 252-3347, https://www.yamagamis.com/

Yamagami's Nursery in Saratoga is my go-to place for advice on fruit trees.

Nancy on Cottle; 5/3/21


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Fences & Fencing

Jesus Cuevas


My fencer [Jesus Cuevas] is awesome! Highly recommend! Beyond fencing, he does beautiful gates!

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 5/7/21

Noble Fencing

1852 Almaden Rd, (408) 448-4904

Dylan was very responsive, prompt with his proposal, very easy to get a hold of, flexible in scheduling and the fence is beautiful.  Also, his pricing was very reasonable.  Workers were on time, left my yard clean and did top notch work.  I highly recommend them for fencing work and would use them again.

Becky on Lennon Way; 7/16/18, 5/31/21

Josh Galvan, Galvan's Fencing


A friend of mine has had three fence jobs performed by Josh Galvan. Excellent job. My friend and both of his neighbors are very pleased. Courteous and careful crew. Precise layout of new fence. Thorough cleanup. Clear diagram and quotation. Handled the cost split between neighbors.

Curt G.; 2/14/20


Josh and Galvan Fencing did an excellent job for us as well!  Competitive pricing, and was able to come weeks before the other companies.  The fence is beautiful and was built in one day.

Larry (on Willow); 5/2/19

Alphonso Mier

(408) 835-4902

He and his nephew tore out the bad wood, built a small retaining wall and then redid the fence, gates, and posts that were bad. I couldn’t be happier with the work. He was prompt, cleaned up after the job and it looks great. He is very reasonably priced.  I highly recommend his work.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 7/18/20


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Landscaping, Landscape Architects & Garden Design

(see also Garden Maintenance/Lawns/Irrigation)

Jorge Santis


We couldn't have been happier with [their work] (masonry, carpentry, planting, sprinkler systems…). Jorge was responsive, prompt, communicative, reliable, honest, fair, and incredibly hard working. …we ended up paying about a third of what it would have cost otherwise.  I strongly recommend him.

Greg on Camino Pablo; 8/8/19

Norm Ugai, Cal Landscaping (aka Curb Appeal Landscaping)

(408) 629-5073; www.Calandscaping.net

Norm at Cal Landscaping is wonderful! He and Randy will work within your budget & you will love them!!

Val on Norval; 1/26/20


[Cal Landscaping] were great. Took our old grass, overgrown front yard, and driveway and replaced it with native drought tolerant plants and dry creek beds. The driveway, patio, and front porch were completely redone with beautiful pavers, expertly designed and laid. They’re easy to work with, show up every day, and are very responsive. We would work with them again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend them.

DeDe on Simpson; 2/23/21


I second Norm at CAL Landscape! They just finished our landscaping job and were great to work with.  His crew was absolutely wonderful to work with, and were always on time and cleaned up after each day of work. The communication from their first visit to completion was great. I would also use them again in a heartbeat! 

Linda on Lambert; 2/23/21

Jody Stix Garsia

831-464-3652, jodylandscapedesigns.com

She has done landscape design for us for two houses. She listens to your ideas, works collaboratively, brings extensive knowledge and creativity, and translates all of this into wonderful plans. We are very happy with what she did. I would be happy to talk more if that would be helpful….

Laura W.; 1/2/21

Kim Leichner, KL Designs LLC


For our landscaping project, we used [Kim Leichner]. She was great, but I should warn you that she is (or was, pre-COVID) very busy and we had to wait several months for her to have cycles.

Andrew S.; 2/21/21

Raul Rivera


I have used Raul Rivera for brick work (front walkway and patio) and he's actually coming next week to lay some flagstone and put some plants in for me (after tearing the grass out of the strip along the sidewalk and curb).  He does great work and prices are quite reasonable.

Suzanne on Cristina; 4/2/21

Hardscaping & Rocks; Paving
South Bay Materials

1781 Angela St., (408) 977-1855, https://southbaymaterials.com/

Great family owned business right in Willow Glen!

Kathi on Cherry; 8/29/19


We've been getting our materials at South Bay. U-Save on King Road has a greater selection, but it's worth checking South Bay first to see if they have what you want. It's just across 87 from Willow Glen Way and Almaden Rd.  Nice people.

Barbara M.; 8/30/19

Peter Svansson, President, Discount Paver Pros

171 Main Street, Suite 659, Los Altos, 650-946-8180

We had these guys do our backyard last year and they were fantastic! They broke up and cleared our concrete patio and installed pavers and a fire pit. We are super happy with the work. They were clean, friendly, fast and efficient. Give them a call and tell them Tofoi on Cedarwood recommended them.

Tofoi on Cedarwood; 9/10/19

Black Diamond Paver Stones and Landscaping

1975 Hamilton Ave Ste 5, San Jose, CA 95125; (800) 942-1955; BlackDiamondLandscape.com

Family owned and operated since 2004, Black Diamond has an A+ Rating by the BBB [and] thousands of 5-Star Reviews.  Black Diamond’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, service, warranties, and guarantees. We work with “Experts Only” to ensure you receive superior craftsmanship at the best value for your investment.

Black Diamond is committed to 100% client satisfaction, is fully licensed and insured [License # 841042], and offers some of the longest warranties in the industry – including a 27 year warranty on paver installation, 10 year warranty on synthetic lawn or pergolas, and a LIFETIME warranty on paver stones. 

** self-recommendation **

Jeff Blaisdell,  Project Design Specialist, (408)489-2741; jeffb@blackdiamondlandscape.com, 2/1/21


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Swimming Pool Service

Premier Pool and Spa


We have used them for more than 12 years. At first we only had a spa, but now we have a pool and spa. They do a great job, and can also do repairs, drain and fill, etc… Tell Frank Robin Marino referred you if you contact them.

Robin on Nevada; 5/1/19

Freedom Pool Services


I have been using them for several years without any complaints, and their service and pool maintenance calls are reasonably priced. This past summer they were quick to respond and schedule repairs, helping me restore my pool equipment when it suddenly and unexpectedly failed.

Julia on Westgate; 1/8/20


I also highly recommend Freedom Pool Services. They are quick to respond and we’re able to troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues with our pool as well.

Debbie on Kiner Ave.; 1/8/20

Swimming Pool Tile Repair
Mary Sue/Jonathan, Corby Pools Service & Repair


They really know their stuff and are really responsive!

Sue on Minnesota Ave.; 7/31/20


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Trees; Tree Trimming; Arborist

Aly's Tree

(408) 280-6545

Aly and his crew were able to repair the damage done when PG&E had mangled our camphor trees.  They also did an excellent job of shaping and rejuvenating our sprawling ancient walnut tree.  Quick, with excellent clean-up.  A happy repeat customer!

Larry (on Willow); 2/8/21

Bartlett Tree

882 Camden Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, (408) 358-7888; bartlett.com

Their ISA Certified Arborist, Sean Davis, explains things very well and showed why some work I was considering was unnecessary. They use a bucket truck where possible instead of climbing -- which allows them to do a much more careful, thorough job. Saves money because the tree doesn't have to be re-done every year.  The Bartlett crew also did a removal in an extremely tricky location, got the oak tree off the power/phone/cable wires on the pole, and patiently untangled my fruitless mulberry.

Curt; 9/3/19, 2/25/20


+1 for Bartlett Tree Service. Their arborist is Sean Davis and is very friendly and knowledgeable. Pricing is reasonable as well. I wouldn't allow PG&E anywhere near trees I care about.

Neal J.; 4/30/20


Bartlett has become my go-to tree service.

Barbara M.; 10/23/20


I also use Bartlett Trees regularly, and I really appreciate the professionalism of their arborist, Sean Davis, and the crew. They just trimmed our large live oak, two sycamores and a holly tree at my home.  When I expressed that the oak tree seemed to have not been trimmed as symmetrically as I expected (my tree hangs over a neighbor's yard too), they came back within 2 business days and remedied the situation, and then followed up AGAIN to make sure I was pleased with the work. I continue to highly recommend Bartlett.

Lisa on Crescent Drive; 10/23/20


I’ve used Barlett Tree Service for about 40 years. They have been able to help me with a large variety of trees and services. Sean Davis is the best. He and his crews work hard to make sure the customer is satisfied with their work. Their pricing is fair. I recommend them highly.

Casey on Minnesota; 10/23/20


[Bartlett] came out and analyzed for free. Gave us suggestions. We fixed the problem. They came and fertilized and treated the tree. $100. It saved the tree. They will come for maintenance. I have used them for many trees. Highly recommend them.

Gail on California; 8/9/21


I also recommend Bartlett Tree Experts. Bartlett’s team recently pruned back 4 of my large Birch trees plus 2 smaller trees to reduce the canopy, which can prevent falling branches / storm damage. 

Julia on Husted; 5/16/22

Don Needles, A-1 Tree Service

408 448-6408

We just had A-1…do a large job in our yard today. We are over the moon with all aspects of the job. Don Needles owns the company and he lives locally as does his mom...my inquiry call was immediately returned… the agreed upon price was more than reasonable… I would rate all aspects a 10+

Lynn on Clintonia; 8/8/19


I learned … that Don … brought his ladders and fearless employee Oscar to rescue a kitten stuck up a tree in William Street Park [FREE]. … hired for a real job (not an easy one, to remove such a huge tree and stump) and they did it well for a reasonable price. They also do trimming and pruning… lives in WG…

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/13/20

A Plus Tree service

(866) 815-2525, https://aplustree.com/

[Cat Rescue] I’m happy to report … that the tree company came over after another job in the area and got the kitty out of the tree! If anyone needs any tree work - definitely look into them. They are a very considerate and conscientious company!

Tanya on Clark St, 2/8/20


We have used [A Plus] for tree service also. Great work and friendly.

Rene on Marcia, 2/8/20


A-Plus Tree Service are the best. Price was the best and arborist did the work.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 10/24/20

Torby Piceno


Torby Piceno trimmed my 50 year old tree several years ago. My tree is in decline. He shaped and thinned to encourage growth on the sparse side. He knew that it is a zelkova. His prices are very reasonable. Too many trees are being hacked by unskilled people with chainsaws.

Pam on Wren; 6/13/20, 5/16/22

Jose Villalobos


My gardener does a great job pruning trees and other extra work. He is prompt and courteous and work is excellent.

Gerri on Altamont; 10/1/20

Koala Tree Service

(831) 239-7023 or (408)540-7123

Koala Tree Service is awesome.  Responded quickly to a fallen large pine tree limb.  Arborist took the lead and was thorough, responsive, fair priced and followed up in person a few days later to ensure there were no lingering issues.

Priscilla S.; 10/26/20

Andrew Perez

1244 Minnesota Ave., (408) 469-1721

We are currently (today) using Andrew Perez, 1244 Minnesota Avenue, San Jose.  He has done two others on our block and everyone has been happy with his work. 

Linda H.; 5/16/22

Tree Removal
McDermott's Tree Service

We have used them for tree trimming, removal and replacement.

Bob on Bird; 2/17/21 


Notes on tree services

Whoever you hire...

There are two quick online checks that you should make on any tree service.  The "license numbers" and text on business cards or painted on trucks may not be accurate or current.


1. Check that someone who claims to be an "arborist" really is one.

Unless it is a complete removal, there is a lot more to proper tree work than just sawing away.



2. Check that you are hiring a licensed contractor -- and that they have workman's comp insurance.

One trick that some contractors (of all kinds) pull is to have a license but claim that they have no employees -- to avoid the cost of insurance.

Then they show up with a crew.

You don't want an accident to go against your homeowners insurance.



(One supposed contractor had a business card with the license number of a defunct plumbing company in LA. It wasn't just a typo -- I searched for him very carefully by "Personnel Name" on the State website. He had no license.)

Curt; May 9, 2013


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Medical / Dental / Health Care


Lokahi Acupuncture

1688 Willow St. #B, (408) 279-9001, http://lokahiacupuncture.com/

I can highly recommend Lokahi Acupuncture on Willow Street, near Meridian. I've had treatments with a variety of the acupuncturists and they were all great.  They all work a little differently and have their own specialties that can be tailored to what you need. Good luck!

Claudia on Westwood; 1/10/19

Dr. Julie Tran-Olive, Silicon Valley Natural Health 

5595 Winfield Blvd Suite 106, (408) 792-7229, https://www.svnaturalhealth.com/

My colleague Dr Julie Tran-Olive … is tremendous! She's helped my entire family with a wide variety of acupuncture and wellness needs. An added bonus, she's also a licensed Naturopath. I highly recommend Dr Julie! And the others at SVNH!

Terri on Franquette; 1/13/19


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Allergy & Asthma Associates of Northern California

393 Blossom Hill Rd #315, (408) 281-7400

I highly recommend Allergy & Asthma Associates of Northern California (offices on Moorpark & Blossom Hill).  I have seen Dr. James Wolfe for many years, but I hear that all the doctors there are excellent.

Patti (formerly on Jonathan Ave); 2/10/21


Plus one for Allergy and Asthma Associates. Dr. Torrano has been thoughtful, creative and entirely focused on making me feel better.

Elissa M.; 2/10/21


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Dr John Kao

2400 Samaritan Dr #200, 408-427-8825

My husband and a friend’s husband are very happy with him. His office is across the street from Good Sam.

Kim D.; 2/15/22

Andrew Kwa, Apex Cardiology of Silicon Valley

2400 Samaritan Drive, Ste 200, 408-369-7500

I've been working with Dr. Andrew Kwa for about a year. I like him and his staff. OK to quote. They're on Samaritan Drive.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 2/15/22


We second Apex. John Kao MD In the same office is my and a friend’s husband’s cardiologist.

Kim D.; 2/15/22


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Familiar Surroundings Home Care

(408) 979-9990

Wonderful & family run - Mike is my contact person - his wife & mom are both RN’s. They do short shifts too- and lots of work with our veterans!!

Val H.; 1/10/20

Heide Coor

heidecoor@gmail.com, 408.781.0972

I’m happy to again recommend Heide Coor, who is still currently caring for my neighbor, but her hours are winding down and she’s looking for another position. She is a terrific caretaker, speaks English, drives and can handle a two-story house. She was recommended by another e-list person years ago.

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 1/12/20


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Dr. Hoffman JR, Chiropractic solutions

1885 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, 408-370-2190

[Dr. Hoffman is] available on the weekends and always available for emergencies. Office has friendly staff and a sweet black Labrador retriever dog too. They also worked with me when I had changes to my insurance. Reasonable prices.

Leslie on Ramona; 4/10/20

Dr. Cree Guardino, C2 Living Well

1076 Meridian Ave., 408-265-2663, https://www.drcree.com/

I've been going to Dr. Guardino on and off for years.  She's terrific!

Regan on Jansen; 8/4/18, 1/18/19, 6/4/20

Dr. Jeff Jenkins, Jenkins Chiropractic

3591 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite B, 408-773-6913,https://www.wellnesschiropractorsanjoseca.com/ 

I love Dr. Jeff Jenkins, Aka Dr. Jay. He's got lots of great positive energy, has helped me immensely and has some fun tools and toys to help ease pain, relax muscles and feel well…. plus the usual chiropractor moves. No need or pressure to sign up for a costly "yearly plan" too.

Terri on Franquette; 1/18/19

Dr. Julie Henney

1101 S Winchester Blvd # P296, 408-261-2225

Highly recommend Dr. Julie Henney. We call her the miracle worker. She's a pressure not bone cracker chiropractor. She's on Winchester at Payne.

Patrick on Cherry Valley; 1/18/19


I also highly recommend Dr. Henney. Her method is called directional non-force technique. She has helped me immensely over the years. 

Sara on Michigan Ave.; 1/19/19

Dr. Erich Razz

286 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell, 408-379-6100, https://www.chiropractorcampbell.com/

There is a great and very experienced local chiropractor who is open for acute patients like you right now. I've known him for a while, and I am impressed with his compassion and breadth of knowledge. 

Carol on Curtis; 4/11/20, 6/3/20

Adam Fields, Fields Family Chiropractic

(408) 274-2244, https://fieldsfamilychiro.com/

I had severe lower back pain effectively addressed by Dr. Adam Fields in April.  He has an office in Los Gatos and one in South San Jose.

Lisa on Crescent; 6/3/20

Dr. Heather Shaw, Nova Chiropractic Center for Optimal Health

844 Jackson St, Santa Clara, 408-249-0382

She is amazing. Her knowledge of the human body goes well beyond the normal chiropractic knowledge of human body structural systems. I've been to quite a few chiropractors over the years and she is in a different league. I had bulging disks in my neck that were causing me high levels of pain in my neck and back. She was able to bring me back to where I could function normally with only minor discomfort. I highly recommend her.

Brian (formerly on California); 6/3/20, 1/21/21

Dr. Mandy McManis


I also have a traveling chiropractor who does visit me in San Jose on occasion.

Julie on Creek Drive; 1/12/21

Dr. Zach

on Piedmont in Oakland”, 530-351-2181

If you have a more specialized problem.

Julie on Creek Drive; 1/12/21


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College Counselors
Got College


I would highly recommend “got college”, it is a series of workshops with peers as well as one on one counseling. (And less expensive than a one on one counselor) Very student driven so may or may not be what you’re looking for.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 8/2/19

Sabra Cossentine, A College Entrance Solution

(831) 425-5009

We were very happy with Sabra Cossentine from A College Entrance Solution. I randomly sat next to her on a plane and booked her based on a nonstop discussion from LA to SJC; the guidance she gave my kid was great (though ultimately ignored by the kid).

Elissa on Laurie; 8/2/19

Speech Therapists
CSLOT - Center for Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy


Suggesting CSLOT - Center for Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy.

Maria S.; 9/21/21


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(also see Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Pisacane, Willow Glen Dentistry

1245 Lincoln Ave., 408-293-9600

I absolutely love my dentist [Dr. Pisacane]... He loves being a dentist and does excellent quality work. He’s older and well established with all the latest modern equipment and necessary experience to be a great dentist. His office staff is also wonderful and parking is easy…

Holly on Jonathan; 11/18/19

Dr. Stason Shishido

2025 Forest Ave. Suite 3, 408 294-6624

I second the recommendation for Dr. Shishido. He has been our family dentist for 20+ years. He's a great dentist and has a wonderful staff. Is also a very nice guy!

Sara on Michigan; 10/7/20

Dr. Alana Lee


I recommend Dr. Alana Lee.  Dr Lee and her staff are wonderful.  She has also taken many steps to make sure her patients are safe and comfort.

Debbi on Hazelwood; 10/7/20

Dr. Daniel Araldi

19000 Cox Avenue, Suite A, Saratoga, (408) 257-5950

Highly recommend Dr. Daniel Araldi and his office.

Laura (formerly near Bird and Willow, now near Valley Fair); 10/7/20

Dr. Peter Lee

1688 Willow St., #A1, 408-412-3820, https://www.todaysdentistrysanjose.com/

I had 30 years of seemingly untreatable TMJ and Dr Peter Lee treated it successfully. It wasn't cheap but it would have saved me thousands had I just gone to him in the first place and not wasted the money with people who were not skilled in that area.

Katie on Cottle and Koch; 10/27/20

ACCU Dental

1180 Blossom Hill Rd., Ste 4


Tina on Hillsdale; 12/16/21

Hillsdale Dental

1660 Hillsdale Ave UNIT 130, (408) 404-8385, www.hillsdaledentalcare.com

I changed my coverage to return to Hillsdale Dental, who are very good.

Tina on Hillsdale; 12/16/21


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Jennifer Baron

123 DiSalvo Ave., Ste. A, (408) 418-8780

I highly recommend Jennifer Baron. She’s is extremely knowledgeable and up to date in various procedures. Check her out at jenniferbaronmd.com. Also does Mo’s Surgery.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 10/9/18, 10/31/19, 4/22/21


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Doctors (General Practice) / Physicians

(also see Allergists; also see OB-GYN; also see Medical Plans)

Dr. Kandula, Stanford Health Care

50 E. Hamilton Avenue, Suite 280, Campbell , 408-227-2646

I’ve been going to Dr. Kandula for years. I highly recommend her.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 8/16/20

Female Primary Care Doctors
Inderjeet Uppal, PAMF

1071 Blossom Hill Rd., (408) 445-4010

I see Inderjeet Uppal through PAMF.  She practices at the Blossom Hill Road location as well as Los Gatos.  Very happy with her as my primary care physician.

Lisa on Crescent; 2/5/19

Sailaja Bommakanti

50 E Hamilton Ave #200, Campbell, (408) 357-1425

I absolutely love Sailaja Bommakanti, a specialist in internal medicine with the Stanford group. Her office is on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell.

She’s warm, responsive, and an excellent diagnostician.

You won’t leave her office until she’s answered every question you have.

Nancy on Cottle ; 2/5/2019


I agree. [Sailaja Bommakanti is] a great doc. She was with San Jose Medical group. When she left for Stanford, I followed her.

Nina on El Rio; 2/7/19

Foot/Feet Doctor
Dr. Tom Elardo, Los Gatos Foot and Ankle


If Dr. Elardo is busy I would not hesitate to see any one of the doctors there; they are all great!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 4/26/19


I second that recommendation [for Dr. Elardo]

John K.; 4/26/19

Hand and Wrist Doctor
Eric Kagel

2505 Samaritan Dr #208, (408) 358-3555, https://www.erickagelmd.com/

I recommend Eric Kagel, MD - I've used him for in-office procedures and outpatient surgery, and I'm pleased with the results.

Elissa on Laurie; 2/16/22

William Wall

2120 Forest Ave #4, (408) 297-2012, https://www.williamwallmd.com/

I heartily recommend Dr. William Wall. He put my wrist back together when I slipped and fell like Humpty Dumpty. Two surgeries and about 8 months later and my wrist was good as new.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 2/16/22

Shoulders and Knee Joints
Dr. Delaney

14911 National Ave, Ste 3, Los Gatos, 408-402-5742, terencedelaneymd.com

I had my rotator cuff surgery 8 years ago by Dr. Delaney (he also does knee replacements). I highly recommend him as he is personable, good manner, highly experienced and knowledgeable. He also is in network for UHC.

Jim C.; 10/9/19

Sleep Aids
Oura Ring


FWIW, I started using an Oura ring to measure my sleep a week and a half ago. I bought it because I'm not a great sleeper and I find wearing watches and fitbits to bed uncomfortable. Their app is pretty nice, and I've already seen minor improvements in my sleep based on their analysis.

Andrea S.; 10/5/20


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Hearing Aides / Hearing Equipment

Pocketalker Ultra personal amplifier, around $140

A friend has severe [hearing] problems and isn't able to participate in conversations. Her son bought her this after a recommendation from palliative care. It's made all the difference in the world. It works with hearing aids or not. It has earphones to wear, and a mike. The amplifier is small enough to be worn around the neck on a lanyard or laid flat on a table at a restaurant. It works best for personal conversations, small group or television listening. She now can hear the doctor, and her  friends.

Janice on Coolidge; 12/13/19


6898 Raleigh Rd., (408) 908-7929

My husband has used the Costco at Cottle Rd for his hearing aids, with very good results, too.

Patti (formerly on Jonathan Ave); 2/10/21

Dr. Margaret Carter


My ENT is Dr. Margaret Carter. She is with Camino ENT. They have three different locations: one in South San Jose; one in Los Gatos, and one in Morgan Hill. They have audiologist right now at all locations.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 5/5/21


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Home Health Care / Hospice


(650) 283-1511

Yasmin (rhymes with Jasmine) worked for our parents for over 10 years. Yasmin was a loving, caring, honest, hard-working care-giver. Because of her personality, and willingness to do the best for the client, we would recommend her for anyone. … she said she would be willing to come to San Jose, especially for an overnight job.  Of course, driving down for just an hour or two wouldn't work for her.

Her current job is over so she is free to start with someone new. She will work either thru an agency, or as a independent hire.

Janice on Coolidge; 5/23/18, 12/2/19

Pathways Hospice

888-755-7855, https://pathwayshealth.org/locations/

We had Pathways Hospice in 2017 for my mil. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Janice on Coolidge; 10/8/21


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Massage Therapy


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Occupational Therapist - pediatric

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Dr. Gloria Wu

2550 Samaritan Dr., (408) 356-5553

She is excellent … and takes Medicare.

Rita on Mercer Ave.; 12/1/19


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Dr. Liane Rice, Vision Care Clinic

2730 Union Ave. Suite A, 408-377-1150, http://www.visiondiva.com/index.htm

My family goes to Dr. Liane Rice at Vision Care Clinic.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court, 3/10/20

Dr. Keith Kosakura

19998 E Homestead Rd, Cupertino, (408) 257-5262, https://www.keithkosakuraod.com

He combines traditional methods with advanced equipment. [He] doesn't touch your eye with a tonometer probe -- his machine uses a puff of air, doesn't need to dilate your eyes, looks with a flashlight but also takes digital photos to examine the interior of the eye. He explains things very well.

Curt G.. 3/10/20

Dr. Trainor or Dr. Nan, VisualEyes Optometry

1172 Lincoln Ave., (408) 283-7100, https://www.visualeyesoptometry.com/

Visual Eyes Optometry on Lincoln is fantastic. Dr. Trainor or Dr. Nan. Highly recommend.

Sara on Michigan Ave.; 11/19/21


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Oral Surgeon

(also see Dentist)


Advice from a practicing dentist

Anyone looking for an oral surgeon should have been referred by their general dentist. Their dentist should know the patient's specific needs and be sending the person to the most appropriate professional. By taking a referral from the elist you risk seeking care from the wrong professional. For example, of the docs listed above: [one] is a periodontist (gum and bone treatments). [another] is an endodontist (root canal treatments), …. Having a general dentist you trust is the first step to understanding the need for a referral and then getting sent to the proper professional, one that your general dentist has a good working relationship with and shares a similar practice philosophy with too. …

John on Michigan; February 16, 2011


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General information

I would encourage anyone who believes they or their children require orthodontic care should ask the opinion of their general dentist. You picked your dentist because he has a style and values you agree with, and he will steer you to an orthodontist who has a similar style and set of values. I have had patients ask their friends for a referral and then had to work with a doctor I don't know and do not have a clear working relationship with, and that can cause confusion and complications. You really can't make a mistake - all the orthodontists in our area are nice guys and good doctors.

John Pisacane, DDS on Lincoln; June 15, 2011


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Physical Therapist

Luc Nguyen

1081 S. Winchester Blvd.,  408-753-9988, https://www.specializedptsolutions.com/

I highly recommend Dr. Luc Nguyen of Specialized PT Solutions, located on Winchester South of Hwy 280.  He is the best!

Patti (formerly on Jonathan Ave); 2/12/21

Ben Turner, OPTM Saratoga

12980 Saratoga Ave, 408-973-7700, optmsaratoga.com

Ben has helped me with multiple issues over a number of years, including neck and lower back, knee and broken ankle. He is experienced, creative, and most importantly, evaluates and considers the whole person/whole body/systems and how everything working together (or not) needs to be addressed as part of the PT plan.

Laura previously near Bird and Willow; 2/11/21

Luc Nguyen

1081 S. Winchester Blvd, (408) 753-9988, https://specializedptsolutions.com/luc-nguyen%2C-pt%2C-dpt%2C-ocs

Luc Nguyen is an excellent physical therapist and I have seen him for a number of PT issues (knee, back, neck). They are located on Winchester between Payne and Williams.  I know other people who have seen Luc and also say good things about him.

Suzanne on Cristina; 6/18/21

Saba Kamal, Hands on Care

2242 Camden Ave., (408) 884-8361

When you're finished with your surgery or possibly before you have it, get a referral to Saba Kamal and/ or her staff... They are experts in Upper Extremity Therapy.  I went there for a few months after my wrist surgery. They are not wimpy there; they expect you to work to regain your range of motion. The results are definitely worth the hard work.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 2/16/22

Rehabilitation Facilities
Stonebrook Health and Rehabilitation

350 De Soto Drive, Los Gatos, stonebrookrehab.com, (408) 356-9151

A friend spent two weeks at Stonebrook in Los Gatos (a few blocks from Samaritan Hospital.)

I was impressed -- and he was pleased -- with the facility and the rehab staff.

Curt G.; 5/31/19


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Dr. Elardo

15100 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, 408-358-6234www.sjfeet.com 

I believe that Dr Meltzer has retired or is planning to soon. Dr Elardo is in the same practice and I highly recommend every one of them.

Elissa on Laurie; 9/13/19

Dr. Richard Meltzer

15100 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, (408) 358-6234, http://www.sjfeet.com/dr_meltzer.html

Dr. Richard Meltzer in Los Gatos is excellent. Good Luck!!

Carolyn on Winona; 9/13/19


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Senior Housing

(also see Senior Medical Care)


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Senior Medical Care / Caregiver / Adult Daycare

Maria Elena Olvera

669-377-2660, meugalde1@gmail.com

I would like to recommend Maria Olvera to help you with household and caregiving needs (children and eldercare). She was prompt, did a wonderful job and was a delight to get to know.  She has numerous references in the Willow Glen Area.

Susan on Parkside; 4/23/19

Mike, Familiar Surroundings

(408) 979-9990

(Mike is one of the owners) Licensed, bonded, family owned & operated!  [for Health Care – In-Home Care]

Valerie H.; 5/31/19

Care Indeed

419 E. Hamilton Ave, Campbell; Tel: (408) 728-6020; https://www.careindeed.com/campbell/

Care Indeed is doing an excellent job visiting a friend of mine for a couple of hours several days a week.  They provide very nice people who are immunized and masked.  The caregivers check in via smartphone app when they arrive and leave.

Their central monitoring center in Menlo Park  is open 24x7 -- and it really is.

Curt G; 5/6/22


Check to see if a home healthcare company is licensed -- and for issues:




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Airport Transportation / Shuttle / Taxis / Limousines


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Alterations / Seamstress / Embroidery / Tailor

Alterations By Ioana

840 Willow St #100 (southwest corner of Bird and Willow), 408-288-5091

I like and trust Ioana. I’ve had her hem items that were too complicated for me to do myself, like sweater sleeves retaining the knitted cuffs. She is pretty busy, though.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/17/19


Alterations by Iona at Willow and Bird does a great job.

Neal J.; 7/10/20


I second the referral to Alterations by Ioana. I have been bring things to her shop for about a year. She is very meticulous. She is very honest and reasonable with her pricing. For great work, reasonable prices and supporting a small business, Ioana’s is the place to go.

Casey on Minnesota; 7/10/20


I agree!!! Ioanna is THE BEST!  My daughters and Son-in-law have gone to her! 

Jessi on Crescent; 3/24/21

Rex Cleaners

60 Race St., (408) 292-0363

You can take them to Rex Cleaners on Race Street.  They have a seamstress who can do the job.

Jan on Glen Eyrie


Muia's Custom Tailoring

1375 Blossom Hill Rd #3806, (408) 266-5507

I highly recommend Muia's Custom Tailoring in the Princeton Plaza. She did a great job hemming two dresses that were heavy, clingy material. They came out great. Not sure about the one pin thing.

Patty on Broadway; ptoth@pacbell.net


Best Alteration

3155 S. Bascom, (408) 369-0850

I recommend Best Alterations as they have done many minor alterations for me and they are really pleasant and reasonable. Yes, you can bring in a dress with one pin as I have done many times, but its' better to stand for the pinning.

Gerri on Altamont; 7/10/20


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Banners & Signs; Silk Screening

Sign Gypsies

408 785-8755

Love Sign Gypsies! Judy does a great job.

Kirsten in Glenwood, 3/29/20


We used them and the turnaround was great, excellent communication, and the display exceeded any and all expectations. 

Christine on Madrona Ave., 3/31/20


We had used her service mid-February and couldn’t be more ecstatic of the outcome for our sons 21st Bday! 

Angela on Richland Ave., 3/31/20

Curtis Walker, Hillview Design Print Media

https://www.hillviewdpm.com/Contact, 408 454-8520

a friend of mine owns a local printing company that is providing customized graduation or business reopening banners AT COST (which is quite a savings), as a way to give back right now.  You might want to pass their contact info to your friend in Tiburon.

Carol on Curtis; 6/7/20


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1378 Lincoln Ave. (north of Minnesota, east side of street) (408) 292-8880 http://www.hicklebees.com/

Nationally renowned emporium of children's books.  They also serve grown-ups, are the local source of the Willow Glen Historic Walking Tour book, and can special order anything else.

Larry on Willow, 3/1/22

Book Binding
Beth Redmond


One of our neighbors, not on the elist, is a book binding expert.

Lise on Malone Road; 9/14/20


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Bicycles / Bike Repair

Mike’s Bikes

1180 Lincoln Ave; (408) 295-2453; http://mikesbikes.com/

On Lincoln, a block south of Willow.  Large, well-stocked store with friendly service

Larry (on Willow); 3/1/22

Trek Bicycle Store of San Jose

Plant Shopping Center, 111 Curtner Ave #80; (408) 264-2453; www.sanjosetrek.com

New location: in “The Plant” at Monterey Hwy. 

Larry (on Willow); 2/8/21


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Clock and Watch Repair


4975 Stevens Creek Blvd., (408) 247-6975

I always go to Watchcare on Stevens Creek, quick and painless.

Kathi on Cherry; 2/5/19

Mann’s Jewelers

1347 Lincoln Ave., (408) 287-7858

I always go to Mann's Jewelers, right on Lincoln. Quick, affordable, friendly staff, and they always offer me something to drink while I wait.

Tina on Monte Vista; 2/5/19

World Time

2233 Stevens Creek, (408) 248-9235

They’re very good.

Nina on El Rio; 7/5/21

Watch Battery Replacement
Willow Glen Diamond

1302 Lincoln Ave #102, (408) 993-1313, https://www.wgdiamond.com/

Lincoln across from La Villa. [$15] and the nicest group of women.

Karen on Blewett; 3/27/22

Mann’s Jewelers

1347 Lincoln Ave., (408) 287-7858, https://www.mannsdiamonds.com/

Mann’s jewelers on Lincoln Ave in WG replaces watch batteries. I’ve gone to them for years

Nina on El Rio; 3/27/22


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Computer Repair

Don Heinsen, Systems Engineer

(408)559-4000 or Cell: 408/580-6795; dhkybds@earthlink.net

[Don Heinsen]...he's a very knowledgeable and friendly one-man computer-repair company, a local resident who is available to help at apparently any hour of the day.  He can remove the hard-drive from your machine, connect it to one of his systems, and use numerous techniques to recover the data.

Larry (on Willow); 3/1/22  

Frank Bejan, MicroComp

1268 Lincoln Avenue, (408) 295-8050

… we've been going to Frank for years - he's awesome!

Taffy on Marshall Ave.; 8/31/20


It's been about 6 years since I needed help with a laptop, but I was very pleased when I consulted Frank  -- at that time, he was taking appointments only, so best to call first.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 9/25/20

Sure Computing

1390 Franklin Street, Santa Clara, 408-509-9273

A year ago I had a laptop problem. I had excellent and reasonably priced service from Sure Computing.

Lise on Malone Road; 2/12/19

Patrick Tam

408-431-2133, patrick0009@gmail.com

I can highly recommend Patrick Tam he has done work on both my PC and Apple laptop. If you request his services, let him know I referred you.

Joyce on Comstock Lane; 8/28/20, 10/1/20


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patrick at Willows Sr. Center, and he’s so knowledgeable and delightful I have to put in my recommendation, too. You couldn’t do better.

gerri at Altamont; 10/2/20

Click Away

457 E. McGlincy Ave., Campbell, 408-626-9400; clickaway.com

I highly recommend ClickAway for any computer repair work. They work on Microsoft or [Apple] Macintosh. You can take it in, or for a fee they will make a house call. They are great. No need for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 2/19/20, 10/28/21, 1/18/22


Clickaway on McGuinis in Campbell have saved several of my computers. Highly recommended.

Bruce off Lincoln; 8/26/20

Computer Cables
Bay Area Phone Doctor

1261 Lincoln Ave. #111, (408) 320-9115, http://www.bayareaphonedoctor.com/

[For Apple iPad cables] Go to the Phone Doctor near CVS in downtown WG. He's great and stocks what you need.

Nina on El Rio; 3/23/22

Computer Repair – Apple (Mac)

3191 San Luis Rey Ave., (408) 613-2889, macfixed.com

I just had my iMac worked on by MacFixed. Good work and fast. Lots of positive Yelp reviews well earned.

Carol L.; 10/7/19


We've gone with Alex at MacFixed.com. Very happy.

Bill on Husted; 2/17/20

Mobile Kangaroo


For the MAC I suggest Mobile Kangaroo. They just fixed mine. They are great with the Covid-19 safety protocols, too. They are an Apple Authorized repair shops and appointments are made through Apple.com

Bob on Bird; 9/23/20

ClickAway Computer, Phone, & Network Repair

457 E McGlincy Ln., (408) 626-9400, clickaway.com

We use in Campbell for our Macs. They always fix it and in record time.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 9/23/20

Tablet / eReader Repair
Bay Area Phone Doctor

1261 Lincoln Ave #111, (408) 320-9115, http://www.bayareaphonedoctor.com/

They wouldn't start work without telling you how much. They have never tried to upsell me nor even sell me anything at all. From what I've seen, relationship building is far more important to them. Like a lot of long-time WG businesses, their trustworthiness and friendship is probably what's kept them in business this long.

Taffy on Marshall; 4/20/21


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Consignment, Antiques, Second-hand


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Crafts and Hobbies; Arts and Crafts Supplies


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Dry cleaners / Laundry Services

Rex Cleaners

60 Race Street, (408) 292-0363

We have been using Rex Cleaners on Race Street for years.  It is family owned, reasonably priced, and they do excellent work.  They even cleaned my daughter’s wedding dress and had it hermetically sealed for storage.  They have a very capable seamstress that can fix almost anything.

Jan on Glen Eyrie Ave.; 3/9/19, 3/1/22

Marco Polo

918 Bascom Ave close to Fruitdale Ave.

I needed an industrial washing machine to launder my queen size mattress pad cover. Beatrice who is the owner?/manager did the service for me.  It cost $20.00 which I thought was reasonable.  I highly recommend Marco Polo Laundry.  The facility is very clean and Beatrice is great.

Carol on Kiner; 5/27/20

Dry Cleaners (Leather)
Rex Cleaners

60 Race St., (408) 292-0363

I suggest if this is the first time [you are] getting your coat dry cleaned and not sure then [you] must go in the morning and talk the owner yourself. He gives a honest opinion of do-ability as well as price. They do a darn good job of dry-cleaning of one-of-a-kind clothing.  

Anu on Dry Creek ; 1/12/19


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Estate Sales / Estate Buyers / Whole House Clearance

SilverLeaf Antiques Estate Liquidation

207 Lincoln Ave., (408) 286-0404, www.SilverLeafAntiquesOnline.com, Info@SilverLeafAntiquesOnline.com

We used them and were very pleased.  They were professional and walked us through the whole process.  Once we made some decisions, they handled the whole thing for us.  It took a lot of the stress out of the process. We worked with Rick Phelan at that time.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 6/26/20

Something to Sell About


[They are] located in Oakland but they do business all around the Bay Area. They…were very helpful. They have a warehouse/showroom, but they also do on-site sales for estates. In my case, he picked up the estate items we had placed in a storage unit and took it back to the shop they had at the time. We negotiated an anticipated price for what things would sell for, and he sent me checks every month. He has been in business for decades - he knows the salable value of items. He recently handled a sale for a friend of mine and her experience was similar. I highly recommend them.

Peggy on GEA; 11/7/20

Amanda Kuzak, Kuzak's Closet


I believe Kuzak's Closet provides that service.

Barbara S.; 11/9/20

Cindy Hofen, Managing Moves and More

(650) 450-0928, https://www.managingmoves.com/

Try “Managing Moves and More”. They were wonderful to work with when I moved. 

Carol on Gaton; 2/20/22


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Exercise Class / Gymnastics


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Framing (art & pictures)


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Furniture Shops

Mattress Stores
Nick, Mattress Firm

1558 S. Bascom Ave., (408) 377-8450

The manager was patient and helpful and they offer to beat other stores' prices by 10%. So I told him the mattress I liked best, he looked it up online and showed me the ones they had that were comparable, explaining the slight differences. They also had very quick delivery and took away the old mattress set.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/13/19


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Mariette Fruit Chocolates

1268 Lincoln Avenue 

[recommended by]

Larry on Willow, 3/1/22

Candy Making Supplies
The Sugar Table

2287 Lincoln Ave., (408) 978-9740(?)

I took in a decorative sugar Easter egg my mother made in 1960 that had been damaged. Toni … lovingly fixed it. You'd never know it had any damage. And…she wouldn't let me pay for the repair! Wow! And I want all of my neighbors to know she's the kind of woman we should all support.

Rebecca on Newport; 5/24/19


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1608 Las Plumas Ave., 408-933-3608

…a new and spacious 2nd-hand and surplus hardware store: doors, windows, appliances (e.g., fridges and cooktops from a motel remodel), furnishings, new odd-lots of nuts-and-bolts, plumbing, play houses, ..., at low cost, w/ proceeds supporting Habitat for Humanity.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/22

The Outdoor Supply Hardware (formerly OSH)

on Blossom Hill and Meridian

Bought an outdoor patio heater which came in pieces in a box at 9:30 on a Saturday.  They (Josh and Duane)  put it together for me and I brought it home by 4:00.

Carol on Prevost St; 10/27/20


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Holiday Lights Installation & Christmas Tree Decorations

Holiday Lights, Inc.

192 Morris Lane, Campbell, 408-384-9627, HolidayLightsBayArea@gmail.com

We have had Holiday Lights, Inc. hang our Xmas lights for many years now.  They are careful about the yard plants and come ready to hang anything you want. They are ready with several ladders and all the fixings to repair broken strings and bulbs. Very courteous and speak very good English.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/29/21

Willow Glen Christmas Ornaments

1322 Lincoln Ave., (408) 286-5555


1378 Lincoln Ave., (408) 292-8880

Willow Glen Business Association

1261 Lincoln Ave. 217B, (408) 298-2100, www.willowglen.org

Bella James

1151 Lincoln Ave., 408.292.0000

Island Inspired

1314 Lincoln Ave, Ste 1a, (669) 230-3908

Mariette Chocolates

1268 Lincoln Ave., 408-295-9050

Street Christmas Trees
David Green

PO Box 2976, 95070, 408-279-2451

We do the trees in the Glen Eyrie quadrant.  We get our trees from David Green.  He is already working on tree orders for this year.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/6/18

Christmas Trees
Ganado Feed & Pet Supplies

945 Lincoln Ave.; 408.289.8626, https://ganadofeed.com/

I had a great experience buying our Christmas [tree] at the new Ganado Feed & Pet Supplies at 945 Lincoln Ave. Beautiful trees, good prices, friendly help and they will deliver to your house for just $10!

Karen & Jeff on Blewett; 12/3/19


I suggest checking out Ganado Feed & Pet Supplies. I didn’t want to shop in person due to Covid, so I called them yesterday and spoke with a lovely woman. I described what I wanted - Noble Fir, 6-7 feet tall. She took some pics of current stock and e-mailed them. I called her back with my selection, and it was delivered yesterday evening. Not cheap, but…. It’s a beauty!

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Avenue; 12/1/20


I just ordered from Ganado too, based on Peggy's recommendation. GREAT experience, they delivered, so easy. They were very accommodating to make sure I got just the tree I wanted.

Sara on Michigan; 12/2/20


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House sitter


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Jewelers & Jewelry

Ear Piercing
Annie, Pierced out


She's well known for being great with kids. A professional piercing is far better than a gun. … It heals much better and, with the right piercer, hurts less.  Note: only go to Annie. The other piercers are great but Annie is the only one I'd go to for kids. 

Taffy on Marshall; 4/26/21


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Knife and Tool Sharpening

The Knife Stalkers

349 Lincoln Ave.

This is a great place to take your knives for sharpening. They have done my knives and I swear by them. I cook quite a lot. Be specific on how sharp you want them. Additionally, I take my gardening tools there too. Their prices are very fair. I highly recommend them. They are real pros.

Casey C.; 10/3/20


[Knife Stalkers]: Crazy name but easy to remember and I have used him for years.  Between Auzerais and San Carlos. West side of the street.

Susan G.; 4/30/21


I second Knife Stalkers. They do a great job on our kitchen knives.

Rina S-L.; 5/2/21


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Economy Lumberyard

720 Camden Ave., Campbell, 408-378-5231, https://www.economylumber.com/ 

I … found everyone to be very helpful and pleasant. No charge for the wood or cutting. They have a bin for leftover pieces, but most of them were too large which is why he cut up a different piece.  I recommend them highly for their pleasantness and fairness

Sue on Dean; 10/1/19


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Organizer and Home Staging

Closet Organizers
Valet Organizers

1190-J Dell Avenue, Campbell, 408-374-3073

They have a great showroom and the people I worked with had very good ideas and problem-solving skills. Workmanship is super, all employees were very professional. Couldn't be happier. These are not wire racks but are particle board covered with melamine or other types of surfaces. Worth looking into.

Nancy on Kotenberg; 7/8/20


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Photographer / Portraits / Artists

Photographic Enlargements / Restoration
Henry, Foto Express

304 E Santa Clara St Ste C., (408) 971-3977

Karen on Blewett; 7/7/21


I always recommend Foto Express by City Hall. Henry does great work!

Kathi on Cherry; 1/24/22

Winter, Copyco

2082 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell, 408-377-9500, http://www.copyconnection.com/

Karen on Blewett; 7/7/21

Len Weiss Photography

2038 Lincoln Ave., (408)221-7637

He did a great job with some 60 year old photos for me.

Kate on Norval; 2/9/22


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Personal Assistant

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Personal Care: Hair Salon / Stylist / Spa / Tanning / Manicure & Pedicure / Nails / Beards / Facials

Kathy, Sterling's Barber & Stylist

1770 Shasta Ave., (408) 297-6705

Lovely person, excellent work, very reasonable prices. Kathy at Sterling's Barbers & Stylists does wonders with [my short hair]:  -- corner of San Carlos & Shasta, open Tues through Sat. Tell her I sent you.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 10/24/19, 7/13/21

Kayla Cienega

(408) 550-5549 (cell)

I highly recommend my hair stylist for cuts and color.

Patti (formerly on Jonathan Ave); 5/20/20


Kayla has moved, now in Los Gatos… Cell phone is the same.

Janice on Coolidge; 4/10/22

Ginny Crespo

408-310-2113 (text), Hairbyginnycrespo.com

For curly/wavy hair: She works in Los Gatos but parking at the salon is no problem. She also does great coloring and works with you on any problems you might have with your hair. She listens very well and responds to client concerns in order to keep you looking good!

Nancy on Kotenberg; 3/6/21

Esther, Esthetic Skin Care

(408) 307-7289

Had my facial in her private, very clean room in a salon on Winchester in Campbell. The whole salon follows all directions for covid and is very, very clean. I have missed Esther and her wonderful products. Please give her a call and you will not be disappointed.

Nancy on Kotenberg; 4/18/21

Foxworthy Beauty Salon

1433 Foxworthy Ave, (408) 265-8340

…someplace both affordable AND capable of knowing how to style seniors. Delightful couple own this place, their prices are incredible and they are wonderful working with seniors! Mom was very stylish, and even the coloring jobs were great. The wife does all the coloring. Husband and wife do excellent haircuts and styling. They also do entire families.

Sue on Minnesota Ave.; 5/29/21

Jen Wada, SomeWhair

1373 Lincoln Avenue, 408 891 6046

My hair person is particularly good at straight hair. She takes her time, works with precision, and the shop is nicely spaced with great ventilation so it's pretty calming during this Covid era. This is the cell phone number.

Carol on Curtis; 12/7/21

LGC Hair Salon

1459 Bird Ave., 408-279-1817

They are open 7 days a week from 9:00 to [6 or 7].  I see Rose for color, cuts and perms. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The salon does hair for Men, Women and they are really good with kids. They take walk ins, but I usually call that morning and make an appt. I’ve been using her for several years now.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 2/15/22

Mahin’s Beauty Lounge

1465 Bird Ave., (408) 606-8989,

If your eyebrows have gotten a bit unruly during Covid, get them shaped by Mahin at Mahin’s Beauty Lounge in the Safeway shopping center at Bird and Minnesota. She also offers relaxing scalp and face massages. She serves both men and women. I had treatments today and not only look better, but am more relaxed.
Rebecca on Newport; 4/28/22

Beard Trimming
Kathy, Sterling's Barbers & Stylists

1770 Shasta Ave., (408) 297-6705

Kathy at Sterling's Barber and Stylist used to do that for my husband and she did an excellent job.  [Open] Tues through Sat -- San Carlos & Shasta.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/1/21

Henna Tattoos
Neha Shah, Henna Artist

(408) 230-0164

I have just the right person for you. She is very good. I confirmed with her that she will be [very] happy to do this henna party… Please give her my name if u do contact her.

Anu on Dry Creek; 5/16/19

Nail Salons
Mia, Hand Candy

1060 Willow St Unit 5, 408-931-6338

I highly recommend this salon. Very clean, all brand new, most all of the OPI colors. A regular mani/pedi is $45. But ask for the opening special that includes paraffin wax for your feet and massage. Nice addition to the neighborhood! The owner is very sweet. Mia did my nails and was really good. Open every day.

Karen on Blewett; 7/8/21


I had a fabulous pedicure and manicure at "Hand Candy" Nail Spa yesterday.  Mia, owner, was outstanding - very friendly and professional. Right now she is the only one doing nail, etc. service - trying to hire another person. Please consider Mia when planning nail, etc. service.

Carol on Kiner; 7/21/21


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Piano Repair, Tuning, Moving

Burton & Wilson, The Piano Craftsmen

contact@burtonandwilsonpiano.com, 800-336-1924, 831-227-1099

Yes. These guys are the BEST! Very professional and highly skilled. Des Wilson is the owner.

Sara on Michigan; 11/2/20

Naomi, Pianos by Naomi

(408) 244-5160, http://www.pianosbynaomi.com

We've had good tuning done by Naomi of Pianos by Naomi.

Judi on Kimble; 2/3/22

Tyler’s Piano Service


Tyler completely rebuilt our 1907 Upright Grand Fischer.  He really knows what he’s doing.  And he tunes pianos too!  Also a really nice guy.

Julie on De Anza Way; 2/15/22

Piano Tuners
Don Bosco

(408) 674-8705

I recommend Don Bosco.  He tuned all the pianos at my school.  He’s a great piano player to boot.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 7/17/20

Burton & Wilson, The Piano Craftsmen

800-336-1924, www.burtonandwilsonpiano.com

Des Wilson is excellent. Professional and very thorough.

Sara C.; 7/17/20


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Printing & Paper Supplies / Stationary

Kelly Paper

1676 Monterey Road (south of Alma, on east side), (408) 885-1890

It’s a large warehouse wholesale distributor of paper, the supplier to the local printers.  Open 7:30 to 5.  They will sell to the public: individual reams of paper, envelopes by the box of 500, etc.

They carried the special thickness and color paper that I couldn’t find elsewhere, and saw that they also stocked a wide variety that I didn’t even know were made.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/18; 6/12/20


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Realtor / Real Estate Brokers

Sophia Delacotte, Compass agency

2061 Lincoln Ave, (408) 717-2575

I was very pleased with my realtor, who brought us a great offer in less than a week on the MLS for more than the asking price with no contingencies. 

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/27/20


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Shoe & Luggage Repair

Lincoln Shoe Repair

2208 Lincoln Ave., 408-978-2589

I second the recommendation for the shoe repair on Lincoln right before Curtner on the left hand side going south.

Karen on Blewett; 4/10/21


[Lincoln Shoe Repair not recommended by

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/10/21

Cobbler’s Bench

60 N Winchester Blvd #1, Santa Clara, (408) 249-0439

But I do recommend The Cobbler's Bench on Winchester across from Valley Fair. They do excellent work on all leather goods, not just shoes.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/10/21


I second Tina’s rec Cobbler’s Bench across VF. Very good quality job they do.

Anu B.; 4/10/21

Willow Glen Shoe Repair

1596 Meridian Ave., (408) 266-6891

I’ve always had great experiences with the shop across Meridian from Goodwill.

Kathi on Cherry; 4/10/21


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Shopping Delivery Services


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Sports / Sporting Goods

Tennis Lessons
Phil Graham

philipgrahamtennis.com, philgrahamtennis@gmail.com

He normally works out of San Jose swim & racquet club, but they’re not providing lessons on site quite yet. He’s been teaching at some of the local parks. He’s fantastic with children, teens, and adults too. He’s an amazing player himself. Please contact him if you are interested.

Lara on Willowhurst; 6/17/20


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Travel Agents

Debby Leong, Bravo Travel

(650) 631-6638, bravobeachvacations.com

…invaluable in planning our trip to Maui... She knows all of the hotels/locations/amenities…AND got the horrible "resort fee" waived for us. [I appreciated] the short survey you fill out on her web site--that way, she knows what you're looking for, what you like and what you don't…and when you speak with her for the first time, she'll already have good ideas for you and she won't present anything that's not in your price range. 

Elissa on Laurie; 3/24/19


I've also used Debbie Leong at Bravo Travel, and highly recommend her.  She listens to what you want to do, what your budget is, and even helps you to figure out what you might want to do if you don't know what you want to do.

Brooke at Dry Creek Village; 3/24/19


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Video Photography


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Web Designer

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Zumba, Yoga, & Personal Training

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Pet Care: Multi-service


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Pet Grooming

Jay, Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic

699 Lincoln Ave #3795, (408) 293-3448

…we love Jay, the groomer at Lincoln Avenue Vet Clinic.

Rachel on Hicks; 7/2/21


Jay is amazing. You should see his poodle. He is very patience, kind and does beautiful haircuts. Highly recommend.

Sanjit C.; 7/2/21

Quality Pet Spot

1120 Bird Ave UNIT G, (408) 982-5656

We had good luck yesterday for our first appointment with our golden retriever.

Lynn on Clintonia; 8/5/21

Showtime Pet Grooming

104 Race St., 408-292-7387, Rachel@ShowtimePetGrooming.com

We also like [Showtime Pet Grooming] on Race.

Lynn on Clintonia; 8/5/21

Mobile Pet Grooming
Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming


We have used Aussie Pet Mobile grooming for the last year and they’ve done a great job.

Linda E.; 3/16/19

Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic

699 Lincoln Avenue, 408-293-3448

Jay turned out to be the best find ever. Jay also allowed us to make an appointment during the day when Jay would focus on him so Panda was with fewer animals and more relaxed. We had concerns about other issues as well and Jay met our concerns and I’m so pleased we found him.

Susan on Annapolis, 3/11/20

Aussie Pet Mobile South Bay

https://petgroomingsouthbay.com, (408) 627-7290

…they did a great job with our new Shih Tzu. When we got her, her hair had been cut crazy due to mats and it had grown really long because of shelter in place. They groomer at Aussie Pet Mobile did a great job on the cut and kept her calm through the grooming process.

John on Milton Way; 6/3/20


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Pet Habitats


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Pet Sitting & Boarding / Kennels

Tracy Corral


She sits several cats in Willow Glen.

She is a professional dog and pet sitter. She’s insured, bonded, certified in pet first aid, lives in Willow Glen and can provide local references.

Bob on Bird; 11/8/18, 3/3/20

Furry Friends Pet Sitters

http://www.furryfriendpets.com/, customersupport@furryfriendpets.com

They sent us…texts and photos of how our cats were and diligently carried out all the pet (and house) duties we asked of them. They are licensed, insured, and bonded, and belong to the Pet Sitters professional organization. They spent the initial visit with us to learn all about our cats, and to execute a very detailed contract to cover ALL possible contingencies. (they care for birds and rats, too)

Jim (formerly on Settle); 11/4/19, 3/3/20, 11/10/21

Rebecca Goldstone, Willow Glen Paws

(408) 391-3660; https://www.willowglenpaws.com/, rebecca@willowglenpaws.com

We love her!!!

Christine, 2/16/20


Try Rebecca at Willow Glen Paws. She's in Willow Glen.

Tina on Monte Vista; 12/2/21

Susan Groves


WG retiree, loves dogs and cats, very reliable, great person.

Barb on Blewett, 3/2/20


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Pet Store


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Pet Training / Dog Therapists / Socializing

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy's Wag'N'Train


[Wag n Train:]... pure magic on getting dogs who were originally recalcitrant to happily do as she asked, plus the advice she gives on this list is spot-on. She worked with my emotionally damaged dog, and I had the opportunity to watch her work with other dogs, and she's just brilliant and understanding them (and their humans) and fixing what's wrong. In my experience she's essentially magic with dogs.  I have literally seen her perform magic with challenging dogs.

Elissa on Laurie; 7/1/19


I second Stacy. She helped us train our first dog - he’s an extremely well-behaved wonderful companion- saved us from making mistakes that could have derailed us. She’s an expert with people and dogs.

Julia on Westgate; 7/1/19

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, MA CPDT-KA CBCC-KA CAP2, Stacy's Wag'N'Train

www.wagntrain.com, http://willowglendogtrainer.com/

I do private lessons and also day-training. All the information about my services (as well as a LOT of training tips and advice!) are on my website.   I am also providing virtual (zero contact) coaching right now, and hope to return to in-person coaching and hands-on training as soon as it’s safe to do so!

*self-recommend* Stacy on Nightingale; stacy.wagntrain@gmail.com; 2/8/21


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Pet Walking / Dog Walker

Tracy Corral, Tracy Petsitter

tracy@tracypetsitter.com, (650) 400-5674, www.tracypetsitter.com

She is a local professional pet sitter and dog walker who is insured and bonded.

Bob on Bird; 10/2/19 


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Service Animals


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Dr. Grewal, Animal Medical Center

1820 Hillsdale Ave., (408) 267-7387

We have been taking our cats there for 10+ years and have had above average service and their charges are very reasonable (exam only about $50.00 and dental cleaning much below other animal centers).

Larry on Knollwood Avenue; 1/14/20

Pinnacle Animal Hospital

4724 Meridian Ave., (408) 264-9400; , https://pinnaclevets.com/

They are also, I believe, Fear-Free Certified, and I’ve been VERY impressed with their patience and handling skills when I’ve brought clients’ dogs in for husbandry training.

Stacy B.-S.; 1/14/20


We second Pinnacle.

Christine on Madrona Ave.; 1/14/20


[For blood work] We’ve found Pinnacle Vet on Meridian to be reasonably priced as well as conscientious and caring.  To keep the fees low, they use vet techs for simple procedures.

Carol L.; 4/19/20


Pinnacle is a certified cat friendly practice. They try hard not to traumatize the cats. Mine are not fooled, but I’m sure some feel more reassured. We’re very pleased with the practice for our dog too.

Barbara M.; 4/20/20


We also use Pinnacles and LOVE them. 

mailto:chrismayandy@sbcglobal.netAndy G.; 7/27/20


We use Pinnacle for our cats and dogs -- they have separate entrance for felines and are a Cat Friendly practice. 

Vivian on Glenn; 7/27/20

Burbank Pet Hospital

1819 W San Carlos St., (408) 271-7875, www.burbankpet.com

I've been taking cats to Burbank Pet Hospital forever and have always been very satisfied with each of the vets there -- not inexpensive, but prices comparable to other local vets as far as I know (I have no experience with dogs).  the vets and techs there are particularly wonderful with elderly animals.

Maureen near Bird & Willow, 2/13/20, 6/12/21


I highly recommend Burbank Pat Hospital on San Carlos. They took care of our mini Schnauzer for over ten years, until it was time to put him down. Great front office staff and very good vets.

Bruce off Lincoln; 12/2/20

Acacia Pet Clinic

4486 Pearl Ave., (408) 264-6354

We have gone to Acacia Pet Clinic on Pearl (near Branham) for decades and our vet is Dr. Curley (owner).  I recommend him highly.

Barb M., 2/13/20


905 Dell Ave., (408) 371-6252, https://www.medvetforpets.com/location/medvet-campbell/

We just got a stray kitten. He was injured so we took him to MedVet off of Hwy 17 and San Tomas Expressway. The staff was kind and the vet was wonderful. The kitten has recovered and is well. We will now take him to either Lincoln Ave Vet or to The Cat Hospital on Hamilton for a regular checkup and microchip.

Gail C.; 11/16/20

Adobe Animal Hospital


We have been taking our dogs to Adobe Animal Hospital for decades and highly recommend them.

Bob on Bird; 12/2/20

West Valley Pet


I love West Valley Pet. Were always easy to book, friendly, good experience even since COVID. Fair prices. Good website and digital services (able to handle interactions and records over text, web, email, etc.).

Jem; 12/2/20

Camden Pet Hospital

4960 Camden Ave, (408) 265-2200, camdenpethospital.com

I have used Camden Pet For years and years. Highly recommend.

Nina on El Rio; 12/2/20

Dr Sara Skiwski, Western Dragon


When nothing was working for our rabbit and bills were climbing too high, our vet suggested Dr Sara. She excelled and now the rest is history. She provides the best of both worlds - Westerns and Eastern medical philosophies and blends them beautifully.

Taffy on Marshall Ave; 6/12/21


I agree. I use Sara and Dr Hoge at Camden for my 13 yr old mostly Lab

Nina on El Rio; 6/12/21

Deborah Mathis


She does house calls which I've found particularly helpful with older pets. She specializes in tradition vet medicine as well as acupuncture, herbs and nutrition. I've used Dr. Mathis for 3 elderly dogs now and she is fantastic. She's helped my dogs numerous times when there was nothing the regular vet could do.

Randi on Arbor; 6/12/21

at-home euthanasia
Restful Paws

100 S Murphy Ave STE 200, Sunnyvale, (408) 242-2792, https://www.therestfulpaws.com/

[Rec for at-home euthanasia] The vet was sensitive and took her time in preparing our family. She did not rush giving everyone time to say goodbye. $350 for the vet visit. $300 for cremation.

Gail on California’ 1/12/21


We just had to say goodbye to our sweet senior dog Willow -- the most wonderful veterinarian (Dr. Helen Chuang) from The Restful Paws came to our home and helped her pass very peacefully --- such a gift to our sweet girl and to us.  You can call and send email -- they are very responsive.

Vivian on Glenn



Veterinarians (Dentistry)
Dr Walter Hoge Sr., Camden Pet Hospital

I’ve used Camden for many years. I think they have fair pricing. You could ask to speak with the vet that would be doing the surgery. Dr Walter Hoge Sr is a founder there and very easy to talk with. His son, Dr Hoge Jr is also very approachable.

Nina on El Rio



Dr. Michelle Forgy, VCA Pinnacle Animal Hospital

4724 Meridian Ave., (408) 264-9400

A year and a half ago or so, I paid roughly $1000 for cleaning, several extractions, and the tests/supplies/surgical stuff/anesthesia that supported it. I highly recommend Pinnacle on Branham/Meridian, Dr. Michelle Forgy.

Janis, formerly on Willow Glen Way; 5/17/21

VCA Blossom Hill

1010 Blossom Hill Rd., (408) 227-3717

I had dental work on my two dogs in December. One needed a cardiologist eval because she is 10 years old. The vet hospital - VCA Blossom Hill - took very good care of them and the pricing similar to that mentioned here.

Tina G.; 5/17/21


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Restaurants, Food & Event Services


Flower Flour

896 Willow Street [near Bird]; (408) 279-0843; www.flower-flour.com

Flour Flower makes great tasting and gorgeous cakes.  

Larry on Willow, 2/8/21



Zingerman's is an amazing place. I especially recommend their breads and coffee cakes - the latter make great gifts. They also sell an amazingly good parmesan… they are *very* pricey when you include shipping costs, and many of the things they sell are readily available here in the Bay Area for a lot less.

Andrew S.; 2/2/19

Mama's Bakery

473 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, (408) 828-6262, mamasbakery.com

I ordered (Challah) early online and he had my order ready. He had other items so I just got some of those too.

The bread is wonderful. So is the shortbread. Other biscotti and cookies are great. All good with coffee and tea. It is nice to have a bakery open on Sunday.

Gail on California; 1/3/21

Jane Ellen Bakery

2686 Union Ave., (408) 559-9000, https://www.janeellenbakery.com/

Almond Croissant excellent. Behind the 76 gas station on the corner Near Walgreens. Across from Lunardi’s

Gail C.; 3/5/22

Manresa Bread

Campbell, Los Gatos, and Los Altos, https://www.manresabread.com/

[If] you want to taste the best commercial sourdough bread in the South Bay, I recommend the Manresa Bread…. All their bread doughs are sourdough-based, and taste fantastic….

Andrew S.; 1/15/19


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Caterers/Catering; Party/Event Planners/Food Trucks

(also see Restaurants)

Blue Rock BBQ

3001 Meridian Avenue, (408) 978-2583, http://www.bluerockbbq.com/ 

Just picked up a catering order here, great food and wonderful service; please visit Blue Rock BBQ (on Foxworthy and Meridian) and support a WG family owned business!

Kirsten On Glenwood; 8/17/19


Agreed on the Blue Rock BBQ.  Their Mac and Cheese is delicious, too.

Nancy on Cottle; 8/17/19


Yes! yes! YES!! Blue Rock BBQ is awesome! We love Owen, his food, his catering for several of our events personally and professionally. Can’t say enough great stuff! Please support them.

Terri in Franquette; 8/18/19


1601 Meridian Ave., (408) 266-9022, https://www.guntherscatering.com/

Try Gunther's on Hamilton/Meridian. Ask for Steve. They do catering, but I'm not sure size wise. I am a customer, friend and neighbor. I get nothing to recommend, except knowing that I'm sharing a great place to eat.

Cindy K.; 9/6/21

La Villa

1319 Lincoln Ave., (408) 295-7851, http://www.wglavilla.com/

If it’s Italian you want, I recommend La Villa on Lincoln Ave. They can provide food for any size group. We have ordered platters to pick up, and once they came and served it for our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Great food and service.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 9/7/21


I had some amazing Italian cookies from LaVilla on Lincoln.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 12/8/21


1896 Curtner Ave., (408) 369-9905, https://adelitastaqueria.com/

[I was told] that they were very organized. Their website for catering is great, very detailed, but not too detailed. A nice woman named Nora called me and worked out the cost. So far it's a great experience.

Mary-Ellen on Cristina Ave; 9/9/21

Alams Taqueria

2708 Union Ave, (408) 674-6949

We really enjoy Alams Taqueria (food truck) at the corner of Curtner and Union in the Union Gas station parking lot. It's a bright blue truck. The food is amazing.

Marguerite on Kayellen Court; 10/14/21

Dia de los tacos

408 316 4864

They are the best!

Rene on Marcia; 10/14/21


(near Parkmoor & Meridian)

For years, I've bought tamales year-round from the family vendor parked in front of Food Maxx in a teal minivan. Their tamales are large, seasoned well, and delicious. They're usually there every day from 11 AMish to 3 PMish. Pricing is about $2.50 each with some possible ad hoc discounts for larger amounts. Standard fillings are chicken, pork, spicy pork, and jalapeno cheese. Sometimes they have sweet [ones].

Elissa on Laurie; 12/6/21

Los Cuates Meat Market

1507 S Winchester Blvd., (408) 374-4304

Year round tamales at Los Cuatos near Winchester and Hamilton. Next to the pizza place. A lady makes their tamales. In the case up front near the cash register. Generally $2 each. Chicken, beef, pork, corn, and other. Monday she comes later about 10 but other days she is there earlier.

Gail on California; 12/6/21


I've also bought tamales from Los Cuates in the past (as someone else mentioned) and they're also consistently great.

Elissa on Laurie; 12/8/21


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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) & Farmers Markets

Live Earth Farm CSA

1275 Green Valley Rd, Watsonville, (831) 763-2448, https://liveearthfarm.net/

They are a family run operation… networked with other organic, local providers to give you quite a variety of produce and other farm products.  Their customer service is excellent…. their food is so fresh that it lasts longer than most, and also is not picked underripe….

Carol on Curtis; 1/2/19

Farm Fresh to You


love its flexibility.  You can choose the box size, veggie and/or fruit, identify items you never want, modify your specific order…(as long as the value doesn't fall below your minimum).  Or you can skip deliveries altogether.  And they deliver to your front door. 

Carol on Settle; 1/2/19


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Dolce Sicilia

Garden Theater, 1165 Lincoln Ave #110, (408) 882-3953

I agree completely on your review of Dolce Sicilia!  [“food was fantastic and of course, all the deserts and gelatos are to die for.”]  What a wonderful little gem in our community!

Carol U.; 10/11/19

Pacific Cookie Company

1203 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 831.429.6905, https://www.pacificcookie.com/

Grew up in SC and the Pacific Cookie Company is a must stop when in Santa Cruz. I also like their Peanut Butter cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut and their oatmeal raisin too! Really one of the best cookie bakeries in the South Bay IMHO.

Sherri near Foxworthy and Meridian; 10/24/19

Suzie Cakes

1109 Lincoln Ave., (408) 446-2253

But here in WG, Suzie Cakes has awesome cookies!

Sherri near Foxworthy and Meridian; 10/24/19

Gunther’s Restaurant and Catering

1601 Meridian Ave. (at Hamilton), (408) 266-9022, guntherscatering.com

Gunther's has the most amazing chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

Sara on Michigan; 10/24/19


Agreed [Gunther's] are awesome. 

Christine on Madrona Ave.; 10/24/19

Cookiez by Sara

512 Jibstay Lane, Foster City, sara@cookiezbysara.com, cookiezbysara.com

Cookies were easily ordered online and to everyone’s amazement, the cookies arrived still warm!! Online there are ordering options as far as quantity and cookie selection, and special occasion packaging. Depending on where the cookies are headed, they hand deliver, and also ship via UPS. Great customer service, too. And OH!! Delicious Cookies!!!

Rita on Mercer Ave; 5/8/21


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Florist & Flowers

Hylary Loscin, H and J Flowers

408-427-1526, https://www.handjflowers.com/ , handjflowers@gmail.com

You won't be disappointed!! They go all out to give you what you want, as far as floral preferences or creative themes. They go above and beyond to give you a wonderful day with truly original pieces.

Tina on Monte Vista; 3/23/21


5945 Almaden Expy #170, (408) 268-5518, https://www.bloomsters.com/

I have seen Bloomsters work at weddings! Amazing! They did my son’s wedding! Highly recommend.

Kathleen E.; 3/23/21


The most amazing arrangements I’ve ever seen were in one of the houses on a willow glen home tour. The florist is Bloomsters (not Bloomers). Spectacular.

Karlie on Glenwood; 1/6/22


990 E Hamilton Ave., Campbell, (408) 371-7000, https://www.cittisflorist.com

Citti's Florist is our go-to florist. They're local, been around for-ever, and have raving fans.

Another nice thing is they let you know the prices on their front page.

Sue on Minnesota Ave; 1/4/22

Hill’s Florist

266 Race St., 408-295-6735, https://www.hillsflowers.net/

We have used Hill’s Florist on Race Street for years. Reasonable and beautiful.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 1/4/22


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1003 Lincoln Ave (near Coe)

Fascinating store: regular groceries & meat-counter, plus lots of more exotic and ethnic fresh produce

They are very well organized and in accordance with the latest Covid-19 rules: They had the sidewalk outside marked at 6' intervals in case there was a line; at the entrance, everyone is fitted with disposal gloves; the shop was well stocked with fresh produce and canned goods; and they coordinated the check-out lines to again preserve the required "social distancing".

Larry on Willow; 3/1/18, 3/20/20


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Party and Event Venues & Meeting Room Rentals / Reception Spaces / Banquet Rooms

Three Flames

1547 Meridian Ave, 408-269-3133

[Three Flames recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 8/27/19

Sherwood Inn

2988 Almaden Expressway, (408) 266-2480

[recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 8/27/19


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The Shadowbrook

1750 Wharf Road, Capitola-by-the-Sea, (831) 475-1511. http://www.shadowbrook-capitola.com

we've had a couple enjoyable Thanksgivings there (as well as birthdays and other special events). Quite elegant; good food; and a unique facility built on several stories on the side of a bluff, accessed by a cable tram car. (Kids enjoy visiting the ducks at the streamside patio...)

Larry (on Willow); 3/1/22

Tasso's Restaurant & Bar

1530 Southwest Expressway

As we walked in, we were warmly greeted…very lovely and clean…our server Jessica…was delightful and wanted to make sure we were happy and well taken care of…delicious…very generously portioned entrees…We were beyond happy with everything. Their hospitality was so genuine and appreciated!!

Carolyn on Winona; 9/13/19


I’ve been meaning to send a note about Tasso’s. Everything Carolyn says is true—wonderful people, great food, great bar for cocktail aficionados. Let me add that they are struggling. The location is not as busy as they’d hoped. We would hate to lose this neighborhood gem. Try it if you haven’t.

Barb on Blewett; 9/14/19


I totally agree. The food is outstanding. You not find them accident. It is worth the trip.

Bob on Bird; 9/14/19


840 Willow St., Ste 400, (408) 352-5015

We've been to Mimosa of Willow Glen twice since they opened a couple of weeks ago. The food has been excellent and the service wonderful. They are located at Willow & Bird where Cafe Gourmet used to be.

Bob on Bird; 7/10/20

Orchestra Palm Court

27 E. Williams Street, http://www.orchestriapalmcourt.com

They are only open Friday and Saturday nights; you can check out their menus [on their website]. They have added some glass partitions amongst the antiques and player pianos that make for safe dining.  (In nice weather they open the folding front doors.)  It's a small restaurant, so make reservations.  It's a different sort of restaurant, but very enjoyable. 

Lorraine on Newport; 11/7/20, 7/31/21


1100 Lincoln Ave Suite 180, (408) 297-1100, crepevine.com

I went to Crepevine to get dinner for my daughter and I. When I returned home I realized I was missing my salad. When I called to let them know they graciously offered to drop if off at my home. In addition, they gifted me a crepe, an additional order of fries, AND a gift card. Now, THAT is customer service!!!!

Christine, Madrona Ave.; 1/16/21

Coffee Shops
Elva’s Coffee Stop

2206 Lincoln Ave, (408) 269-2245

If you are looking for a great cup of coffee stop by. They have some great brew.

Bob on Bird; 6/12/20

Zeugma Kebab

889 S Almaden Ave., (408) 940-5080, https://www.zeugmakebab.com

Just a shout out to an excellent hidden gem on Almaden (at Oak), tucked behind a laundromat. Absolutely fantastic Turkish food. The Lamb chops are so good. Everything is good, what am I saying.

I ordered the other night. There was no answer, but they called back in about 5 minutes to get my order.

Peter on Lick; 1/27/21

Pasta Market

Coleman and Taylor, https://pastamarket.com/

Try the Pasta Market (near Michael's). They have opened up indoor dining, and when we were there recently, only two tables were occupied. This is a very reasonably priced restaurant.

Lorraine on Newport; 11/7/20

Go Pizza & Coffee

2206 Lincoln Ave B, 408-269-2245

This used to be Elva's Coffee Stop, next to the old Tlaquepaque at Curtner/Lincoln. It is now a pizza and coffee shop. We had pizza last night and it was delicious. They make their own dough and croutons. The pizza was a flatter crust style and very tasty. Take-out or delivery.

Andy on Madrona Avenue; 11/21/20


on Lincoln, near Willow

wonderful California/Mexican fusion: traditional burritos, etc., along with fresh flavors like Thai chicken or BBQ pork, ginger slaw, organic and vegetarian dishes.  Great margaritas!  Lovely patio area with heat-lamps.

Larry (on Willow); 3/1/22

Taqueria El Abuelo

1005 Lincoln (near Glen Eyrie); (408) 293-4470

small place, not fancy, open late, good food.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/22

Casa Villa

840 Willow St., (408) 642-1289, https://website--21336511037312529223-mexicanrestaurant.business.site/

Just had the best dinner there tonight. Hubby had Quesadillas- steak. Not on the menu but they happily made them. Sooo fresh. Such flavorful steak and yummy cheese. Salsa was great. I had shrimp Empanadas. Awesome and a chicken enchilada. The food had so much flavor. Delicious homemade cake. Entire bill $31.00. Super nice people. Let’s support this new restaurant.

Lynn on Clintonia; 10/19/21

Vegan Mob



Debbie on Guadalupe Avenue & Willow Glen Way; 5/24/21

San Francisco:

399 The Embarcadero, SF, (415) 284-9922, https://www.waterbarsf.com/

I would highly recommend Waterbar for seafood and amazing location/view; (on The Embarcadero) incredible food and experience. Reservations a must.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 8/27/21

Kokkari Estiatorio

200 Jackson St, SF, (415) 981-0983, https://kokkari.com/

For Mediterranean (Greek) I would recommend Kokkari which is located on Jackson Street not far from The Embarcadero. Reservations a must.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 8/27/21


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Vacation Site Hotels / Motels

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https://lifemoves.org/; 408-271-1630

If you are cleaning and trying to de-clutter here is the link:


Click on the Georgia Travis House for San Jose location.

Christina on Almaden Expwy; 7/29/19


Life Moves in SJ helps set up women and their children in safe and stable living quarters. These women have escaped dangerous domestic situations or are homeless with nothing but the clothes on their backs in many cases. They are very appreciative of any donations, including food, bedding, pillows, etc.

Karen on Blewett; 8/16/20



We've had great responses using Freecycle. People took items we were sure no one would want but they were so happy to get them (drapery hardware, etc.). You can't leave it at the curb. It's supposed to be a personal transaction so you set it up with one person. Once we've set up the contact, we always say we'll leave it on the porch so they can just pick it up and go so we don't necessarily have to be physically present.

Janice on Coolidge; 1/27/20

Community Outreach Ministry Endeavor

(408) 286-8413 (call to arrange a donation)

They are located in the back right hand corner of the parking lot at the corner of San Salvador and South Third streets, and there is a large, secure donation box (almost closet sized) at the side of that building.  They freely give out new or very gently used clothes to those in need in downtown San Jose, and also pass along bedding and towels. Other welcome donations--nonperishable, unopened, unbreakable food such as cans or sturdy bottles--unopened herbs and spices are particularly prized by the recipients as they are rarely donated.  Fruit cups, pop top chili, and other single serve foods are great for kids' lunches and for the homeless. New underwear is also very prized--I sometimes buy it at outlet stores and drop it off there, to wild acclaim.

Carol on Curtis; 12/18/21

Donations for the Homeless
Richard A.M. Scott, MA, MS, LMFT, Homeless Advocate, SCC Mental Health Homeless Team

1550 Georgetta Dr, 408 799-0005, rams1942@sbcglobal.net

Two men from the same geographic area each go to where the homeless are living.

Larry on Knollwood; 7/1/20

Andy Gutierrez

1240 Madrona Ave., chrismayandy@sbcglobal.net

Two men from the same geographic area each go to where the homeless are living.

Larry on Knollwood; 7/1/20

Phone Donations
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

234 E. Gish Rd., Ste. 200

If you have an old, working phone that has no value through …, you can donate it to Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. They give them to domestic-violence survivors so they can make 911 calls if needed. No service plan is needed for them to be able to do this. Drop them off at 234 E. Gish Rd., Ste. 200.

Rebecca on Newport; 3/6/17


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Electronics Recycling
Green Mouse

400 Martin Ave, Santa Clara, (408) 464-9999, https://www.greenmouse.com/ [recommended by]

Larry R.; 5/10/19


They moved [to Martin Ave], still great!

Kathi on Cherry; 3/31/22

Drug Recycling Locations


Specialty Clinic, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

751 S Bascom Ave., Building Q

Valley Medical Center

500 Tully Rd.

CVS (pills only, no liquids)

1285 Lincoln Ave.


1405 Foxworthy Ave.

Sheriff’s Department, front office

55 W. Younger


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Consumer Checkbook


It has great articles on how to choose a particular type of company. It also has ratings from people who have used companies in the past year, plus the staff does some cold calling to check prices. [Subscribers] get an email a couple of times a year asking you to rate various companies you've used in the past year.

Janice on Coolidge; 9/24/19


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General information

the Victorian Preservation Association


...website has a "source list" of suppliers and services for older houses.

For example, they list a couple places in Oakland/Berkeley that have lots of old house stuff: Urban Ore General Store & Building Materials is one, Ohmega Salvage is another. Amazing places, great for finding weird old-house parts!

Larry (in one of the "older" homes on Willow); 3/1/22

SJPD Crime Prevention web page


SJPD has a great re-designed web site.  There are videos on how to help prevent auto theft and tips on reducing home burglary. Whether to dial 911 or 311.  You’ll find updated Police Blotter, information on community services such as Neighborhood Watch, how to report a crime online and links to City Connect/ Mobile Crime Tip apps for iPhone and Android.  There is a FAQ section addressing issues with police staffing and how the department prioritizes police responses to criminal activity.  Traffic Reports, Crime maps, Gang prevention resources, The Emergency Alert system,  all well worth looking at.

Julia on Westgate; 5/29/14 [2/8/20]

Household Hazardous Waste

1608 Las Plumas Ave; (408)299-7300, http://www.sccgov.org/sites/iwm/hhw/Pages/hhw.aspx

Very easy:  make an appointment with Household Hazardous Waste then drive over and drop it off. Very nice facilities just off McKee at 101. Open Fridays and Saturdays. They take paint, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, insecticides, asbestos (check for their rules), half-empty spray cans, etc. It took us maybe a minute to dispose of trunk-full of all that.

Larry on Willow; 3/1/22

Disposal of Unneeded or Expired Medications

·         Central Mental Health (Enborg Lane Pharmacy)

2221 Enborg Lane, (Cross street- Bascom Ave)

Located on right-hand side of the Bldg, across from receptionist. M-F 8:00am–5:00pm


·         Office of the Sheriff

55 West Younger Avenue (Cross street- N. 1st Street), (800) 211-2220(408) 808-4405

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


·         Valley Health Center at Bascom Pharmacy

750 S. Bascom Avenue, Ste # 120, (Cross street- Renova Dr.), M–F 9:00am-7:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at East Valley Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy pick-up window, 1993 McKee Rd. (Cross street- Ludlow Way)

M-F 8:30am-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-5:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at Lenzen Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy, 976 Lenzen Avenue, Ste 1400 (Cross street-The Alameda)

M 8:00am-9:00pm, T-F 8:00am-5:30pm


·         Valley Health Center at Moorpark Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy, 2400 Moorpark Avenue, (Cross street- Bascom Ave)

M-F 9:00am–9:00pm, Sat–Sun 9:00am–9:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at Tully Pharmacy

Located in the main lobby, near the security guard desk, 500 Tully Rd. (Cross street-Corde Terra Circle) M- F 8:30am- 9:00pm, Sat 8:30am-5:00 pm


·         Valley Specialty Center Outpatient Pharmacy

Located in the Valley Specialty Bldg, near the pharmacy, 751 S. Bascom Avenue, (Cross Street-Renova Dr.), Mon- Sun 9:00 am-10:00 pm

Kari on Meridian Way; 8/14/15



Karlie on Glenwood; 1/8/22


How to check contractor, real estate, and insurance licenses:

Contractors -- including painting, remodeling, fences, and yard work: http://www.cslb.ca.gov


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